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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fun, Friends and Framing!

I hope that you all are experiencing the same kind of fall day that we are here in SE Michigan! The air is crisp and cool but not cold, the leaves are falling and the colors are spectacular. I love watching leaves float to the ground - it's hypnotic.

I have a few fun things to share with you all. First, I know you know JOLENE! If you don't, go visit her blog - she's a lot of fun, very generous and talented to boot! A week or so ago she was heading to an appointment and spotted this sign and thought of me. She whipped the car around and got a picture - can you believe it? They definitely have the right idea, don't you think? Truth is, I could eat chocolate in a house, I could eat chocolate with a mouse, I could eat it here or there, I could eat it anywhere! Yeah, I know, blatant plagiarism - I hope old Doc Seuss won't mind!

Hmmmmm.... maybe they read my blog?!

I got a couple of framing pieces back the other day. I am still mourning the loss of my other frame shop; they had so much to offer in the way of mouldings. However, that being said, I did find a couple of frames that worked well with what I took in so I won't complain too much.

First up: Sail Away by Shepherd's Bush:

The frame has a kind of a driftwood look to it that I thought was appropriate.

Next up is the Birds of a Feather Friendship Sampler:

The frame kind of looks black but it's really a deep blue with a lighter blue swirl pattern. I've used this same frame in red for my CHS Noah's Stocking. Anyway, I love how it turned out.

And last, because I intentionally saved the best for last. Look at the beautiful bag I got in the mail from LORAINE!! Isn't it wonderful? As you know, she and I (truly, it was mostly her - and I'm not just being modest), led a stitch-a-long for the SB Sail Away piece I just showed you. To start the SAL I made scissor fobs and to end the SAL she made needle books for everyone. But, for me, as a birthday present, she also made a darling bag to go with it! I LOVE it! Check out the lining fabric - the sampler print it so pretty and the outer print couldn't be cuter or more appropriate. It all feels so tropical and perfect. The bag has several pockets inside and check out the darling button! Didn't she do a great job? She also included a little card that showed all our sailers and where they live. I have attached this to the back of my sampler and love the memory it will trigger whenever I see it. Loraine, all of this was so NOT necessary but I absolutely love it ~ thank you so much!! Maybe, and that's a big maybe, we'll do another SAL one of these days. Maybe!

I have a couple of really awesome GW finds to show you but they'll have to wait for another day. I was so excited to find these two things I could hardly believe my luck! Stay tuned.

I'm also getting a new project on rods tonight - I can't wait to start working on this piece and know it will be a really fun stitch. I'll show some pics on my next update.

Have a great week, friends! Thanks so much for stopping by and for leaving a comment , or email, which I so enjoy getting!



Margaret said...

Wow! Love the framing!!! You still have the knack of finding the perfect frame for a piece. And that bag! Wow! Loraine is so talented, isn't she? I just love the fabrics she used! What a great belated b'day present! :D I know you'll enjoy it.

Cari said...

Chocolates... mmmmmmmm
Love your frame selections as each one compliments your piece. Good job Terri.

Love the bag Loraine made for you. She is very talented, as are you my dear friend. Have a great week!! Looking forward to your next stitch!!

Missy Ann said...

What a great bag! Every little detail is so perfect. You are one lucky lady. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh... I love that bag. What a wonderful surprise! I also really love all the framed pieces, especially the friendship sampler. Somehow that piece just speaks to me, and I really, really like the moulding you chose.

Wahoo! Isn't it nice to have more things framed and ready to hang?

Loraine said...

Oh Terri! Your framing is wonderful. I love the frame for Sail Away. I really need to hurry and get mine done! The frame for BoaF is also amazing. How nice to have those two pieces to add to your wonderful collections.
You're kind words brought a tear to my eye. How nice it is to become friends with such incredible stitchers. You could not be more deserving. Yes, we will have to do another SAL in the future. Hopefully we can choose a time that is less busy. (Do you think that will ever happen! HA!)
Love the sign that Jolene snapped for you. Mrs. Cavanaugh's chocolates are so fab! When you come, we will have to go to her chocolate factory for a tour. It's really fascinating. Jolene has to join us as well!
Have a great Sunday. I am enjoying this incredible Fall weather. It just couldn't get any better.

Andrea said...

OHMYWORD!! You've gotten these framed already, I'm in shock! And they are to DIE FOR!! Seriously!! Where did you take them for framing? They did a great job!!
Love that bag, it's beautiful :-)
What a sweet friend!
That sign is too funny!

Anonymous said...

Awesome frame molding for your pieces, Terri! I love both of your choices! And do tell about your new framer!

Love your bag from Loraine! Know you will enjoy using it!

I love that chocolate sign! Maybe they do read your blog!

Have a terrific week, my friend!


~Judy~ said...

Terri, that bag is beautiful! What a lucky girl you are. And the framing job on those two pieces is spectacular too. Waiting to see your G.W. finds.


Angela said...

Awesome frames :) Wonderful bag, enjoy! And I agree Chocolate is great anywhere, except when you're sick and can't eat any :)

CJ in OK ;-) said...

Beautiful framing and what a fantastic gift. CJ ok;-)

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Oh yes, what a beautiful fall day! (Finally!) Can't wait to see what you found at GW and your samplers are beautiful. Hope you can mark your calendars for Ladies Night Out (all Christmas) on Nov. 13, we are even going to have live music! Talk to you soon, Dawn

Katrina said...

Oh wow gorgeous mouldings! I especially like the BOAF piece, the little scrolly pattern is so neat.

Fun sign too.

Vinniey said...

What a beautiful framing and bag! Love the frame you used for Sail Away. Can't wait to see your next project. Happy stitching! :)

Marion said...

Beautiful framing!!
Love the bag!!!
I so enjoy reading your Blog!!
Take care.
Happy stitching!

Janet - underthewillow said...

Hello Terri!....I just wanted to pop in to say thank you for visiting my blog!....we were in DC all day today and I'm just now getting to my blog reading but I wanted to be sure to say hi!


Julie M said...

Beautiful framing Terri! Lovely bag, your friend Loraine must really like you!

I have to tell you, the teasers are driving me nuts! Patience is not my friend!

Melissa said...

I love the framed pieces Terri! Your Sail Away is so special because of the way you've customized it. I love your Friendship Sampler and the frame - never seen that before and wish I had that here!

The bag Loraine made is gorgeous. Lucky you!

Look forward to seeing your next stitch!

Bertie said...

Great sign Terri, put on your blog one day what the best USA chocolate is please.

The Sail Away is just gorgeous and the frames are divine, you are a quick stitcher if this is done from Augus. The patchwork bag is just beautiful, so nice to see all the accessories with it.

Danielle said...

Great sign and great bag!!! I love Sail Away. I hope to stitch it someday.

Cathy B said...

Love the framing -- those frames are perfect! What a nice gift from Loraine too!

Can't wait to see what your next project is!

Unknown said...

Isn't Jolene just the best - what a funny sign!

Your bag is just amazing - love the fabric! Does Loraine make these to sell, I would definitely buy one? Even tho' I didn't stitch with you guys, I had fun checking in on the SAL - you guys did a great job!

Terri, your framing is wonderful - I just love both frames, they compliment each piece perfectly.

Look forward to seeing your new project! Have a great week.

Sherry said...

What a great bag! I know you are thrilled with it! I just love the framing! I need to pull out a few to frame!

Patricia Lessell said...

Your pieces have come out so gorgeous. LOVE the frames and the stitching too of course. But that bag is just to die for and the needlebook as well. What a really great present. Enjoy!!!!!
Patti xxx

Peg said...

Beautiful stitching and I love the frames you used, I tend to stick to pine frames but hope to be more adventurous ;o)A beautiful present from your friend.
wonderful blog thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
Peg xx

Maggie said...

Your finishes are wonderful, i especially love Sail Away!!
Your present is really lovely too, luck girl!

Edgar said...

I just love the way the pieces are framed!!! The bag that Loraine made is just beautiful.

woolwoman said...

Your framing came out great Terri - WHAT an awesome gift from Loraine - she is such a sweetie. I tried to post on Jolene's blog but can't for some reason - the page keeps erroring out - booohisss - Can't wait to see your next WIP - you always choose such wonderful things - Have a great week and enjoy your blissful fall days! Mel

doris said...

Oooooh, great framed pieces! I especially love Sail Away and it's frame.

That Loraine sure cooked up a pretty bag. You deserve it.

JOLENE said...

Isn't Loraine just fun! That bag has personality and the colors are perfect. What pretty finishes you have there Terri, I can't believe how fast you had your Sail Away framed. And that BOAF has such a special meaning behind it I just think it is so beautiful.

Giovanna said...

Great framing, Terri, for these two lovely pieces - and that bag is wonderful!! Thanks for sharing!

Karoline said...

The framing is gorgeous, congratulations

Jackie's Stitches said...

The frames are just perfect for your stitchery! I particularly love the driftwood.

What a wonderful bag!

Glenna said...

The framing turned out wonderfully! Loraine's bag is amazing! You're both so talented!

I'd love preferred to do my present degree at VCU--I love Richmond, and I don't love Maryland! Richmond's a fascinating place to me--don't know if you've been there recently but it's become a big city of loft condos. One of the things we'll do when we're down there is scope that out.

Pam said...

The framing looks great! I'm sorry that your frame shop closed, but the ones that you picked look great on those pieces that you stitched.

That bag is just too cute! You're a lucky girl to have such a great friend!

Rachel S-H said...

Beautiful framing!

That sign is so cute!

Solstitches said...

Your framed pieces look fabulous!
I absolutely love the bag and the matching needlecase too.
What lovely keepsakes to remember your Sail Away SAL.


Brigitte said...

You certainly can't complain about the framing :)). I love how the pieces look in their frames.
And this bag is most adorable.