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Monday, March 23, 2009


I feel like Sally Field when she, with great surprise and joy, announced as she accepted her first Academy Award ~ "You like me, you really like me!" and guess what? I feel the same way! I'm surprised and overjoyed to have made so many friends thru this blogging world. There are many things you can have too many of - calories come to mind, and did I mention calories? There are the bad things in the world that we can all do without and for which you can have way too many: people that are mean (I love a bumper sticker I saw once that said "Mean people suck!"), jealous people, greedy people, povetry and hatred but there is no way you can have too many friendships, impossible to have too much laughter or too many hugs, or too many diamonds (oh, wait, my greedy side just exposed itself). Of the good things in life, it's almost impossible to have too much (oh wait, a red wine hangover just came to mind - too much of a good thing can be bad, on occasion) but the point is, you can't have too many friends - cyber or real life - just doesn't matter. Not possible to have too many. So to my friend Carin who gave me this award a few days ago, thank you!
I am so glad I'm getting to know you better Carin! I really enjoy reading about your beautiful stitching AND your beautiful daughters!

Then, much to my surprise I got another award from Lynda, Deb and Jan! Can you imagine that?! I think you all are just so sweet to pass this to me! Honestly, each and every one of your blogs offers up so much inspiration, beauty and so much enabling that it makes my head spin. See why I feel like Sally Field? I know this little award is making it's way around and how lucky do I feel to have received it multiple times? Very, that's how! Now, the rules of this award are that I am to pass it on to 8 bloggers whom inspire me and whose blogging I admire. Well shucks, I guess I get to pass it on to what? 32 of you, right? Yep, that's right, 8x4 =32 (I did work in a budget office at one time by some odd miracle - math is not where I excel)! Do you know how hard it will be for me to cut, paste, write in the names of your blogs and get it all to post accurately? Really, I'm not that good at this yet. My friend Lisa once told us that we must all learn to be gracious receivers. When someone offers a compliment or a kindness, don't rebuff them, be gracious and say simply, thank you. The truth is, we're all pretty good at giving but we're not always very good at receiving. With that little caveat, I'd like to be a gracious receiver and say simply, thank you. If I've ever read your blog, whether I commented or not, I offer this to you as well. Please do accept it and pass it on to others who may not yet have received it. Even though I'm not going to send this out individually, I do give it to every one of you that visits me here. Really!!!

In Friendship and Peace,


Deb said...

Hopefully all these awards will help get your stitching mojo back! But you absolutely deserve this award and your blog is wonderful!!! You don't know it, but your stitching enables me beyond words and helps keep my stitching mojo going! Congratulations on them all Terri!

Patricia Lessell said...

I hope it does get your mojo back too because I love your stitching as it is so inspirational. I couldn't choose either so there you go and I gave it to everyone who reads my blog, or the two new ones I got. Lots of Love Patti xxx

doris said...

Ditto what Deb and Patti said, plus ... maybe all of these good wishes will help with getting your room back to the room you love.

MyLifesAStitch said...

Thanks for your kind comment re: Mrs. Abbott! I'm stitching 1 over 2, and it isn't really that the thread is twisting so much as that the stitches themselves look more uneven than when I stitch 2 over 2... maybe I'm seeing things. ;) Also, methinks you def. deserve the awards! Meant to comment on your last post... I think your idea for the floor and rug sounds fab! Here's hoping you can get your stitchy room and mojo back soon!

Bine said...

Now that I read all the comments....that's exactly what I thought but I would have never been able to put it in so wonderful words....
Deb, Patti and Doris are right your blog and stitching is awesome you deserve all the awards.

Deb said...

Hi, Terri, I love your stitching place. You'll get your stitching mojo back just as soon as you step away from it and read or watch movies for a week!! It helps every time! LOL So great to peruse your blog...I love your stitching. Hugs, Deb