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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Well this has been a fun day!  I picked up my The Goode Huswife "With My Needle" from Sue today.  Picking up framing is always fun and I love how it turned out.   Unfortunately, the night picture taking is not doing a thing for the frame!  Trust me, it's really pretty.  I have such fun picking out frames - don't enjoy paying for them so much, but love picking them out and bringing them home.   

At work today, while I should have been preparing a presentation, I was showing my virgin blog to two of my BFF's, Julie and Sheila.  The only comment they had to say about the blog, other than it was missing a picture of the A&E sampler I had referenced but wasn't showing up (remember, I told you I am technologically challenged!) was that I look just like Thada - who?  Oh, that's pronounced with a long A and an "uh" at the end and Thada is my mom!  Just like Thada!?  She's my mom and I look just like her - is that what they said??? ;-)  Hmmmm.... she's 20+ years older than I am so she either looks DAMN good (which she does, btw) or I need to have a procedure or two done (oh yeah!).  Maybe one of these days I'll show you a pic of Thada and me, she really is a doll and I love her dearly.

Here's a close up of the frame - I love the colors in it! I'm off now to get ready for the day.



From the Attic said...

Hi Terri, welcome to blogland. Glad to see you have blog now as I always admire your beautiful work and lovely choice of framing. Sadly, I am unable to see your pictures in your post today so maybe just needs a tad of fine tuning :)

From the Attic said...

I can see it now Terri and it is gorgeous. One of my favourites and I have it in my stash. I also saw the close up of your frame in your album and as always, a perfect choice. Congratulations and thank you for your visit to my blog.

Jan said...

Oh Terri, my oh my, I do so love that frame molding!! It is exquisite and just perfect for 'With My Needle'!! So glad you started a blog, seems that we did it about the same time. I know it took me awhile to get up the nerve, after all, who would want to read about me??? But glad that I did, and so glad that you did too! Awesome start, Terri!! Yay!!


Nancy said...

This is a gorgeous sampler, and your frame choice is stunning!

Margie said...

that is the perfect frame for With My Needle. I've had my eye on that chart for some time now and I think's it's time to get it. :-) Your two babies are so cute!