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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fabric Heaven!

Do you know what it feels like to lie in wait
for the mailman to come but he hesitates?
To bring to my mailbox the thing I adore
Fabric, floss, patterns and oh so much more!

I've been waiting patiently 'cause I so want to do
a special design and I know you will too
Her patterns are darling and she's a delight
Lisa's Primitive Needle is way outta sight!

The ABC Hornbook has been calling my name
I thought it would be my big claim to fame!
I want to stitch it - it really was calling
But behind Siobhan, Carol and others I'm falling.

They stitch way faster and better, it's true
But I'll get on this as soon as I'm through
with this silly poem that should let you know
that out of Dr. Seuss poems I never did grow!

The green fabric is Highland, Edinburgh 36 ct linen for Cape Cod Girls and the other is called Earthen, also Edinburgh 36 count, both by Picture this Plus. Aren't they gorgeous?

I got a bit stitched on my March PS block last night and will post a pic when that's done. And, I am supposed to pick up some framing tomorrow! Unfortunately they're not my pieces ~ a couple of friends were just crazy enough to entrust me to pick out frames for them..... crazy, right? With their permission, I'll show you pics of those tomorrow but may have to block initials on one as I know it is a gift for another friend (who is oh so lucky to be getting this piece but she has no idea!).

Thanks for all the nice comments about my angel doll. After posting the picture I realized I hadn't picked her wings out very well so went back and corrected that and now they have a nice sharp point. Thanks so much for stopping by!



imnverted said...

The fabric is beautiful. I like both colors :o)

Deb said...

Hey Terri - I knew you were multi-talented, but a poet too! I love your poem - it's great! Love the fabric too. I bet you're just chomping at the bit to start one of them, aren't you??? Wish it was my stuff you were getting framed - I'd trust you in a heartbeat!

Margaret said...

I love it Terri! lol! Great poetry! And so appropriate too! I just ordered the ABC Hornbook too -- couldn't hold out anymore. I'm still waiting to hear back that my order was received.... so I'm even farther behind than you. :( Great fabric/fiber pic!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous fabrics! I can't wait to get these two colours in my FOTM this year :)

Christine said...

I love your 36 ct linens. Il will be good to stitch them

Sheila said...

Brilliant poem :) And love those fabrics too...

Siobhán said...

ROFLOL!! You crack me up, you are too talented!!! I love it. I'm still laughing. That Lisa is a bewitching designer, isn't she?? :) Your fabrics are sooo cool! I am super anxious to see the pics of your friends' framing, so please do share! How lucky they are to be able to have you as their frame-picker-outer!!

Anonymous said...

You've picked two gorgeous fabrics! I'm going to have to order those two charts too, even if I don't stitch them straightaway... Happy starting!

Nicole said...

Love the poem!! And I love the fabric and threads! I too am waiting to start ABC Hornbook. I hope to get Simply Live finished today and then I can start it next week. :)

Joy said...

LOL Terri, your poem really made me smile this morning. Yummy, yummy fabrics! I am itching to start both of those PM designs. Still loving that music. I may just hang out here for awhile. . . . :~)

Katrina said...

Terri, the poem is so sweet, I love it! Gorgeous fabrics too.

doris said...

Wow ... you're a poet! Fabric is one of my favorite things, especially when it has that brand-new smell to it. Enjoy your new projects.

From the Attic said...

You are multi -talented Terri. Great poem and lovely fabric. Hope your postie doesn't keep you waiting too much longer.


Brigitte said...

I can see why you are in fabric heaven. Both your new fabrics look so great and I'm looking forward to seeing your stitching on them.