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Monday, April 5, 2010

News, Organizing, Treats, Surprises and Awards!

It has been a while, dear friends since I've chatted with you. I've missed you - life has just been busy - way too busy. I haven't had needle and thread to fabric in a good two weeks but I have been busy with other things. First, I want to share some news. I am really excited because the good folks from the DMC BLOG contacted me and asked if I'd like to be featured on their blog where they'll be showing craft rooms, organization tips, etc from different people (around the world, I presume). Now, I haven't sent my pics in yet so I may end up on the cutting room floor but I hope they'll like what I send. The feature is going to run from April 19th - April 23rd. Even if I do end up on the cutting room floor, I'm sure there will be lots of inspirational rooms, organizational tips and project ideas for you to enjoy. Be sure to check back with them on those dates. And, just so that all of you that have seen my "studio" before wouldn't be bored to death, I had to make some small changes so you would want to check it out. Mark your calendars, this is going to be fun and I'm so excited!!!

I sliced my thumb a few days ago and it hasn't stopped bleeding yet - probably should have gone for stitches; that's what I get for sharpening my knives. Anyway, haven't stitched much so thought I'd show you a few other goodies.

Now, this isn't my idea but Julie doesn't have a blog so I asked her if I could post it. Get your ebay typing finger ready 'cause you're going to want one of these little cases. When she and I were shopping last weekend she found this and thought it would be a great way to organize her DMC floss. I agreed and she was right! It's perfect, wouldn't you agree?

The suitcase is a small slide holder made by Barnett and Jaffe. Isn't it wonderful!? What a great way to find a new use for an obsolete item. The cards to wind your floss on fit in perfectly and, had I not already organized my floss in another way, I'd be all over this solution. There are a couple of different varieties on ebay so if you're a person who likes drawer styles to match, look closely. Julie's has little hanging handles but there are some that look more like the card catalog type handle. How cute would these be sitting on a table alongside another vintage suitcase?

Our Easter celebration was spent quietly - church of course, and then a traditional Easter dinner. We all get Easter baskets and mine was put together by Rob and had a wonderful surprise. He had in it a movie for my room and this syrup holder (among a few other things as well). How cute is that? I love the tall pitcher and had never seen one. We were together a few weeks ago when I saw it but wouldn't buy it but he went back and got it for me. He had to go to a few stores before he hit on the right one and then had to have someone help him find it. I was thrilled when I saw it! He even filled it with Dove Chocolate eggs. Mmmmmm... want to come over for a pancake breakfast? I'll have plenty of syrup 'cause this baby stands about 9 inches tall!

I have to tell you that I won a giveaway from LISA'S BLOG. If you haven't checked it out before - you have to go have a look. She does fabulous crafty, creative, inspired and beautiful projects. Look what I won:

She made this fabulous bag out of her vintage lace collection and I just love it. I carried it all weekend and I must say, I looked pretty darn cute. I just forgot to have Rob take a picture of my sassy self! I got lots of compliments on it and at least one woman wanted a closer look so she could go home and make one of her own with her own lace collection. It has a super long handle so you can carry it across your body and it won't bang into things when you're shopping (I've tested it)! She also included the new Flea Market Style magazine which is just a great read and is the first edition so you better get yours, before they're gone. Thank you so much Lisa! I just love the purse and will use it a lot, I know!

I found a cute jar of buttons at the SA the other day and Gracie had to check them out. The jar was full of navy and other shades of blue buttons which was kind of fun. Nothing terribly special in the jar, but pretty just the same.

And finally, for pics, here's my latest cross stitch WIP. It is the Sally Spencer sampler by Birds of a Feather. I am working it on 35 count Weeks Dye Works fabric called Mocha with one thread over two. I've made some color substitutions but they're close to the called for fibers. I think it'll be really pretty when done. After this, I'm going to start on Be Kind and Be True because Dear Melissa was kind enough to send me her chart after she finished it. I also have to thank Sweet Loaraine for the chart she sent me ~ CHS Autumn in HRH! I don't know when I'll get motivated enough to start that one but it's going on the list! Thank you, both of you!

Finally tonight, just a bit of news about Tyler - he's doing well and although he's not too happy about wearing glasses, he's doing just fine. And, he made the high school golf team! They only carry 14 boys and a lot were cut so he is thrilled.

Okay, one more last thing - I have been given a couple of awards by Cath and Vinniey and Marilyn and Mary, too. I am so tickled and honored by them that I am a bit overwhelmed. I have made lots of friends, have visited many beautiful and inspiring blogs and so appreciate all of you!! But, here's the thing - I find it so hard to pass these on to only a few blogs I read. And, it's much too hard and time consuming to really take the time to type in every blog on my list. Believe me, if you're on my blog roll, I love your blog. If you're not on my blog roll, I probably haven't found you yet. So, oh gosh, please don't be offended, but I'm going to make my blog an "award free zone" blog (as soon as I find one of those button thingies). I really appreciate that you all like my blog - where would I be without you? I hope you'll understand. I don't really like the cop out excuse of "I nominate all of you on my side bar" because nobody ever really feels like they got it legitimately, when we do that and they don't accept it. The best way to leave someone an award, in my opinion, is to take a moment to comment on a post. Seeing your comment count go up is the best feeling and knowing that someone took the time to do that, is all the award I need. I hope you'll understand.

And, yes DEB, I do read each and every comment and did see yours "way down there"!

I've gotten a couple of emails about my "new" header picture. It's the Noah Stocking by Carriage House Samplings. I moved everything at the turn of the toe to the right to make it a straight sampler. I also added a few more bunnies at the bottom as well. If you like it, better buy it quick as Kathy has announced she'll no longer be selling and/or designing after this summer.

Cheryl, you asked about my Elizabeth Saville Sampler. I clicked on your name but didn't link to an email address - please send me a note with your question so I can explain, okay!?

I hope your week is filled with lots of good surprises! Thank you so much for all the comments on my last post and for all of you that sent me emails wondering where I was, I greatly appreciate that. I have made some great friends through blogging and am just amazed at the kindness and loving spirit of all I've come to call friends!



Valerie said...


So glad to see you around here again! I know what you mean about being busy...I too have had a hard time putting needle to thread. Hopefully, that will change for the both of us...soon!

I love the syrup pitcher (especially the eggs inside!) and "Be Kind and True" is coming along nicely! I look forward to your progress pics!

Hope all is well and glad to hear that Tyler is on the mend. Talk to you soon!

Faye said...

Hey Terri, Good to hear from you!~ AND congrats on being featured by I love your Be Kind and True....I really must put that one on my list~ I am pulling for Tyler to keep improving~

LiahonaGirl said...

Thanks for the newsy update! Congratulations on being invited to contribute to the DMC blog. Emma linked to one of my previous posts and it brought a lot of new traffic to my blog.

I have stitched the Sally Spencer sampler and it worked up quickly. I loved the color combinations.

I'm glad you had a nice Easter.

Jan said...

Wow, that will be so great to be Featured at dmc, looking forward to seeing that, Terri!

I have for so long wanted to stitch Sally Spencer, it is such a pretty sampler. Will just admire yours for now!

LOve that syrup pitcher, now I need to be on the hunt for one of my own.

Unknown said...

We missed you, too. Glad to see you had a lovely Easter.

Look forward to seeing your space on the DMC blog.

Never would have thought to "shift" a stocking pattern . . . may have to add a couple of new charts to my wish list. ;)

Way to go Tyler!

Hope your finger heals quickly.

Kim said...

Great finds and I can't wait to watch Sally Spencer come to life under your needle! She's on my 'need to acquire' list.

Theresa said...

Wow!! So many thing to catch up with!!!! What a wonderful news about featuring your studio in DMC!!! I look forward to see them on their website!! And your WIP is gorgeous!!!it is so nice of Melissa to past it on to you. That case is insane!!!! Totally cool for storing threads!! I hope your finger heal soon, and best wishes to Tyler.

Isabelle said...

Hi Terry, I am so happy to read you again but I understand how it is when someone is very busy with her life :-)
Wow!! congratulations on beeing invited by DMC club and how pretty y useful is your friend's case : pretty great for her DMC threads !!
Your Sampler looks nice as usual and, sure, I can't wait to see your future progresses on it :-))
I am really glad to know you spend a quietful Easter week-end ;
Have a great week,
Hugs :-)Isa

Vinniey said...

Hi Terri, always enjoyed reading your every new post no matter how busy am I. Congrats on being featured in DMC blog and I looking forward to seeing your article. The 3-tiers drawer is so cool.. I'm going to do "ebaying" right after the next few minutes. The syrup pitcher is so pretty with chocolate eggs in there. How sweet! :)

Mylene said...

Hi Terri, enjoyed reading your post, sorry though to hear about your finger, do hope it heals quickly.
Congrats on being invited to contribute at the DMC blog.

Great find for your friend over the case for storing threads.

(I very much agree about the award and comment....)

Siobhán said...

I love seeing your Noah sampler--I wish I could think outside the box like that! Your framing choices are always perfect. Love your Sally Spencer wip--the reds in it are so pretty. I'm glad you had a good Easter!

Bertie said...

Great post Terry, love your Pitcher and the choccies in it LOL, love the bunnys too they are so cute. The lace bag is gorgeous.

That thread organiser looks fantastic, must be very American?

Congratulations with your DMC feature and look so forward to seeing that, am sure you will give us a link soon!!

Good news for Tyler too, and hey there are some pretty cool glasses out there :-))

Love the Noah sampler, stunning.

Hope your thumb is healing soon, leave all the sharpening to your Rob!!

Annie said...

I wondered where you were. You are such a regular blogger. Sorry about the thumb... hope it heals soon.

Congrats on the DMC blog thing. You definitely deserve the attention!

Love that slide case idea. Very clever find.

Noah looks great as a header for your blog!

Carol said...

Sounds like you had a lovely Easter, Terri! And what a sweet gift from your husband...

Looking forward to seeing your craft room featured on the DMC blog--how exciting! You deserve the honor--it is one inspiring room :)

Sherry said...

Hi stranger! Good to see you posting! Sally Spencer looks wonderful so far. I can't wait to see more of her since I have this pattern waiting for my attention. The button jar is adorable! I have gobs of buttons and keep them in jars like that.

Congratulations on the DMC feature. I can't wait to see it. The purse is just stunning! Way to go on winning that.

Get that finger looked at if it is still bleeding! Losing too much blood is not a good thing and could cause iron problems thus dizziness.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Wow, Congratulations to you for being asked to be featured in the DMC Blog. What a nice treat. Glad Tyler is doing well and I love the syrup holder, I have one which is 7" but not chocolate eggs, just orts.
Somehow the knife sharpening and slicing was a visual for me. lol You have a great day Terri
Be always in stitches.

Margaret said...

Great post! I enjoyed all your news -- cool out about the DMC feature! And the slide storage case -- how clever of Julie! And your WIP looks great, and all the awards, and the prize, and the present and everything! I always enjoy your posts!

Cari said...

I'm so excited that DMC contacted cool is that? I'm loving all your stitching, your easter pics and your stories! Have a wonderful week and enjoy the coming of Spring! Hugs

Katrina said...

Way cool on the DMC feature. Can't wait to see it. The suitcase is amazing too.

Glad your son is doing well and congrats on the golf team!

Love the BOAF piece, can't wait to watch your progress on it.

marylin & poussy said...

Oh I am very happy to read to you!!! And you speak about me it is the class! And indeed with the translator I have no compirs but I believe that you deserve congratulations with DMC, what you gained(won) is very beautiful! Charming! I too am happy to be your friend by means of internet, proud to know you very fast and caress about the dog he(it) is too beautiful we would say a little poussy best regards sincere
Peace and love in your heart!

Giovanna said...

Great to read your news and see your WIP - it's lovely! And your friend is a genius to think of thread storage upon seeing that case.

Rachel S-H said...

That little bag is GORGEOUS! What a cute idea!

Teresa S. said...

Your purse is just adorable! And the Noah stocking turned straight is a great idea--Congratulations on your DMCblog-I'll be looking for it.

Julie M said...

Wow Terri! Great post! Lots of wonderful things to read about! Congratulations on being featured on the DMC blog!!

Glad to hear Tyler is recovering nicely. Sorry about your finger. Try super glue to stop the bleeding.

Your syrup pitcher is adorable. When did you say breakfast would be served?

thanks for the update! Have a great week!

Nick said...

The floss case is beyond cool, I really do want one to organize my floss! lol Thanks for the heads up on the Noah pattern. I've seen it on a couple other blogs and really like it, so I will have to pick it up before it goes oop!

Catherine said...

You have been busy, busy! I love that case and your syrup holder!!

Congrats to Tyler! Glad he is mending.

Thanks for catching us up on all or your adventures!

Loraine said...

Oh Goodness Terri! So much to comment on. Congrats on your sewing room going in the DMC article. You are so deserving, and I can't wait to see what wonderful things they write about! Make sure you post when that happens, so I don't forget to look at it! YGG!
Love Julie's vintage carrying case! What a cool idea. I could use one of those cases for several things! Thanks for sharing.
Your new start is wonderful. I love it!
Tell your son congrats for making the golf team! That is really great. Tell you husband he is very sweet for finding you the syrup pitcher! What a thoughtful Easter gift. I had to show that one to my hubby to give him some ideas!
BTW, I also have to tell you how much I love your Noah sampler. That just happens to be one of the patterns I just ordered. I can't wait to stitch it. I love the way you made it into a sampler! I am going to be a copy cat, if that's okay? You are so inspiring.
More later. I owe you an e-mail.
Many hugs dear friend. Have a great week!

Melissa said...

Wow, what a newsy update. First off, congratulations on the DMC feature thing! How exciting! I will look forward to hearing and see more of it as the day arrives!

Love the way you did the Noah stocking and made it into a sampler. I was thinking of doing something similar for one of the other stocking too!

I love your Sally Spencer. As I type this, I am looking at my own version that I did a year or so ago. I can't get enough of BOAF designs!

Congrats to Tyler for making the golf team! Glad to know he is recovering well.

Sherry :o) said...

Hey Terri, Glad to see you back on your blog...I haven't had much needle to thread this last week either with m-i-l here and I've been playing with my new computer some...glad to see your new post and glad to hear Tyler is mending. What a sweetie you have, going back for the syrup jar. See you next week at K.S. :} Sherry

Blu said...

Good to see you back~

Congrats on being featured by DMC! The suitcase thread holder is awesome! Oh if I could just win the lottery...

And that bag is gorgeous! *heads off to see if she has enough lace to make one*

MyLifesAStitch said...

Where to even begin??? Oh, I think it has to be the heart failure... CHS is closing it's doors??? Whaaa??? Clearly I am not in the stitching "in crowd"... I did not know this. :( I wonder if there will be a run on CHS charts?? Well, I guess I'd better go order what's left on my wish list, just in case!

Okay, I'm better now. :)

I LOVE what you did with Noah!! Perfect! I wasn't going to get the CHS stockings series, b/c I can't see myself finishing them as stockings, but now that I see what can be done, methinks I should rethink that... thanks for the idea!

That case is awesome! I did as instructed the other day and eBay'ed as soon as I got home. Like you, If I hadn't already invested a small fortune in a diff. floss system, I'd have snapped one of those puppies up on the spot! Julie had a great idea there! I think it's the most decorative floss system I've ever seen.

You go, Rob! How thoughtful that he remembered it, and persevered until he found it! Kudos to him, and lucky you!

That bag is awesome! I'll definitely want to examine it, okay?

Great start on Sally Spencer! Can't wait to see more!!

Sandra said...


I just wanted to say that I love what you have done with Noah's stocking. I remember you framed Flowers for Sarah too didn't you, instead of making it into a sewing roll.

Jane said...

I'm so with you on those blog awards, Terri. I agree, commenting is the best reward someone can give. Great post and I hope you get some stitching time in soon. (Take care of that finger too!)

Peonies & Magnolias said...

What a neat idea for floss and love that bag, it is gorgeous. Your sample is looking so pretty, can't wait to see more.


Michelle said...

Wow - lots of news! I love your Sally Spencer. And your syrup pitcher is fabulous - how sweet that he went back and found it.

Missy Ann said...

Love that slide cabinet, a brilliant re-purpose!

Maggie said...

Terri, congratulations for being chosen to be featured by DMC, how great is that!!

Love that jar of buttons, i've been thinking of doing something similar but havent enough buttons to fill a jar yet lol.

Love your Easter present from your DH, we don't bother with many eggs now the kids are grown and my DH just wouldn't have a clue anyway!!

Glad to here Tyler is on the mend and congrats to him for making the golf team :-)

BTW i have e-mailed you about your blogger question but i had to do it from work this morning, hope it came through OK.

mainely stitching said...

Rob is obviously a seriously cool guy. Great job on the syrup pitcher idea! :D

And that suitcase/DMC organizer - wowie!! I just spent too much time today organizing my flosses and I am not happy with the result. Had to work with what I had, and there just wasn't enough space. But at least it is put away neatly. For now - LOL!

Stephanie Hughes said...

Terri, what a wonderful long post full of great information. I love the suitcase idea. Great info. Steph

Brigitte said...

What a newsy post. And showing so much creativity.
I love the creative way how your changed the stocking and made it a sampler that could be framed. A wonderful idea.
And thanks for showing this wonderful bag made of old lace. I wrote the idea into my book-of-ideas.
How cool is that suitcase holding DMC threads. Wow.
I'm already very curious to read about your craft room and see the pictures on the DMC blog.
Very good news about Tyler. And congratulations to him on being such a successful golfer.

Linda said...

Hi Terri...lots of happy neat and what an honor to be featured on DMC's blog. It would be so nice to have a nice spot for stitching and crafty...right now I have kind of a junk/catch all room.

Love your syrup container...what a fun surprise...your hubby is a sweetie and I love your lace bag. I have a bit of lace and I'm going to be hunting for more...I'd love to try my hand at making one of these pretties. hugs, Linda

Roberta said...

Congratulations Terri on the invitation to be featured on the DMC blog. How special.

Love the syrup holder, especially the filling!

The suitcase with drawers is really fascinating how clever!

woolwoman said...

Love the new face on your blog Terrie - I made it thru stitching noah but got bogged down on the little animals - I thought about stopping there but guess everyone would wonder who the crazy old man was LOL ! WOW neat that DMC contacted you - I did not even know they had an active blog - thanks for that newsflash and good luck with appearing.

Glad tyler is progressing and don't put off checking on that finger.

Great post! Mel

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

Glad you are back!! So sorry to hear about your thumb! *ouch!*
THe DMC feature is an amazing opportunity! Congrads!

Kellie said...

Love that DMC floss organizer and Sally Spencer. :)

Linda said...

Hi Terrie
I've obviously missed a couple of your posts.
Really good to hear about Tyler. God bless.
Love the floss organizer, I'm always looking for useful ways to contain the madness!
And extra congrats on DMC contacting you. What an honor for you and can't wait to see what they do.

Deb said...

Okay Terri - I think I'm a day late and a dollar short on this post! UGH!!! You know what my week was like!

Looking forward to seeing your room on the DMC blog. You've got such great things that the pictures should be wonderful!

Love that case that Julie got for her DMC threads - looks like the perfect way to store them - decorative and you could carry them around if you needed to.

I think that you need to have Rob give lessons to Dan on the fine art of Easter Gifts! I love that syrup holder and all the candy inside! Doesn't it match a couple other things that you have??

Love the buttons too - hard to find that quantity of the same color!! And love your Kind and Be True too. Hope you finger feels better. I forgot to ask to see it today. Look forward to a post on our hunting expedition today. I'm exhausted! But in a good way!!!

héloise et lucky said...

Hello, thank you for your comment your blog is very beautiful and thank you still to have visited my blog.
In very soon
* Heloise and lucky *

Kathy A. said...

I am so excited for you. What a great think for you. Look forward to seeing you on the DMC blog.

Mary said...

Hi Terri
Whilst I think your Noah is a very handsome fellow, I don't love him like I love Elizabeth. I had tagged your picture of Elizabeth from your header onto my blog so I could drool over her whenever I wanted to while I wait patiently (NOT! ) for her to arrive here. So this morning when I clicked on her she had turned into Noah !!! I do prefer him stitched and framed rather than as a stocking. I have two friends who would just love to get hold of him - but for me - it's Elizabeth. Thanks for your lovely blog and all those wonderful photos - I am off to find your photo of the lovely Liz so I can drool some more.

Pumpkin said...

That will be neat to see how you organize your stitching stuff :o) I still haven't posted pictures of my room yet because I don't have my cabinets in place that are supposed to hide the oodles and oodles of stash I have accumulated ;o)

That storage solution is ideal! It's amazing what we stitchers can find uses for...

The syrup pitcher was a fabulous idea and I love it filled with chocolate :o)

Glad to hear you're getting a bit of stitching in there. LOL! I have to say that I do LOVE the picture in your header and the bunnies are SO adorable :o)

savvycityfarmer said...

wow you really have been busy ... I feel so honored that you stopped over.

carry on

marylin & poussy said...

Hello, I hope to read to you soon!
Your friend of FRANCE