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Friday, October 9, 2009

It's cold and rainy today and I am home but the fire is going, the house is picked up (for the most part) and I can think of nothing better than being able to stay inside and do nothing but lounge around, stitch and nap. Unless of course, you'd like to come by for a visit!?

I am finally caught up with my PS piece. Well, caught up is relative - at least I am not behind at this point! I still have to stitch October but the month isn't over yet so I am not behind! This pic doesn't look very good because the flash is washing out the picture. I think this is a really pretty, little piece. It's odd though, the July and October blocks are a couple of stitches shorter than all the other blocks. In order for them to fit into the grid properly, I had to adjust a little bit - no biggie but I wonder why they did it that way? As you may remember, I'm stitching this over one, with one block a month so only 3 to go!

I've heard a lot of folks say that they don't like over one stitching but it's really not that bad if you follow these little tricks:

1- Use a magnifier - it really does help!

2 - When you make your first stitch, come up through C and then down into B, if the linen thread you just covered with your stitch is running in a vertical direction, you should bring your needle up in the hole that will create a parallel line on the back of your fabric to that thread you just covered, in this case, up in D and back down into A to complete your X.



If your top linen thread is running horizontally, you would go up in C to begin, down in B and then up in A (creating that parallel stitch on the back of your fabric) and then down in D so complete the X. Does this make sense? If you use this simple method, you will not slip stitches - trust me, it works. You have to be aware of your fabric, this is where the magnifier really helps me but this works and makes working over one so much more enjoyable.

Have a wonderful day, a productive and joyful weekend and thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment when you can. I really appreciate them all; each and every one!



jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

oh how your fire place makes a wonderful and welcome invite.

Love the way you explain the over one method. Some just can't grasp it but it is that easy.

Have a great weekend Terri and be always in stitches.

Nancy said...

Your PS piece is looking gorgeous, and your fire looks so cozy! Have a nice weekend!

Missy Ann said...

Good tips!

Annie said...

Your home looks very inviting and like a great place to stitch. Love the PS piece. I might attempt a bit of over-one this weekend. Don't have a magnifier, so I'll have to see if I stand it!

Deb said...

The PS piece looks wonderful, Terri. I don't think I've seen that since Block 3. What a nasty day we're having here today! Your fire looks so inviting. I think if my kids hadn't been home today bugging the you-know-what out of me, I may have even lit mine! Hope you got a lot of stitching in. See you Sun.

Susimac said...

PS looks really great. I'm on the first flight out to join you for coffee in your cosy lounge.

Anonymous said...

Your fire and home look very inviting, Terri! I love your PS piece! Have stitched several of the blocks for various round robins and/or exchanges and always enjoyed them!

If I lived closer, I would be on my way!

Have a fabulous weekend!


JOLENE said...

If only I lived closer, I would love to come visit. That fire looks so nice and peaceful. How lucky for you to have the day off with lounging and stitching in mind, sounds delightful!!! (Just add a cat and it would be purrfect!) I love Prairie Schooler patterns! Your progress is coming along nicely and it looks like a really fun design.
I actually don't mind working over one, I love the way they turn little and petite!!

CJ in OK ;-) said...

That is the best explanation for over one that I have ever heard and I feel like I have heard them all. Thanks for making it simply, CJ ok;-)

Melissa said...

Your PS piece looks wonderful, Terri! Your room looks very inviting and just the place to be cozying down in the fall!

Thanks for the tips. I'll try it next time.

Margaret said...

Your house looks so pretty, Terri! So when you do cross over one, do you complete each stitch as you go? Do you ever use the Ruth Sparrow method instead? Just curious. :D I still can't take much over one. Wish I could. I looooove your PS piece! You'll be able to finish it right on schedule!

Kellie said...

Your fireplace is beautiful. And I love the PS piece. Thanks for the description of over-one stitching. I have tried it a time or two and always seem to slip stitches if I am working on linen. I will try your method next time. :)

Pumpkin said...

Oh boy Terri, I would LOVE to come for a visit. That fire looks SOOOO inviting :o)

Thank you for that great tip. I never knew that little trick and will use it from now on.

doris said...

Oh, you lucky girl! Tomorrow's gonna be a rather nasty day here, and I can't wait to hang out at home. Weekends are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip on over one stitching and enjoy that beautiful home and hearth!

Kathy A. said...

That rocking chair sure looks inviting! Thanks for the over one tips.

Unknown said...

What a lovely and inviting room! If only I lived closer, it would be a fun to stop by for some stitching & girltime.

It's 70+ here in VA (and it's only 8 a.m.) definitely not ready for a cozy fire.

What a wonderful piece you are stitching and good for you for keeping up with it each month!

Thanks for the tips on 1 over 1. I enjoy stitching 1x1 and love the look! It's those darned french knots that drive me crazy - the sampler I just finished had a grape vine full of those cursed knots - but the finished product was worth it!

I hope you have a relaxing weekend full of stitching!

Cari said...

Oh how I would love to stop by for tea and stitch by the fireplace Terri. You are so much fun. Love the tutorial on over 1 stitching. Some of my friends don't get it while others are over 1 stitching maniacs, I mean, over 1 QUEENS!! Thanks for sharing pics of your lovely home and stitching. HUGS

Patricia Lessell said...

I would come round in a second if I lived nearer, alas but I don't :-(

Your PS piece is gorgeous. I love stitching over one but thanks for the tips.

Love Patti xxx

Julie M said...

Good advice Terri!

Your fireplace looks so inviting. We have a wood burning fireplace and I haven't had the chimney cleaned for a couple years so no fire for me until that is done. Today would certainly be the day for one with the snow!

You're doing great with your PS project. Very cute!

Enjoy your day of lounging and stitching!

Loraine said...

What a wonderful stitching setting! I love the PS sampler. It is looking lovely.
Your instructions are great. I will have to try that on my Alphabet blocks. I can't start that just yet, Sail Away needs to be finished first.
Take Care!

Marion said...

Your house looks so inviting!!
Love to come and sit by the fire and stitch with you!!
Great stitching by the way!!
Take care

Karoline said...

Great progress on the PS piece, it looks lovely.

I'd love to pop over for coffee, your fire looks very inviting. Maybe if I win the lottery.

Tanya said...

I have missed a couple of your post. How cool that you got to meet Lori. Your fireplace looks so cozy. I am going to have to remember to pick up an magnifier to help with the over one.

Susan said...

I'd love to come over and sit in front of your fire to stitch! It's a beautiful 65 degree day here in SE PA, so I won't be inside stitching too much.

Your PS piece is looking great!

Irma said...

I hope you had a cozy Friday! Its finally getting a bit chilly here in California, but not chilly yet for a fire. Maybe soon as I love having a fire to stitch by.

I'm going to have to try that over 1 trick. I have one pattern that calls for over 1 so this tutorial should come in handy. Thanks for writing it out.

Annemarie said...

Is that a rocking chair I see near that lovely fire place? Fabulous!

Your PS piece is beautiful. Maybe the blocks weren't 'meant' to be stitched on one piece of linen but rather as seperate ornaments, and that's why they thought it wouldn't matter if the stitch count varied a bit?

As for over-one stitching: I don'tmind the over-one stitching. It's the over-one frogging that kills me!

Giovanna said...

Lovely WIP, Terri, congrats on catching up!

woolwoman said...

Oh a fire - whoooo - how wonderful to curl up - I love nothing more but the days when we can have a fire are few and far between. Sadly we're going to have another high electric bill with the A/C whirling away non-stop - another week of upper 80's in store for us - no fall in sight.

Thanks for the over 1 your way - I always dread over 1 and yes I do have to use magnification when I do tackle it.

Hope your weekend was restful and you got lots of stitching done - Mel