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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Auctions Rock!

The KSSG (Kindred Spirits Sampler Guild) annual auction was today! What fun! We had a great time and I gotta tell you - the ladies make some incredible things and the others are very willing to part with their money to claim ownership. The biggest ticket of the day was made by Nancy - I got a picture but it doesn't really show how stunning this was. The top (why I forgot a pic of the top is beyond me), was beautifully stitched and then she had the most beautiful moulding all around it. It was all stitched over one and, as with all of Nancy's finishing, it's perfect!!! The box had feet which my picture doesn't show either - this was stunning and deservedly went for more than $200.

There was so much to see and I was helping to check the items in and didn't get up to take pictures until the tables were crowded so I didn't get everything. Hopefully, DEB and SHERRY will share some pics, too.

This was my contribution to the auction:

Three pairs of scissors with fobs I beaded all sitting in a milk glass vase with flower frog. My friend Sally outbid Sherry for this. Thanks, Sally! I was so afraid nobody would bid on it and I'd look like a dunce!

This is what Julie "won".

It's a little case by Vera Bradley that (I'm sorry, I forgot who made this), had all kinds of goodies in it - it's gorgeous. There were two of them there and Julie and I both wanted one but in the end, Julie prevailed. The other one was in another colorway and was beautiful as well:

Part of the auction was of the silent variety and the other part was a live auction. This is from the silent auction bid; a cute little silver and black pincushion already at home on my pink chest:

This was the other thing I "won" in the live bidding auction. It was made by my friend Pat, whom you met during our BBD day a few posts back. It's a bee skep, clamp, pincushion and I love it! When she brought it in I told her that I wanted it and I got it!

There is so much more but I am sure that Deb and Sherry want to post about this as well so I'll save some pics for them to share.

I have been jinxed and it's all JAYNE'S fault. After I posted my 7 things she said something like, "Was clumsy (or was it clutz) number 8?" Well yes, I guess it is. I dropped a hammer on my toe yesterday and it is killing me - ignore the bad pedicure - just focus on the swollen, blue toe. Pretty, huh? Ty's face and my foot - I swear; we are a mess!
Luckily, I don't use my feet to wave my bidding paddle!
Also, the guild members were quite happy when I arrived with my iced tea in a sippy cup. Good thing too, 'cause I did knock it over. It's just not easy being me.....

I think the only question I was asked in my last post was by CARI who asked if after that first really successful year of college, if I ever went back to get my degree. The answer is yes - I got a bachelor's in business from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond which was again, thanks to my dad. After I told him I was getting a divorce (we were living in Illinois at the time) he said that if I'd move home, he'd send me back to school. I don't know if I've ever really said thank you for that, Dad. I hope you know how much that meant to me and I thank you from the very bottom of my heart. I LOVE you!!!

Thanks for dropping by and for all your wonderful comments - I appreciate them so much! Have a great week everyone!



Glenna said...

Oh, poor little blue toe! Love your auction pictures--wow--what a talented bunch!

aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

Sorry About your toe. Loved reading about the auction.

Sweet Sue said...

Wow, that is one hurt toe. Maybe they make a sippy-cup type holster for hammers? TFS, nice auction info, plz do take care.

Loraine said...

What a fun post (all except the blue toe! Hope it gets feeling better really soon!)
What a great auction. I love looking at what your guild comes up with.
I've been out of town the past few days, so I missed your post the other day, but wanted to let you know, how much I loved reading about your experiences. Don't be too hard on yourself, we all do things we wish we could take back, but that is truly how we learn sometimes!
Hope all is well. Hugs to you!

Unknown said...

Sorry about your toe. Love your new silver & velvet pin cushion.

What a clever repurposing of the vase and frog - too cute!

Sounds like the the auction was a lot of fun!


Myra said...

Ouch! Just seeing that toe made mine hurt. It looks like the auction was lots of fun - glad you got something you wanted there. I think your contribution was fabulous - I want it! LOL

Catherine said...

Ouch! Your poor toe! But at least you have a great pedicure and a cue toe ring - I would never dare show my feet right now!

The auction looks like it was a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing some of the beautiful things!

WoolenSails said...

Nice auction items, love that box.
Hope your toe feels better.


Anonymous said...

Oh Boy Jayne....ouch hurting a toe is not fun thats for sure!! aw man would have loved to be at that auction it looked awesome, Especially since I'm not a great finisher and some of those items I would have bid on because there is no way I would have made them myself thats for sure.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Awe Muffin, your suppose to hit the nail on the wall NOT the toe.Woe, didn't see that coming... Sorry that had to happen, Did Rob call the Whaaaaaahnbulance?
teee heee heee.
No really, I promise did not send that vibe your way. Love all the pics from the auction and glad it was a success for all, and that pin cushion is awesome. But the best was that pink sippy cup and the fact that it stayed upright...You go Have a great week Teri
Be always in stitches.

Hazel said...

The auction sounds great! You got some nice stuff. Urghhh that toe looks very sore. Hope it gets better soon.

Siobhán said...

Youch on the toe! I hope it heals quickly. I enjoyed reading about the auction.

Anonymous said...

What a terrific post, Terri! I really enjoyed reading about your guild's auction! Some lovely things for sure! Enjoy your new goodies!

Ouch on the toe! Hope it heals quickly!

Love your sippy cup! Where did you get it and how much does it hold?


Annie said...

The auction looks like it was great fun. Lots of eye candy there.

But that toe looks wicked. Hate to think about putting on shoes over that. Hope it heals quickly.

Margaret said...

Oh what fun! I loved seeing all the auction goodies! I would have bid on your contribution in a heartbeat! I hope your toe is getting better! Do you think you need x rays? Sorry, mother hen is coming out. lol! I love your sippy cup btw! :D And I don't blame you one bit for wanting that cute bee skep clamp. How cute is that!

Roberta said...

What a fun event and I bet there were lots of wonderful items to bid on. Love the Bee Skip what a clever idea! Your pin cushion looks great on your little pink chest.

Hope your toes/feet start feeling better.

Pumpkin said...

That would have been one awesome auction to go to!!!! Probably a good thing that I wasn't able to ;o) LOL!

My goodness woman, dropping a hammer on your toes and having to go around with a sippy cup? Are we related somehow? ;o)

Kathy said...

Ouchie for your poor tootsies. I do hope they are feeling better soon.

Wow, that auction sounds like a blast. And you picked up some fabulous things. Love the silver pin cushion.

Peonies & Magnolias said...

Gorgeous auction pics, everything is so beautiful, very talented women. Hope your poor little toe is better.


Melissa said...

Ouch, Terri! That looks oww-ey for sure! I hope you feel better soon!

Love all the pictures of the auction items. There are some pretty talented folks at your guild! And that includes you with your scissor fob contribution!

(I really love that pink chest!)

Bertie said...

What a wonderful auction you had, looks like there are some serious stitchers in your group, the scissors fobs are wonderful and your pincushion clamp is fantastic.

Sorry to see the damage on your toe, gives me the shivers looking at it, hope you are not in too much pain.

Anonymous said...

Oh your poor, poor toe! I can imagine how it feels after breaking a couple of mine over the years.

Thanks for showing your milkglass scissor holder! I have one of those...and a wayward frog! Now I know exactly what I'm going to do with both of them.

And I love your sippy cup. Not only is it PINK but it's spill proof...where ever did you get it, please?


marylin & poussy said...

oh it's very lovely
best regards

Mylene said...

Sorr to hear about yout toe, do hope it heals quickly.
Enjoyed reading about the auctions!

woolwoman said...

Had so much fun catching up on your blog - I missed the last post. WOW the guild auction was unbelievable - I bet everyone scored some nice things. Just curious - does the money benefit your guild treasury or a charity or what? Love what you got. Your blogger award was well deserved and I enjoyed reading your 7 items. glad Tyler is doing well and stay away from power tools! Mel

The Eveningstitcher said...

Terri...I won a beautiful sewing roll at the Kindred Spirits auction back in 2006. I had so much fun that day! I love the box that Nancy made! You are so right...everything she does is to perfection! One day, when I retire..I am going to rejoin the guild. It is truly a wonderful source for inspiration!

Sorry about your toe...but your pedicure looks pretty!!

MyLifesAStitch said...

Looks like a great auction! I love those Vera Bradley bags o' goodies! Esp. the bright colored one. Score! for you on your wins! Both are wonderful!

Love the big girl sippy cup... but not so much the poor toe. :( Youch! I hope it's feeling better soon!

Janean said...

i'm in pincushion heaven!!!!

cute toe ring.

marylin & poussy said...

That's it I put myself on the translator to be able to say more thing(matter), these photos are magnificent, and the ring in the foot is very funny! Thank you for your friendship which gets(touches) me a lot

Lois said...

Oh, your poor toe, that will be sore! Hope it feels better soon. What a great auction with some wonderful things!

Missy Ann said...

Wow! Now that's an auction.

Michelle said...

What an amazing auction! How fun!!! And you came home with some lovely things. Sorry to hear about your toe (but your red polish is fab!).

Sherry :o) said...

Wasn't it so much fun! I love the auction...even if I don't get what I want...working on getting to my chair tonight...jenny bean is calling. I loved your olympic finish and it's on my shopping list for this weekend! Thanks for sharing it with me in person! And thanks for your blogging assistance - this is addicting! Sherry

Julie M said...

The auction sounds like a blast! Wish I could have been there.

OUch on the toe. It looks like my hand did last summer. It'll look even prettier when it turns all green and yellow!

Michelle said...

The auction sounds like such fun! Love what you came home with..

Sorry about your toe.. hope it heals quick!

Linda said...

What a wonderful auction! I remember you talking about your flower frog scissors keeper and I finally found one, I love mine too.
Love the treasures you brought home.

Ouchie! I hope your toe is better...hugs, Linda

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

If that's a bad pedicure mine must be....HORRIBLE! :)
I love your toe ring too ;)
Sorry about the blue toe, that looks really painful.
The auction - WOW!
And on a side your sampler in the snow, thats darling!

Alma Allen said...

Hi Terri,

Hope that cute toe of yours is better! Love reading about the auction. I love the item you made too. Great idea.

Von said...

What a wonderful auction, Terri! Was it a fundraiser for your guild? DH and I went to a similar event last week for our local 2nd Harvest and brought home some great wine and a wonderful, huge picture by a well-known local photographer. Spent way more than we intended, but it's for a good cause, right?! :D Good thing I wasn't at your auction too - two events in one month wouldn't be good for my budget, lol!

Sherry said...

what a great auction! wish I could have been there to bid on some goodies. So sorry about your toe. I know that hurts.

There is an award waiting on you at my blog.

Jennifer Ann Fox said...

hope your toe feels better soon. Glad you got you a tea sippie cup! LOL
It has to be great to be a part of a stitching guild. We don't have that here in these parts of the woods....

Beautiful finishes!


Feathers in the Nest

Vinniey said...

Ouch!! Your poor toe! My toenail came off once when I hit my toenail on a vacuum cleaner three months ago, it really painful! Hope it heals quickly. :) I almost spurt my coffee out my nose when you said lucky enough you don't use your feet to wave your bidding paddle! You're so humorous, Terri! You made my day! All those items you shown are so beautiful! The silver and black pincushion is very gorgeous and that cute bee skep clamp is pretty too! Have a nice weekend and take care, Terri! :)