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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I'm someone who works by the fiscal year calendar and today is our new year - FY10. So to all of you who may also work by this calendar, and even if you don't, Happy New Year! In truth, I can't believe it's 2009 - much less Fiscal Year 2010. I can remember being a kid in school and thinking about how OLD I would be in the year 2000. Yep, 40+ folks seemed downright destined for the grave ("bless their hearts") back then and the year 2000 ~ whew! that seemed like a lifetime away. In truth, it did take a lifetime to get here and I am now older than I could have ever imagined being but getting here sure has been FUN. I've been blessed and continue to be blessed, with a wonderful family, great friends, a terrific job and many new friends through this wonderful medium called blogging! A new year, whether it's the kind that comes in January, or the kind that comes in October, is a perfect opportunity to wish all of you a Happy New Year.

I have been stitching a little bit. I picked up this fabric in Columbus and tossed the bag before I wrote it down. You'll probably recognize it from a previous BBD project but I used this piece for the La-D-Da Halloween project from the Halloween issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine. I love how it turned out and have to get over to the fabric store to find some appropriate trim to finish it up. My pictures aren't great 'cause I just took them and it's dark outside.

I used Crescent Colors Hickory Sticks and Fallen Leaves to stitch this and I like how the brown is a little softer than a black might be. Can't wait to put the finishing touches on it (if I don't ruin it).

I also thought I'd show you a few of my Halloween decorations:

This is another something I got in Columbus - DEB was right, I didn't show you everything right away - what fun would that be? This guy is hanging in my family room and I'll get other seasonal appropriate pieces to hang from it throughout the year. Gotta remember to reset the date on my camera!

Here are a few things in the foyer:

mmmmmm.... I love candy corn!

My fireplace:

And finally, my black cabinet - I sort of hate to post this because the red walls behind it look like they're bleeding but they're not that bad IRL. Of course, that is kind of appropriate for Halloween I guess, so here goes:

So many of you loved the ark pictures from my previous post that I thought I'd better share a little more information. The artist's name is Mo Dallas and here's a link to his website. As beautiful as these are in pictures, they are even more stunning IRL. Mo Dallas' Arks

If you're into Halloween, you may want to venture to Novi, MI this Saturday to visit LORI from Notforgotten Farms and other artists sharing their Halloween wares at the Ghoultide Gathering. DEB and I will be there.

If you can't come to Novi, be sure and visit Missy and Jolene's blogs. They are both have spooktacular giveaways!

Thanks for visiting, have a Happy New Year and may the spirits of Halloween treat you kindly!



Nancy said...

Your Halloween stitching is wonderful, and I love all your decorations (and the candy corn!).

Missy Ann said...

Squee!!!!!!!! My first plug! Thanks Terri!

You know in the magazine that Halloween pillow did nothing for me. But after your & Jill's finishes... I'm definitely reconsidering.

Margaret said...

Wonderful finish and wonderful Halloween decorating! You've reminded me of two things I didn't need to be reminded of: candy corn (yum!) and Mary Allen's sampler! lol! Ack! I so want to stitch that one! Now to find myself some candy corn......

Stephanie Hughes said...

I love your blog! Your halloween stitches are wonderful! Thanks for sharing!
~Stephanie from Maryland
A Ditchin' Time Quilts

Loraine said...

Wow, Wow, Wow! Love all your Halloween decorations. I love that Shepherd's Bush sampler, and have to pull mine out and get going on it. I've had it 2 years and it's one of my favorites.
Great Halloween finish. I like it on the check fabric.
I've missed you so much! I've been sewing away today. (Took a break from school work as we are having a teachers conference.) I got all of the needle cases done!!!!! Now I just need to find some envelopes that fit, and I can get them mailed out. I'll be glad to have that task done.
Hope you are doing well. You are a doll too! Take care dear friend.

Cari said...

Terri, your Halloween stitch is way too cute. I love the fabric you stitched it on...very cool. And all of your Halloween decorating and stitches. Way to go. So--have a great week, have fun this weekend, and most of all -- HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Hugs

WoolenSails said...

Love all your pieces and decorations.
Have fun at Lori's, wish I lived closer.


JOLENE said...

Evening Girl.....I love your La D Da "Halloween" stitched on the tan/cream linen....great choice, it turned out nice. I wonder what you will choose to finish it with? Time will tell I guess, can't wait to see. I want to go with you and Deb to the Ghoultide Gathering....sounds like alot of FUN!!! I love fun things, especially if they have to do with fall/Halloween. Take lots of photos so we can see how much fun you two had. Don't forg3et to take the candy corn with you to snack on (LOL).

JOLENE said...

Oh, I forgot, silly me.....Happy New Year!!!! Our fiscal year ends the same as yours, which means lots of work to get financials ready and prep for the auditors, lucky us!!!

Silvia S. said...

Thank you very much for your comment in my blog... I like to receive futher visits...
Your blog is very beautiful !



Anonymous said...

Great fabric for that Halloween ornie! And I just love that hanging ghost, too cute! Happy New Fiscal Year.

Annemarie said...

Well, a Happy New Year to you too! Your decorating looks wonderful, and that piece above the fire place? Phew. Gorgeous!

Annie said...

What a great collection of Halloween decorations. Your stitching is spectacular and I love all the displays. The hanging ghostie is a paritcular favorite of mine!

basketsnprims said...

I love all of your fall decor, Terri, and your stitchery is wonderful. Love the ghost! Have a wonderful weekend.

Sherry said...

I just love seeing all your stitches and around your house, Terri! I love the red walls. My DH will only let me put colors on walls in the kitchen and bathrooms! LOL.

I love candy corn, too. My favorite.

Julie M said...

Hi Terri! Your halloween decorations look awesome and you put me to shame. I haven't even thought about putting anything out yet!

Happy New Year!

Vinniey said...

Nice Halloween stitching and decoration. Lovely blog! Love from Kuala Lumpur. :)

Marjorie said...

I love your finish and your decorations, especially the ghost & the black cabinet! I need to post a pic of the pumpkin ghoul I picked up at Michael's if the kids ever let me have the computer againt.

Bertie said...

What a spooky white spook that is hanging in your room,I am not so familiar with Haloween, but love your stitching and displays in your house.

Happy Halloween.

Patricia Lessell said...

Oh WOW I love everything - especially the SB Haunting and the ornaments on your black dresser. Lots of Love Patti xxx

Vinniey said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Happy Halloween.

Anonymous said...

Love your Halloween finish! Love the colors you used! Love all your fall/Halloween decorations! And that black cabinet looks great against your red wall! Wow!

Enjoy your candy corn!


Stephanie said...

Happy New Year! Totally understand the feeling of excitement as our FY started 10/1 also. Enjoyed the tour of your Halloween stitching. Everything's just lovely!

Siobhán said...

Hey! Adorable finish! I love it. I need to get into more Halloween stitching, I just think that is too cute. I can't wait to see how you finish it!

Your Halloween decorations are too flippin' cute!

Michelle said...

Love the decorations and your stitching too! I'm slowly starting to decorate.


P.S. Thanks for the birthday wish to my hubby.. I think you made his day:)