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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Makes You Wonder

Thank you all so very much for the overwhelming comments on Mary Gibson.  I can't believe how many of you took a minute to leave me a note and I am so appreciative.  
I also found some new stitching friends as a result, so for that I'm grateful as well!

I dropped Miss Mary off at the framer late last week and she will be happy to make an appearance again once she is completely outfitted.  
I was flattered to have my Mary featured on the Needleprint Blog yesterday which is where I first discovered her.  
What a thrill!  Thank you, Jacqueline!

After stitching Mary, I took a couple of days rest and then proceeded to work on Eve's Garden by Shepherd's Bush.  A complete change of pace, but a nice one.  This piece is really pretty with its very soft, pastel colors and gentle look.  I always think one thread over two on 32 count is going to look blah but somehow, 
these pieces always look wonderful. 

Don'tcha love the pink flower and cute sheep?

Pics are clickable.....

And, I don't know about you but I think Adam's oak leaf is disguising the fact that he is, uh-hum, very excited for Eve's arrival!

Makes You Wonder, doesn't it?

Eve should be making an appearance this weekend and lets be honest,
Adam is beside himself with excitement!

Moving on.....

I spotted this pine tree with cones just beginning to show themselves a couple of weeks ago.  
Aren't they a beautiful color?

And, because I love all things pink (and red) my sweet mother sent me these pretty pillow cases she found while she was out and about:

 I love the pretty pink, accented with red, flowers and that beautiful crocheted edge!
I'll put them on a bed but there better not be any heads actually resting on these!  Nope, these are just for lookin' pretty!
I doubt these were ever used because they are in pristine condition.  
I love 'em!
Thanks, Mom!

While visiting an out of town antique store not too long ago, I spotted this little beauty:

I didn't buy it (too pricey for me) but I thought it was really pretty. 
Frankly, I'd have put a prettier color of thread on it and it would have looked better but they didn't ask me to style their booth. 
I believe this type of machine was once mounted on a sewing table but don't quote me on that.  Two bills (for those not in the US, that means $200) was more than I was willing to part with to have another thing to dust.

What I did buy was this:

A small wheel that I will, one of these days, turn into a wind chime to hang in my garden.
I'm thinking that I'll string some pretty beads/crystals and add old silverware to make the chimes.
I have a vision in my head (no, I'm not hallucinating) and hope it will be as sweet as I envision.

That's it.  That's all I've got today.

Well, except for this:

Someone told me that she thought this blogging thing is all just a big 
"pat each other on the back" society.  
And it is, but it's bigger than that.  
Lets face it, in the world scheme of things, we're really a pretty small group and we should be encouraging and applauding each other.
I love seeing what you're working on and I love being inspired by the things you create.  
I am grateful for your visits, your comments, your creative and sharing spirit and your friendship.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Be well.


Sherry :o) said...

Well here is a "pat on the back"....great work on your new start and you had me laughing out loud at poor, lonely Adam!!

I hope to stitch soon, as soon as I shut off the computer, tonight...see you soon!

Patty C. said...

LOVE the sewing machine - so pretty!
Congrats on finishing Mary Gibson - It is beautiful & I really like your new start - You have wonderful taste is designs !!!!

Carolyn said...

Just stopping by to pat you on the back, my friend. ;0)

LOVE your new start! I love anything Shepherd's Bush. I have to admit I haven't seen this one. You are always the enabler!

LMAO at Adam and Eve. You totally crack me up! Only YOU would think of that. LMAO!

Can't wait to see Mary all framed up purdy. I know she will be gorgeous. You always have the best taste in stitching and the frames you pick out.

Loves ya!

Margaret said...

I love Eve's Garden, want to stitch it myself! It's funny -- you're not the first one to think Adam is in an interesting condition. lol! Nice wheel for the future chimes. And nice sewing machine! Too bad it was so much money. So sweet of your mom to pick up those pillow cases for you. And yes, I think blogging is more than just a pat on the back society. I love our blogging world!

marly said...

I love that little machine. Your wind chime will be a work of art and play some beautiful music. Doesn't look like Adam will be needing any Barry White tunes.

Anna van Schurman said...

Dirty, dirty girl. (Just my kind.) Not sure that's a pat on the back... ;)

Jannie said...

That SB piece is looking fabulous! Can't wait to see the finish. Love those pillow cases!

Anonymous said...

Super progress on Eve's Garden! Thanks for the chuckle! Lovely gifts from your Mom!

Congratulations on your Mary's appearance over on the Needleprint blog!


Katrina said...

Love, love, love A&E!!! I have the kit and it's on my short list to come out :-). Can't wait to see your framed Mary G. too.

I totally agree with you on the blogging thing, I love seeing what everyone is working on. More than patting each other on the back it's inspiring and makes me want to stitch even more.

Krista said...

Love your new start! And what great coverage you get with the one over two! Enjoy your weekend!

Jenny said...

The idea you have for the wind-chime is pure genius! I can't wait to see how that turns out.
I love pats on the backs - both to give and to get...
I have been ogling the Adam & eve chart and now I may have to go ahead and get it - it looks so pretty. And Adam sure does look happy and energetic... LOL

Theresa said...

Your Adam comment made me laugh!!!! LOL

Melissa said...

Ha! Who knew about Adam's leaf?! Must've been a good day I guess! ;-)

There's nothing wrong with patting each other on the back. In the real world we get enough of people taking each other down all the time. A bit of friendly support and cheering will do the world a lot of good.'re doing great Terri! Keep it up!

Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

I don't think there is anything wrong with a "pat on the back" or a happy dance when we have a finish; so often, our work goes unappreciated, and it's nice to know that someone understands what effort we put into our crafts!

LOL at your Adam comment :)

Those pillowcases are really pretty!

Vinniey said...

Congratulations on your Mary's being featured on the Needleprint Blog! I just can't wait to see her come back from the framer! Lovely gift from your mom! The flower motifs on the pillow cases are so beautiful! Love your wind chime idea! Don't forget to post some photos of your wind chime if you making this idea happen. :)

Deborah said...

I don't think that there is anything wrong with a pat on the back. So in that vein, your SB piece is coming along nicely.Hope Eve is as pleased to see Adam as he is to see her. lol Look forward to seeing Mary when she comes back.

Joy said...

ROFL You are too funny with your Adam story! Congrats on being featured on Needleprint!! You did a beautiful piece and it is well deserved. Love the new start!! I have stitched with 1 thread on 32ct, but now I am going to give it a try...Thanks!!

Faye said...

Adam is about good and ready for Eve's visit, I'd say! Too cute~~ And, yes, that sheep in the SB is darling with all the squiggily's in his fur...! Your mom is such a sweetie, isn't she??? Love those pillow cases..

We all visit and follow one another to get ideas and give each other that atta boy we all need... I really don't think anyone is trying to toot their own horn, rather get feedback and inspiration. I know, speaking for myself, I get many an idea from my fellow bloggers...I laugh out loud many times reading everyone's blogpost because, let's face it, quite a few crafters out there are an absolute hoot!! So, we'll all keep "doing our thing" and enjoy it~~

As always, thanks for visiting me also and taking the time to comment on my blog.... Faye

Courtney said...

oh my goodness, that Adam comment made me laugh!! I needed that, thank you!!

valerie said...

You are too funny! That Adam does look a little excited. Eve's Garden is really pretty. It didn't catch my eye until I saw people stitching it up!

Congrats on your feature on Needleprint. You deserve it! Mary Gibson is gorgeous!

From the Attic said...

Terri, your posts are always a delight so please give yourself another pat on the back from little old me, here in Australia. I think it is great we can see what people with the same interests are doing and it is so nice of them to take the time to share as well.


Poussy Stitches My Love said...

oh how wonderful, I will look to me to offer just too beautiful!
thank you for this wonderful discovery!

Lois said...

I am way behind on commenting so first up I need to say congrats on a wonderful finish with Mary! She is beautiful and I can't wait to see what frame you've gone with for her.

Love your SB start, such pretty colours and your comments on Adam have got my Friday morning off to a chuckle! SB were my first love when I started stitching on linen and now I rarely stitch their larger designs. I really should rectify that.

Love the pillowcases and as for us all patting each other on the back? Well, aside from one or two friends here most others aren't the slightest bit interested in my stitching or what I'm working on so sharing and seeing what others are stitching is such a joy for me.

Giovanna said...

Nice going on the SB! I won't comment on Adam... :-)

A big pat on the back thing? Well even it if it were just that, so? But there's also inspiration, enabling, friendship, interaction... it's so much more.

Siobhán said...

Love your new start!! When I saw the picture of the sampler after Market, I showed it to my son and asked him if he noticed anything. He said, "Oh, you mean that Adam has a boner?!". LOL It is a beautiful sampler, though--and hey, it's always a conversation starter. ;)

Christine said...

LOL at Adam's leaf!
The wind chimes sound as if they will be gorgeousnguth tsecati

Chris said...

I love your new start Terri! I really like this one.
Thanks for sharing all the sweet pics.
Have a great weekend.

Jonette said...

All of the blogs I visit give me inspiration. So thank you for your blog. The pillow cases brought back memories when I was in my teens I did lots of these pillow cases and gave them to my grandmothers, etc. One grandmother loved purple so I violets for her. Happy Stitching!

Anonymous said...


Don't know if I've commented on your blog before. you have some lovely stitching.

Your Shepherd's Bush project is beautiful, such pretty colours.
Love the pillow cases your Mom sent - I wouldn't let anyone use them either (:

Congrats on finishing Mary Wilson, she is stunning!

Sally said...

Love your SB start. You definitely made me laugh with that comment!

Congratulations on finishing Mary :)

I don't think blogging is just a pat on the back either. It's encouragement, enabling, kind words, help and all the other things that make the blogging community a wonderful place to be :)

Glenna said...

LOL about Adam--I hadn't gotten to him, so I hadn't noticed, but he looks like the Calvin Klein men's underwear ads in the subway--they're startling. Let's just say the body part is enhanced and is literally casting a SHADOW in the ad.

Love those pillow cases, but I'd have to use them!

Kellie said...

Love that Shepherd's Bush design, and will never look at it quite the same way again. LOL! It is on my short list to stitch. What a sweet mom! Those pillowcases are lovely. I love the blogging stitching world. I live in a small town where I am probably the only stitcher, there is no local LNS whatsoever. My only connection to other stitchers is through their blogs. I feel like I have a circle of stitching "friends" who inspire me continually. Discovering stitching blogs and online needlework shops is what got me back into stitching after long hiatus. I am very grateful for our stitching "community."

Carol said...

Too funny about Adam, Terry--I don't think I'll ever look at an A&E sampler without thinking of that image again!! Lovely new start and how sweet of your mom to think of you and purchase those pretty pillowcases...aren't moms the best?!

Patting each other on the back is wonderful--wish there was more of it in the world. But, in addition to that I've made so many true friends from all around the world who share my passion for stitching and who I can rely on for thoughtful advice or support when I need it. How wonderful to have connected with each other through our blogs :)

Deb said...

Oh dear - I didn't even notice the problem with Adam! ROFLOL! I don't know if I can stitch that one now - I'll be laughing the whole time!!

Too bad on the sewing machine being so pricey - that would be a great one to add to the collection.

Love the pillow cases your mom found for you and oh - great stitching on your piece!! :o) I'm going to be laughing about this all day.

Marjorie said...

Congrats on being featured on Needleprint and on your finish! Did you see the old-fashioned looking machine Singer is giving away on Pinterest? (I waste a lot of time on Pinterest)

Michelle said...

Love your start on the SB - the colors are really beautiful. And I agree - I think we are all inspired and excited by what everyone's working on or adding to their stash - we're getting ideas and changing colors and enjoying our craft.

Edgar said...

Super new start!! And - wonderful words to someone that sounds a bit on the "sour grape" side of things!!!

Mouse said...

ohhh your new start is lovely and I am sat here giggling away at your wee reference heheheheh
and blogging is good for you and its nice to get complements on all our beautiful work :)and we get to see new stash and ideas to use too :) love mouse xxxxx

Mary said...

Terri! A big congratulations to you for both completing Miss Mary and the recognition of seeing her posted on the original source. You have every reason to be proud!

Moms are the very best for sweet unexpected surprises, aren't they? I just can't wait to see mine soon. The charm of your sweet pillowcases makes me want to find a set for myself (or maybe for her?) when I am visiting!

As for the "patting each other on the back" comment...generally I find that sort of statement is made by folks who just don't get it. Creativitly most definitely needs to be fed. The stitching blogs I've been visitng are a wonderful source for that.

woolwoman said...

Hey great that you were featured on the Needleprint blog with your Mary - what a beautiful sampler. I was very attracted to that SB A&E design but I also just uncovered Eve by La D Da and didn't remember stashing it when I went to knoxville last summer - SOOOO - I really should concentrate on something I already have instead of buy that SB kit but it sure is a beauty and I'll enjoy watching yours progress. When I read blog comments I just think WOW - isn't it nice to read positive uplifting comments from a great community of stitchers and fiber lovers like us. I don't even read other blogs like political and so forth - they are so negative and horrible - I'll take our upbeat blog buddy comments any day - have a great weekend ! Melody

Barb said...

Thank You so much for giving the conversions on the Mary Gibson. I saw you on the Needleprint blog. Congratulations!

Lynn said...

Thanks for my giggle of the day! I'm still LMAO over Adam! He does seem rather anxious, lol!!
There's nothing wrong with pats on the back and I sure love getting and giving them!

Cathy Lloyd said...

Oh I just might have had to lay those 2 bills down for that sewing machine!! SEW cute! And yes, I could have been a much nicer color of thread, I'm thinking PINK. I have the SB piece! I just could NOT pass that one up. I'm sure it is a fun stitch! Oh and Adam...aren't most men like that most of the time? I tell ya...I had to LOL on that! Enjoy your weekend Terri!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

And what's wrong with the "pat on the back society" anyway? I love a bit of mutual appreciation and loathe people who won't take a compliment and bat it back with a "what, this old thing" attitude.
We're fantastic, creative people and we deserve the praise from other crafters who truly appreciate the effort that goes into the beautiful pieces of work on our blogs.
I only popped over because you said you'd made a "naughty" post and I see exactly what you mean LOL.
Tell Mouse, he's not so "wee" either LOL.

Loraine said...

Bravo Terri! I believe we should be cheering each other on too! Love the new start, and I can't wait to see your framed piece. I bet it's gorgeous.
Hugs to you! Hope you have a great weekend!

Cari said...

I was so excited to see YOUR Mary on Needleprints blog. I kept saying to myself...hey, I know Terri, I know her very well...her work is stunning. Congratulations dear friend., do not walk, back to that antique shop and procure that sewing machine. That is a darling piece...and put some pretty RED thread on it!! Love you tons and here's a huge PAT on your back!! HUGS

Rhona said...

Lol...poor Adam! Love the sewing machine, but just a tad too pricey!

Kate said...

Love your new SB start. - I took a closer look at the picture - lol.
Those pillow cases are gorgeous - definately just for looking at.

doris said...

I can't wait to start Eve's Garden, but it's going to have to wait. I'll try to content myself with watching while you finish it.

Stitch Wizard said...

Terri I am so excited to see you stitching Eve's Garden as I drool everytime I see it and haven't seen anyone stitching it. It is so so pretty isn't it!! Yes I think Adam is excited to see Eve lol. I will love seeing your progress!! Your stitching is just beautiful!

Myra said...

Poor Adam - Terri you just crack me up! I don't think I will be able to see this sampler in the same way again. Here's a big ole pat on the back for you. :o)

Ranae said...

Well I sure hope by now that Adam has that female companion, lol
I love that SB deign, so pretty
And that sewing machine is awesome, but too pricy too dust, lol
It's not actually a pat on the back, I call it inspiration :)

Solstitches said...

Lovely new start on the SB piece and thanks for the smile too :)
The pillowcases are very pretty.
I've never seen a sewing machine like that one.

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

Oh no! Why do all the charts you choose to work on all look so fabulous? You know you keep adding to my wish list? Beautiful stitching :)- now off to find that Shepherd's Bush chart online so I can buy it! Aargh! Help!

Mylene said...

I love your new start, it is looking beautiful!
And what lovely pillowcases.

Mickaëla said...

It's wonderful! I have the same cones in my garden and I'm agrre with you, colors are beautiful!
Have a good day.

Karoline said...

Eve's garden is lovely, great start

Catherine said...

Love the pinks, the cones, and the goodies! Wonderful words on the bigness of blogging and, uhm, as for the bigness of Adam's leaf ~ too funny!

Brigitte said...

Your new start is just lovely - and Adam is a real hoot, lol. Isn't it fun to have a closer look at our charts and discover things that make us laugh out loud? Can't wait to see them together, Adam and Eve, lol.

TinaTx said...

Your new start is looking great! Consider that a little pat on the back! :) I think we all need a little back patting now and then.
Love, love those pillowcases!