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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Miniscule Progress

Well, I am plugging along slowly, very slowly, on Elizabeth. I just don't have much time to stitch right now so it's a slow go. But, I do love the colors and am now more excited about working on it. I'm still itching to get started on the The ABC Hornbook but am afraid that as soon as I start that, I won't pick poor old Lizzy up again. I can't stand having WIPs laying around and I don't do well with rotations, either. I guess, because of my work schedule, (I am generally at work at 6:30 AM and don't usually get out till around 5:00 PM or later) I just don't get to spend enough time stitching. Truth is, by the time I get home, prepare dinner (you know, stopping for pizza, laying it out on the counter and calling "Dinner's ready!"), do a load of laundry (yeah, okay, that's a stretch - I don't generally get too much laundry done during the week), get the dinner stuff cleaned up (it takes a lot out of a gal you know - crushing those pizza boxes and disposing of them can be treacherous - paper cuts????), and then finally, finding a spare minute to sit down to stitch, I just don't get that much done. I can get in about an hour or an hour and a half of stitch time at the most, before I'm dozing off. Unfortunately for me, an hour and a half does not produce very much..... I'm slow ~ in more ways than one some might tell you! Anyway, here's what I've managed to get done on Lizzy since the last time I posted.

A few of you saavy stitching gals have noticed that the colors on my Lizzy look slightly different than the pattern. Yep, I changed 'em up just a little bit. I went to my not so local LNS to get the floss and they were out of most of them. So.... I looked at the front cover and started picking colors. They did have the Weeping Willow from OWS but it was just too taupe for my fabric so I swapped it for Weeping Willow from Crescent Colors. The pattern calls for all Olde Willow Stitchery fibers for all colors. The fibers I am using are:

ILO OWS Emblem of innocence Rose, I'm using CC Blushing Beauty
ILO OWS Philadelphi Red, I'm using CC Apple Fritter
ILO OWS Quaker Swan, I'm using CC Green Onion
ILO OWS Bucks County Red, I'm using CC Cherry Tomato
ILO OWS Providence Brown, I'm using CC Cocoa Bean
ILO OWS Weeping Willow, I'm using CC Weeping Willow (the CC is a lot more green than the OWS Weeping Willow which is a lot more taupe in color). This explains my parrots looking so funky, but I love 'em!

Painting my craft room floor is taking more effort than I anticipated. After 4 coats of white, I'm finally ready to start putting in the red blocks. I expect this will be a slow go as I'll have to do very thin coats to keep it from bleeding and - I cant' do them all at once because the tape will not allow the squares to match up corner to corner. Oh well.... it'll get done eventually. I did move my stitching chair to our bedroom so I would have a place to stitch but I don't feel quite as productive there. Plus, I like having all my stitchy things around me when I'm working. The floor will get done but WHEN?????

The other thing I've done lately (remember, the stitching mojo isn't quite back) is to paint some primitive style boxes. This is my first ever attempt at doing these so don't look too closely. I think they're okay though and I think I'll try my hand at a few more. The blue is not quite as neon as the pic looks IRL. That's Miss Pitts standing next to the boxes. She's a punchneedle pattern from CHS and I just love her. She's stuffed with lavender and she still smells sweet.

Oh, and one more thing, all you lovers of the Hawk Run Hollow series: I just read on Gio's Blog that Kathy is working on Christmas in HRH!!!! Christmas is my favorite thing and I'm just imagining candlelit houses with wreaths, feather trees and folksy Santa's. Can't WAIT to see this one!! I've searched high and low for a reference to this but can't find it anywhere except on Gio's blog. If you find it, let me know!

Until next time, have a great weekend and thanks so much for all your comments! As I'm sure you know, it sure is a kick when you see that someone has taken the time to leave a comment. It's like getting a little present! FuN!



Margaret said...

Terri, go look on the Legacy board under the CHS forum and you'll see how Gio found out that little tidbit about the HRH Christmas piece. :D Love your Elizabeth Savilles. What fabric are you using? And I really like your boxes that you painted too! Pretty! Hope your floor painting gets done so you can get your stitching mojo back!

doris said...

I really like the way you've changed Lizzie's colors. Judging by how it's looking (and, hey, progress is progress), she'll be beautiful. And your floor is coming along. Can't wait to see those red squares.

Margie said...

Lizzy is looking great! I love those shaker boxes. I've never thought to do that - yours look great.

Melissa said...

A-ha! At least now I know I wasn't imagining the colour changes or that I need new glasses! They are bright and lively and look lovely. I started mine last year and had the recommended floss and linen - I was just getting back to stitching and just stuck with what they said! If I was to do it now I think it'd be a different story!

Your room is looking good. I'm sure you are just looking forward to getting it finished. The boxes you painted look great!

I can see a CHS Christmas at HRH frenzy happening this fall!

taylors*farmhouse*attic said...

Oh, Terri!..The boxes look great!!!!...You did a good job!!..I enjoy visiting your blog!!..Maybe i'll get some stitching time soon!!!hugs,Jen

Kim said...

OH GOODNESS!!! Christmas in HRH!!! Off I go to the Legacy BB to find out more!

I can relate to the work schedule interfering with the creativity! Sucks huh? I was going to stitch a bit tonight...and now it's already after no stitching for me tonight either. :o/ There's always tomorrow and it's Friday, so no worries about getting up for work on Saturday! I hope you get lots done!

Loraine said...

I love the sampler you're working on! So pretty. Love the color changes.
Your floor looks great as well. It's amazing what a little paint will do! I'm sure when you get the red squares on, it will look perfect. I think all home improvement projects are slow going. That's why I hate them so!

I could have done without hearing about the HRH Christmas houses. I'm only on block #2 of shores, and have the other 2 still in the "to do" pile. Resistance is futile! I'll be breaking down and buying that one as well! We will have to do a SAL, so I can keep up.
Have a great night.

From the Attic said...

I love your stories Terri :))
Those boxes look great and the stitching room will be great when you get it finished too.


Patricia Lessell said...

I love your Elizabeth Saville. And your boxes are to die for so can you please tell me how you painted the. I have more questions. Now you know the thing you put your scissors in where did you get it please? And last but by no means least for the time being when you click on the photo of them close up you can see a pink and green one with a white heart dangling from it where did you get it please because I really love it. Love Patti xxx

Anonymous said...

I love the colours you're using for Lizzy, they're so pretty and it's coming along beautifully :)

Your Shaker boxes look great too - nice display!

Siobhán said...

Miss Pitts is doing a lovely job modeling your beautiful boxes! YGG! I hope your stitching mojo returns soon.

I love your changes to Elizabeth Savilles! Thanks for listing them out. I have the suggested OWS but might tweak them a bit to work with my linen.

Anonymous said...

Yep, got it from the horse's mouth (well... keyboard!) on Legacy :-)

Your Elizabeth is so pretty, and what a great job on painting the boxes!

LOL at how you get dinner ready and cleared up!

Diane (di) said...

Like Gio, I was LOL at how you get dinner ready and trust me you are sooo not alone on that one! ;) I really like the changes you made... makes it uniquely yours. The shaker boxes look terrific as does your craft room. I smell a mojo returning in the not too distant future! :)

Cari said...

Love your Elizabeth and the colors you picked. Beautiful piece!! The floor will come..better to take your time as opposed to making a big, fat mess. Have a productive weenend!! Happy Stitching !!

Sheila said...

Love your painted boxes and Lizzy´s colours. And thanks for the info on Christmas at HRH :)

Deb said...

Terri - Lizzie is looking great and I love the conversions you did for it. Must make note for whenever I do this. I think you've made good progress since your last pic because I know how busy you are. Your painted boxes are great - they look careworn and loved! Hope you get your room done soon. I know you'll be in full stitching mojo when you're back in your space. And hey, I think that pizza cooking thing is something we all do (probably more than we like)!!

Karoline said...

Elizabeth is looking lovely

Katrina said...

Terri, thanks for sharing your conversion. I love the colors. Cute little punchneedle piece too.

Susimac said...

I just love your Elizabeth, the colours are beautiful.

Your craft room is taking great shape, I can't wait to see it all finished.

Like you I saw on Gio's blog about Christmas at HRH, and I can't wait to see it, I've resisted temptation to start the other 3 even though they are in my stash, but I know Chriostmas will zoom to the top LOL!!

Your shaker boxes are wonderful - you are very talented.

Tanya said...

I really enjoy really your blog. That is exactly how I make my homemade pizza dinners. lol!

I love the color changes you made for Lizzy. I think you did a great job on painting the stacking boxes.

Jan said...

Terri, don't worry, that mojo of yours will return with a vengeance, and we will see some beautiful finishes!! I love your floor so far, and know it will be a beauty when complete. In the meantime, your Elizabeth is breath-taking, I love the color changes, so much more vibrant and alive, just like you, my dear!:)

MyLifesAStitch said...

Those shaker boxes look fabulous! :) Glad your floor is coming along... there just aren't enough hours in the day, are there? ELizabeth is looking lovely! I really really love the colors! Ummm... HRH Christmas??? You've got to be kidding me??!! That is AWESOME!!! Methinks I may end up stitching that before I even touch any of the other HRH patterns... is that cheating? So, uh... what's the Legacy BB? :)

Brigitte said...

Oh my, you are really busy a busy lady. I love your crafts.
Elizabeth looks so great with the colours and threads you chose. And even if the progress is little, in the end it's a progress.

Bine said...

Thank you for posting your color choice for Elizabeth Savilles. It looks soooo good.
And I love your shaker boxes. You are so creative...WOW.
Can't wait to see a first peek of Christmas HRH......