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Thursday, February 12, 2009


Deb said...

Woo Hoo Terri! Glad to see that you started a blog. They're so much fun. Love how the GH came out! I always look at it in my stash and think, okay-I'll do it, and I never do. And I love the frame you chose. You always do get the best frames! Welcome to Blogland, Terri!

Margaret said...

Hey Terri! Glad to see you've started a blog! I'm bookmarking it and putting it into Google Reader so I'll be following you! I love this piece and the frame you chose for it -- but Of course I always do love your pieces and your frames!

Sandra said...

Your framed With my Needle is gorgeous. This is one which is on Chrissie's and my stitch along list for this year, so you never know, one of us may choose it soon. I LOVE your frame. I was collecting a frame yesterday and the rep happened to be in there and I asked her 'why don't you have gorgeous frames with embossing, like they do in the US?' She told me there is no call for them - well I'm calling for them!!

Edgar said...

Hi Terri - Thanks for stopping by the Blog!! I love the two framed pieces you have pictured! Always remember it's your blog and you can yap about anything you want and show almost anything. ;)

Have a great weekend!!!

Margie said...

Beautiful! Welcome to blogging :-) It will be fun to following your progress on your projects.

Patricia Lessell said...

I love this and I love that you started a blog so without saying another thing your blog will be on mine! I love having my blog and hope you will love having yours. Lots of Love Patti xxx