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Monday, February 7, 2011

Scotties and Screw Ups and Pretty Pockets!

Hello, dear friends!

Last Saturday, the Kindred Spirits Sampler Guild had a slumber party.  It was hosted by Lynn at her beautiful home and we had a blast.  Now, I know what you're thinking.  Really?  A bunch of women sitting around in their pj's stitching - whoa, yeah, FUN!!!  But it was.  It really was.  Lynn's house is beautiful and she has the most amazing collections scattered throughout.  We dubbed it the Victorian Secrets Sleepover - not that our pj's necessarily looked victorian rather than Victoria's but lets just say, 
I won't be showing you pictures of us in our nighties! 

Sharon, our guild president thought it appropriate that we do a little project to commemorate the event.  
Lynn has two darling Scottie dogs so Sharon created this project for us:

But wait!  These aren't just cute little Scottie's.....  Look:

They're tape measures!  As you can see, Julie and I forgot to add the tongue - and our stitching around them is all slightly different.  Sharon has an eye on hers but I wanted to add a bead for an eye, but have yet to do it so mine can't see yet.  The tape measure rolls back up using a little stick with the wooden beads on it that is hidden in the scottie.  Is this the cutest thing ever????   The tape measure is made out of silk ribbon that we marked ourselves.  This is also a pinkeep as you can see on Sharon's dog's blanket but Julie and I didn't bring pretty pins with us so we'll have to add those.  
If you would like one of these little kits, send Sharon an email.   
You can reach her at:  
She'll have to tell you the cost - I have no idea as it was a gift to those at the sleepover!  
Thank you, Sharon!  
I just love my little Scottie dog!

I was feeling pretty good about myself - having gotten a good start on Marianne Wenn.  But what do you get for having foolish pride?  
You get smacked right upside the head, that's what.  

Pretty early on I discovered that I had an error, or thought I did but I couldn't find it but did I stop stitching - NO!  I kept on going until I finished that last blue row of hearts and the extra stitch that is now really bugging me.  I have been looking for the error, counting the black border row over and over again figuring that had to be where it was but couldn't find it.  DEB found it in about 2 seconds just by looking at a photo I sent her and now, I have to decide whether to frog (a lot) or just keep compensating for my error.  The S on the first row is one stitch over to the right which means the border is one stitch over to the right which means everything is off.  But..... Deb just suggested a possible correction which should work.   At least I didn't bring the border in too close which means I do have room.  I think I'm going to go with Deb's suggestion to start the next row in the exact center and then work off that row from now on.  

Anyway.... I do like the way it's looking!  I have already had to amend some of my colors.  The brown for the dog and the gold were changed.  I can't remember right now what I changed them to but if you're at all interested, I can post them again later.

Thank you all so much for your well wishes after my last post.  I am doing fine - I see the cardiologist at the end of the week and hope to get back to the treadmill right after that.  I'd much prefer running outside but it's just a bit too chilly and icy and I'm a clutz (as you all know).  For now, the treadmill is the best I can do!

Oooooh, do you want to spend some money????
I can help.

After seeing a lovely stitchers wallet on Margaret's blog, I paid Natalia a cyber visit and I picked up one as well.  Isn't this pretty?  I just love the fabric!!!  
So pretty in pink!

I love the colors and it's beautifully made.  It is now the keeper of that pesky Marriane Wenn Sampler.
Thank you, Natalia!  I love it!

Welcome to all my new followers!  I so appreciate you stopping by and then choosing to become a follower - I consider it a great compliment!  Your comments are appreciated more than you know and now, thanks to some help from MYRA I can actually respond back to you!  Yeah!!  Thank you so much for your help, Myra!

Please come back again soon!



Robin in Virginia said...

Your Scottie tape measure is so cute! What a fabulous idea for a sleepover!

Marianne looks great, error and all! Nice stitching pocket!

Have a great week, Terri!

Jody said...

Terri, your sleep over sounds like such fun! Love the adorable scotties too!

Margaret said...

Terri, you chose the other stitching wallet I wanted to get! lol! Isn't it pretty? I love the one I got too though. So I'll have to not look at yours now. :D Great Marianne progress. You know you're going to have to share your final conversion with us. I for one want to know! You could always wait till you're through changing colors though. I'm patient. lol! Those scottie tapes are soooo cute! And what fun to have a sleepover! Did you all sleep in sleeping bags? Bet it was fun! Glad you're doing well too. Hope the doctor gives you a green light for the treadmill!

LiahonaGirl said...

How fun to have a stitching sleep-over. And Marianne Wenn is looking wonderful. I'm glad you and Deb found a work-around so you don't have to undo your great progress.

Loraine said...

Oh my goodness Terri, I don't even know where to begin! I was shocked, beyond shocked, to read of your recent health problems. You are such a petite tiny thing, it is hard to believe you have any health issues at all. I'm so glad you went to the Doctor early and got things checked out! Many happy get well wishes to you, and many hugs!
Your sleep over sounds so fun! Love the tape measure Scottie dog!
Your sampler is wonderful as well. You sure are staying busy!
I will have to write more in an e-mail. I'm missing you. Hope everything else is going well! I think about you all the time. Wish we lived closer. Hugs to you dear friend.

aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

I was sorry to hear about your hospital stay. I am just now catching up on blog reading. Yor sampler is looking great. Glad you found a way to make it all work out without having to rip out..
Sounds like you had a great time in the PJ's!!! Happy Stitching !!!

Nancy said...

The Scotties are so cute, and it looks like you have a nice start to a beautiful sampler. Sounds like you had a lot of fun at the slumber party!

barbara said...

Stitching in your PJs sounds pretty great to me, and those Scotties are just the cutest things!! :D Sorry about your error but your work-around sounds like it will take care of the problem.

Julie M said...

Hi Terri! That Scottie is too cute! I think a sleepover is a wonderful idea, might have to copy it at some point! Miss Marianne is coming along quite nicely in spite of the little error.

I love the stitching pocket, the fabric is beautiful!

Glad to hear you are feeling okay, hope you can get back on the treadmill soon!

Catherine said...

What a fun post!! Your scottie projects are so cute and I'm sure you had a ton of ufn that night!

Love Marianne - I'd take the suggestions if meant not having to frog a bunch!

Sending good thoughts your way for your followup visit!

Melissa said...

You know the wallet you got from Natalia? That's exactly the one I liked! Great taste!

I'm glad you found a solution for Marianne. I look forward to seeing more soon!

ps the scotties are adorable!

Pumpkin said...

SO glad to hear you are feeling better and even going to sleepovers! LOL! What fun :o) The Scottie tape measures are too adorable for words!

Y-e-s...I can see that if you have that much stitched, I would not want to frog it :o( Glad you got some good advice and that it will work for you :o)

You ENABLER! I don't want to spend 'my' money...I want to spend 'yours' though ;o) ROFL!

doris said...

Oh, Terri, I'm sorry to hear about your heart troubles. It sounds like a sleepover was a great way to recover. Take good care of yourself . . . stitching helps.

Patty C. said...

I'm glad you are feeling better :)
The tape measure is adorable - A sleep over - you all are too fun - I can't say I've ever done that but it sounds intriguing

Linen Stitcher said...

Are you kidding? A sleepover with stitching friends sounds FABULOUS!

Your sampler progress looks just fine to me, so you have my permission to skip the frogging. :-)

Take good care of yourself! Hope you get a good report from your cardiologist!

Cole said...

Those Scottie dogs are the cutest thing ever!!!

marylin said...

ces petits chiens sont vraiment adorables !
bisous bisous

Siobhán said...

What a fun sleepover! The tape measure is so cute.

Marianne looks great. When possible, I always fudge it! ;) I can't believe how much progress you've made. YGG!

Giovanna said...

The sleepover sounds like great fun, and the Scotties are wonderful. Nice new start of the sampler too. Glad to read that you're doing well healthwise.

Hazel said...

Oh wow I love the scottie dogs. They are really nice. Love your new wip too. You have done lots. x

Annie said...

Those Scotties are just the cutest. A grown-up slumber party for stitchers was an inspired idea.

I say no frogging.. Life is too short.

So glad to hear your recovery is proceeding well.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Oh the Scotties are sew cute... I am glad you had fun at your sleepover and that you are pacing yourself appropriately. There will always be time to run once everything is back in order.
Be always in stitches my friend

Alice said...

Grown up sleep overs are every bit as much fun as when we were kids... and a stitching sleep over sounds fabulous!

I'm glad you are on the mend, and your stitching is really coming along!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Terri:
I was always a stickler about errors, so I can certainly understand your dilemma. When I owned my shop, one of my dear friends (also an employee) came into the shop and said, "Well, it's done and I only have one error. Can you find it?" I said, "Sure, it's right there", and pointed to it. She frowned and said, "No, that's not it." (Even though it was an error.) She said look again, which I did. We repeated this 4 more times and I finally said, "Why don't you show me which one you meant?" She did and I said, "Yup, you're right." I gave her a hug and asked her never to do that to me again. She giggled and said, "Don't worry. I won't!" I'm a frogger, but that's just me. Even though we're told that you'll never display the chart and the finished piece together, when I know the error is there, it bugs me.

Your stitcher's wallet is pretty, too. I love the fabric.

Enjoy your day, which I hope you can spend stitching. Nothing quite as nice, is there?


Peonies & Magnolias said...

Love your progess on Marianne, it is looking great, extra stitch and all. Those scottie tapes are so cute and what a great idea to have a sleepover. So glad you are lots better.


BrendaS said...

Your tape measures are too cute! I have 2 scottie dogs so I HAVE to have the kit to make these. I will e-mail later about that.

Nice start on Marianne. Isn't it great to have a friend who can help you over a bump?

Take care.

Katrina said...

Glad you are feeling better and hope you get the all clear to exercise again :-).

Sorry about the error on Marianne! She is gorgeous and I love the colors you are using.

Aren't Natalia's stitching wallets gorgeous, I have three, LOL.

Katrina said...

Forgot to say, the sleepover sounds like lots of fun too!!! And the tape measure is adorable :-).

woolwoman said...

A stitchy sleepover sounds so fun ! When a friend of mine owned a huge 3 story victorian B&B - we had many retreats and events there and it was always so much fun. Sorry about your mistakes and rough start on Marianne - thanks for your help on Elizabeth - your new pocket is beautiful fabric - I know you'll enjoy it - hope your back on the treadmill soon - Mel

Michelle said...

Oh the sleepover sounds so fun and those scotties are the cutest. Sorry about the error, but Marianne looks fabulous - I think Deb's suggestion will work.

Rachel S-H said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the little Scottie dog. It sounds like the sleepover was fun! Love your progress. Can't you just snip and tuck around the error?

Lainey said...

A stitch sleepover sounds great fun. Those little Scottie dogs are just adorable!
Glad to hear you are feeling well.

Anonymous said...

Terri, thanks for making me feel better about all the frogging I've been doing lately. Keep taking good care of your cute self!

Natalia said...

Terri, what a fun sleep over you guys must have had !! Now that is one way to spend my weekend that I would certainly put at the top of my list !! I love the tape measure too !!! Thanks for sharing with us.
Thanks also for the kind words, I am so happy that you like the stitching wallet. It means the world to me.
So glad you are doing better and better, take good care of yourself.

Carol said...

Now that sounds like my kind of sleepover! And how cute is the little Scottie tape measure--darling idea.

Hope you're feeling well, Terri, and that you're easing back into your running routine. Still can't believe that someone as healthy looking as you had to undergo that ordeal. Take care now...

Sherry said...

the pj party sounds like fun! I love the scotties. I have seen tape measure holders before but these are adorable.

You have gotten so much more done on Marianne than I have. It is looking wonderful. I am finding alot of colors don't work like I had hoped am pulling some new colors as I go.

Susan said...

Glad to hear trhat you are feeling fine. Keep up the good work!

We can all relate to miscounting, knowing it's there but where. I had a peacock issue recently which we won't discuss.

Happy Stitching!

Deb said...

Those sheep are adorable Terri. I'm glad that you had a good time at the sleepover.

And I hope my suggestion worked. I couldn't think of any other way you could go about it because there is no way on earth that you should have to frog anything. I hope you've gotten more done and it's working out okay.

Lois said...

That sleepover sounded like a lot of fun!! What cute Scottie dogs!! Glad you've been able to find a way round the mishap on Marianne. She is looking beautiful!

Roberta said...

What fun - a pj party. Love the little project -Scottie dog tape measures.

The stitchers wallet is cute, can't have enough of little chachies!

Jan said...

Terri ~ What a great fun stitchey sleepover and the scottie dog tape measure is adorable!!

Me thinks you fret way too much, Marianne is coming along so well, I know with even just a bit of compensating, your error will not even be seen. I do understand though, cuz we want these wonderful samplers to be as perfect as we can.

Hope you are able to get on the treadmill soonish, know you must be missing the exercise.

I too got a stitching wallet from Natalia and love, love, love it!! They are gorgeously made!!

Have a great week, Terri!

Linda said...

There is no way I can see the error in Marianne. Looks great to me. I've begun her as well, but not nearly as much accomplished as you have.
The Scotties are adorable. What a neat idea.

KsMaryLou said...

Sampler Guild, Sleep over, stitching, and Scottie dogs.... sounds like a winning prescription to me. I bet your Dr. would agree.

Marieanne is looking great! I just got my last couple of skeins of NPI and can't wait to get started on her.

Mylene said...

Those Scotties are just toooo cute! And sounds like you all had fun at the sleepover.

The stitcher's wallet looks lovely.

lynda said...

Your little Scottie is adorable! And Marianne is coming along beautifully.
I love that stitcher's wallet...will have to start saving my pennies. Can you please share how to respond to comments? And how did you get such a pretty font on your blog?
Sorry for all the questions!

Bhooma said...

Your Scottie tape measure is CUTE!

Your Marianne Wenn looks fabulous.

Kathy A. said...

That tape measure is priceless and what a wonderful way to commemorate an event.
Some times making a piece our own is what makes is special. Even if it happens from being out by a stitch. Such lovely progress. Keep it up!

Marsha said...

The Scotties are just too darn CUTE! Love the bead for an eye. I do that a lot. Beads are good substitutions for french knots too. Don't rip, I just did that today, sooo sad and disappointing.

Unknown said...

lovely scotties. lovely blog. hugs

Joy said...

Soo glad to know that you are feeling better and was able to attend a loads of fun sleepover! The Scotties are cute...not to mention a clever idea.

Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

A stitching sleepover sounds like a blast! What a wonderful idea!

I love the little scottie tape measures - they are adorable!

That stitcher's purse is lovely.

I also owe you an apology - I haven't sent off your project bag as yet. I've been kind of busy at work this week, and haven't had the chance to get it into the mail. I will do that this week, I promise.

Have a wonderful Sunday!