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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mother's and Daughters on Mother's Day

Forty-nine years and nine month's ago, I became a daughter and this beautiful woman became a mother for the first time. How lucky I was to be the first born to this special lady!!! She was beautiful then and she is still today. And, as beautiful as she is on the outside, she's more beautiful on the inside. She would, and has, done anything for me and I know that I can always count on her support, guidance and love. My mom lives in Virginia and I live in Michigan so I don't get to see her nearly as often as I'd like. We always have a great time together because we like the same things - antiques, shopping, crafting (she's an amazing sewer but I did not inherit that talent), we think the same, find the same things funny and now, many of my friends say we look a lot alike. I'll let you decide that for yourself. This picture was taken this past Christmas when she and my dad were visiting us for the holidays. I love spending time with this beautiful woman and I so wish we could spend the day together today. I miss you, Mom and wish you a very, very Happy Mother's Day! I love you with all my heart!!!

I wish each and every one of you, whether a mother in the traditional sense or not, a most blessed Mother's Day!



Margaret said...

You do look like your mom. :D Both beautiful women. What a lovely picture! Happy Mother's Day to you and your mom!

Lisa said...

What a great tribute to your Mom! Happy Mother's Day!! You look so much like your Mom. Hope you had a blessed day.