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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summertime, and the Livin' is Easy

Hello Friends!

It is a beautiful summertime day here in SE Michigan. I think everyone has recovered after our storms, although there are still some folks without power. My sampler, I'm happy to say, survived beautifully and there is no harm done. Unfortunately, I haven't stitched on it at all for a few days so there is no progress to show. In fact, I haven't stitched at all, on anything, in a few days - just too much going on. Thanks for each and every one of your comments regarding the storm and thanks for not calling me stupid (at least not in writing :-) for leaving the sampler outside!

We had baseball games today for Tyler's last day of little league (it was a double header; they won the first game, lost the 2nd). The league only goes up to 16 years old so this is Ty's last year. We have been going to baseball games since the boys were in T-ball and we are really going to miss it next year. Here's a pic of one of Tyler's last at bats in his Little League Career.

Tyler is a lot of fun to watch play - he's fast as lightening and it's really fun to watch him steal bases. I am really going to miss watching him play.

Now that we're all home, it's very quiet and relaxing around here. Both boys are plum tuckered out and so are the animals apparently..... This little guy was taking a nap on our garage peak earlier today.

ANDREA had a giveaway on her blog and she just announced the winner ~ lucky Tricia won. I am bummed, but not surprised. I never win anything. Nope, that's not true at all. I do win, come to think of it and I've won some pretty amazing things. Now that I have recovered from losing ANDREA'Sdrawing, I am thinking more clearly. For example, when I was maybe 12 years old, I went to BINGO with my mom. Hmmmmm... now I'm wondering how a minor was allowed to gamble but that's something I'll have to ponder another day. Anyway, we were living on a military base and we were playing BINGO. At the same exact moment that I, in all my 12 year old exhuberance could muster yelled "BINGO" another woman (she seemed grandmotherly at the time but was probably in her 30's!) yelled BINGO! too. Oh no! Now what to do? Well the BINGO caller said we could each pick a smaller prize or we could draw for the big prize (we didn't know what that was) and only one would win. I, being young and sweet and darling said I would be very happy with the less significant prize because that way, we'd both win. What could be better? Nope! Not the OLD, MEAN and UGLY, old woman. No - she wanted us to draw cards to see who would win. My mom, sweet as ever said "Don't worry honey, if you don't win, I'll get you a prize." As luck would have it, I won! OMG! The pure excitement, the exhilaration of it all. What did I win? From behind the curtain was wheeled out the most beautiful thing ever! Oh the joy!!! Just imagine the fun I am going to have with this beautiful, shiny, red, lawn mower! YEP! The first big prize I ever won in my life and it's a lawn mower. I have to tell you though that rather than being disappointed, I was so excited to take this home to my dad. He was going to be so surprised and I was so excited. He loved it. The really sad part of the story is for that woman. After they wheeled out the lawn mower she said in a very hateful voice, as I recall "What is SHE going to do with a lawn mower?" "Give it to my daddy!" I said. Funny thing ~ I've never been a gambler - doesn't interest me one bit. I wonder if the sore loser, BINGO lady has anything to do with that?

I'm also pretty lucky, I guess. This is a little something I found on my way out of the subdivision early one morning. The homeowners of a beautiful home had put it at the curb on trash day. I saw it and couldn't believe it so I pulled over. At the same time, another gal pulled over and beat me to it. She had a tiny car and I knew she couldn't get it in there so I waited and watched. She debated, paced around a bit and finally left. I swooped in and quickly put it in my van! I mean to tell you, I worked FAST. I didn't want anyone to see me garbage picking - what would they think? It was pretty comical because the piece is quite heavy. When I finally got it loaded in my car and made it to work I asked my dear friend Sheila to come look what I had picked up on the street. Yeah, she couldn't believe it either! It's a beautiful, little secretary and it now sits in my living room. It's a little too early American looking for me so I think I'm going to paint it. Why not..... Are some of you fainting in your chairs - what? Paint that pretty piece of furniture. Yeah! Why not? I think it''ll look great when I'm done. Don't hold your breath waiting though - who knows when I'll get to it.

This is with the desk closed:

And this is with it opened:

The little chair sitting next to it is a real treasure. My mom found the chair, refinished it and because the caneing was pretty non-existent she actually re-caned it for me. Thada definitely has skills! I love the chair and really cherish it.

And finally, summertime is easy living and we really enjoy eating outside when the weather is perfect. This evening was just such an evening. There were no bugs, it was comfortably cool on the patio and the food was yummy. Sorry for the upside down plates - I keep them that way until just ready to serve, just in case there are any bugs. I tried to get the boys to let me take another pic when I realized it but they were having none of that. They were ready to EAT!

I hope your weekend, no matter what the weather, brings you happy moments!



Nancy said...

Aren't carefree summer days wonderful! I'm happy to read your sampler survived the storm. What a relief! I love your vintage tablecloth, and I also love painted furniture. Your story of the lawn mower is too funny!

Glenna said...

Only you would have a squirrel snoozing on your rooftop! LOL! I hope he doesn't roll over in his sleep! I'm glad the sampler is ok, and I just laughed picturing you loading the secretary in your van after the tiny-car lady drove off. Yummy looking food.

Sweet Sue said...

Hi Terri, spent some time at your blog, very nice, will be back. Thx for the super links too! Have added you to my blog as well.

Love your pet squirrel, what's his name:)


Holly Hills Primitives said...

Great story about the lawn mower! I can just see you as a little girl being so proud to take that home to your dad. Hope you have a great weekend, Dawn

Cyn said...

Hi Terri,

Love the table and I don't blame the boys. I'd be fussing at you also to put the camera away so that we could eat! Looks delicious!

Glad to hear that your sampler is okay after the storm. :-)

I'm not sure about painting the small secretary as it's lovely just the way it is! :-)

Enjoyed seeing the sampler above the desk. Is it stitched?

Windy Meadow

Cari said...

Terri you have the funnest blog...I just love reading your stories. The squirrel is way too funny. I love to watch the litter buggers... The red lawn mower...good for you and your dad. Glad your stitch survived and your secretary find is BEAUTIFUL. I think it would look great painted. Have a great are off to a great start!!

Maggie said...

so glad your sampler OK.

I can't beleive your finds, LOL that secretary (we would call that a Bureau in the UK) is just beautiful!! you know what they say, better to be born lucky than rich lol.

Loved reading your post today :-)

Cathy B said...

Terri, I love visiting your blog. You find some of the most amazing treasures in interesting places! I really had to chuckle at your lawn mower story! Glad that your sampler survived and that your weather is nicer now; we're having a pretty nice weekend too after several hot & sticky days! Take care.

Patricia Lessell said...

I loved your post today and can I come for lunch please? Bet all that yummy food is gone now. What a great job your mom did of re-caning the chair and I love the Secretary (Bureau) too. Lots of Love Patti xxx

Margaret said...

Hope you all (and especially Tyler) aren't too sad about the end of his little league days. Glad your sampler survived the storm! And what a find that you got for free! Great stuff!

Jan said...

OH I am so happy to read that you are getting some nicer weather. Love your outdoor supper pic, it looks super-delicious!! And I love your street find, that is awesome!

Your bingo story is way worth sharing, that 'old woman' needed a beating! LOL

Have a super rest of the weekend, Terri, and I am so glad your sampler was not damaged in the storm. Now try and get some stitchey time in!

Oh loved your photo of Tyler too, at bat. Fun times, I remember them well, and yes you will miss it!

Tanya said...

Your tablecloth!!! I love those vintage tables. I pick them up at flea markets and yard sales when I see them. Now on to your new secretary that is a find. Who cares where you go it. And your mom caning the chair, that is a lot of work. Oh BTW, congrats on winning the lawnmower so many years ago. That was a fun story. And what a cute squirrel picture.

Missy Ann said...

The dresser in my guest bedroom (it was also my dresser as a child) not only came out the trash... my great-grandfather took it out of the city dump. He used to go there and find usable furniture and re-finish it. You should see the chair my mother has with the mother of pearl inlay!

Melissa said...

Oh I had to laugh at your Bingo story. That's great that you won and beat out that cranky woman, and made your dad so happy.

I can't believe you and finding all those treasures! I love that desk. I have always wanted one of those. Anyway, I'm sure you'll do a fantastic job refinishing it the way you want to.

Michelle said...

Total score with that secretary! You are awesome!! And crafty, just laying in wait for the woman to leave. LOL! OMG I can't believe your sampler is ok. I am so glad, because it is gorgeous and those colors are lovely! That watermelon and corn on the cob look so yummy! I want to come over.

Pam said...

That beautiful secretary was just left to be thrown away? Wow! You got something good! I'm glad to hear that the sampler survived the storm. You will always have a funny memory of it now.

Sherry said...

What a great find! Lucky you!! Your tablecloth is lovely and the food looks yummy!

Anonymous said...

Glad your sampler is OK Terri :) You got a fantastic kerbside find - what a wonderful piece of furniture! Love the lawn mower story - it made me chuckle!

woolwoman said...

I can't believe your luck Terri to find that beautiful little secretary IN THE TRASH! Was reading your previous post about the bad weather - we've had some of that here too - I'm sure you probably saw the tornados on the weather channel here in Jacksonville - pretty rare for this area and went right over our office which is on the river - EGADS - glad I took off early for more important things (knit night at the LYS) LOL - Glad your sampler is drying well - it's a beauty. I am sailing with you and Lorraine - I'm excited about getting to this lovely piece that I bought on vacation last summer. Thanks melody

Anonymous said...

Glad your sampler survived ok - and great going on the secretaire, good for you, lol!

doris said...

Wow ... great trash find. Do you think that BINGO lady needed a life?

mainely stitching said...

Someone threw that gorgeous piece of furniture out? Wow, I'm glad you found it!! :D

Great to hear that summertime has arrived and that it's going well. :D

Siobhán said...

Ummm, could you tell me where this neighbor lives so that I can park outside their house and wait for some trash pickins, too? WOW! What a fabulous find! I'm so glad that the sampler is okay. :)

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Hi Terri, thanks for your nice comments. I love old suitcases. My friend has them stacked next to her bed for a "nightstand" and they look SO good. We'll have to catch up one of these days - soon. It has been a little crazy in this neck of the woods! Talk to you soon, Dawn

Tammy said...

Great post Terri! And I'm so envious of the last pic! YUMMY! Love the lawn mower story-classic! When I was younger, my DH and I visited grandparents in FL. They took us to bingo. Those older folks about exploded seeing some young unfamiliar whippersnappers there to try and get their "booty". We got lots of dirty looks! Some take their bingo very seriously apparently!

Loraine said...

What a funny post! I can't tell you how glad I am that you won the lawn mower. How cool is that!
I love that secretary desk. You do find some amazing things! Paint it by all means. I think it will be wonderful!
Haven't stiched at all this week myself. I am excited about our Sail away SAL, as it seems that we have about 10 now in our group. (3 are from my stitching group here). Isn't that great?

Have a great week. I so enjoy reading your blog.

~Tonya said...

Loved your stories. Glad you won the lawn mower...maybe she should have shared. HA! I am not much of a gambler either. Safer that way, I guess.

You have a Happy and Safe 4th of July, Terri.

I have added you to my blog roll, I hope that is okay.


JOLENE said...

Sounds like you have been experiencing all kinds of storms lately. Crazy weather we've been having all over the states. I'm glad you (and your friendship sampler)survived Mother Nature's wrath. Whew! That squirrel on your roof is too funny...I have also had a squirrel in my yard a couple of summers ago. He would jump from tree to tree and back and forth. Funny little sounds he would make. I miss him, don't know what happened to him...must have found him a girlfriend! I think I will name yours Charlie. Keep us posted if he stays around this summer. You could be in for an adventure with that one. Also, I love the vintage table cloth you have on your dinner table, it reminds me of my childhood and my grandmother, the queen of cooks. Hopefully you and I will both be able to take a break and get some stitching done here soon. Take care.

MyLifesAStitch said...

Ahhh... nothing more american than little league and outdoor meals, eh??

I'm glad to see you recovered so nicely from the storms that whipped through!!

That desk is QUITE a find!! You go girl!!! The tiny car chick didn't deserve it anyway. ;)

Thanks for your sweet comment on my last post! Have a great 4th!!

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Hi Terri, Just wanted to say how good it was to see you yesterday and thank you for the darling little book and card! I'm sure it will get LOTS of use. Hope you are having a great 4th of July with your family, Dawn

Joanie said...

Happy 4th of July too! Thanks for visiting my little corner of the world! I love your secretary, actually, I am jealous cause I NEVER find such great things at garage sales or on the curb...hope you had a great weekend!

Brigitte said...

You have no idea how much I have always loved these writing desks. Yours is so, so beautiful.

Cathy Lloyd said...

OMGosh! The secretary is fabulous! I love your dinner table all ready to go! Where the heck did you get the fabulous table cloth? Oh I just love 60ish?