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Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Happy Week!

There has been so much about the last week or so that has made me a happy person. First, a new friend from Italy just made my day recently! I received a lovely package in the mail from MANUELA. Look at the lovely package she sent me - for no reason at all! How sweet is that?! Unexpected and oh so thoughtful! Thank you so much Manuela! I love each and every thing you sent. I can't wait to plant the seeds and I have to find the perfect finish for your beautiful stitching and I love the feminine needlecase, which now has a permanent home in my stitching bag, and the pattern is oh so sweet and not one I've ever seen - And, did you notice the threads from Romy - how pretty are they? I love it all - thank you so very much, Manuela! You made me a happy girl!

How Cute is that little pincushion tucked inside the pocket with the little button closure?

Know what else made me happy this week? Getting into the Shepherds Bush Retreat with BFF Julie! For the past few years Julie and I have taken a stitching related trip together. It's just a chance for us to get away from the stresses of work, family and whatever else and just focus on stitching, which neither of us gets as much time to do as we would like. Oh, of course we throw in a "little" shopping and we always take movies to watch while we stitch the night away. Last year we went to the
Celebration of Needlework in Louisville, KY, the year before that we were both fortunate enough to get into a Leadership Training Seminar in Florida and we combined that with our stitching weekend. We wanted to go to the SB retreat that year but weren't able to get in. It's a good thing, too! Because this year we did get in and guess whose going to meet us there? Yep,
JOLENE and LORAINE! If we had gone two years ago, I wouldn't have known them but now, we're friends and we'll all get to meet, shop and sightsee together. To say that Julie and I are thrilled would be an understatement!!! I can't wait to meet Jolene and Loraine in person, to see the SB Store, meet the gals and oh, did I mention that two of my favorite designers in the world will be there!? Yep, Barb and Alma from BBD! I don't know how I'll be able to wait till September. Are any of you going? If so, we'll have to have a blog friends get together, maybe! What do you think? Can you tell this makes me happy!

On Sunday, I got the opportunity to spend the day with DEB. She is a
person that doesn't mind driving hither and yon to find a quaint shop, an antique store or some other fun spot. She mapped out a route in advance and come Sunday, we'd be off and running. Only problem is, I started running a wee bit early. The plan was to meet up at about 9:45 in the morning at our first stop. I was so HAPPY to get to spend a day out and about with her that I called her at 8:35 and asked her where she was. "Uh, I haven't left the house yet, Terri. It'll only take me 15 minutes to get there." Uh-oh, I was more than an hour early! Honestly! So, what to do? I could go back home but that was more driving than I cared to do - I wasn't really starving and besides, I didn't see any place to stop. As luck would have it, I drove past an old cemetery and decided to have a walk around. Turns out, it's an old cemetery established after the Revolutionary War. It was kind of a cold morning with a lot of frosty dew on the grass, long shadows and a cemetery that's a bit run down, but for me, all of that makes for a HAPPY stop along the way. Here are some of my pictures from the cemetery.

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After I toured this little cemetery it was still a bit early so I happened upon a huge barn that was having a sale. I felt kind of bad heading in without Deb but I had to do something, right? So - in I went. Check this place out!

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It was really a fun place and I found a few things - a small old sewing basket that reminds me of the one Ma Ingalls used on the Little House on the Prairie TV series. I found an old sack from which I'll make a cushion, I also found an old watering can, which I just love. It closely matches one that Rob's dad owned. I've hung them both on shepherd's hooks in my garden and when it rains, I'll collect the water and then use it later. Recycling and repurposing - yep, it all makes me HAPPY!

I packed a lot in an hour or so, didn't I? Finally, it was the real time to meet Deb so I headed to the high school for the antique show. There were a lot of dealers and we both found a couple of treasures. I didn't spend more than $22 on any single item and while some of you might think $22 would be too much for all of it put together, I love it all. The orange oil can Deb talked me in to.... "You can make a Halloween punch needle to go on it. It'll be cute!" For $3, it seemed like a good idea. How about the little, green, metal box!? I love it and it goes great in my craft room with the watermelon pink walls (yep, I've changed the wall color). I think my favorite find was the $22 frame - isn't it pretty? I can't wait to find the perfect sampler to
stitch and put in it. Sorry, but the Last Supper print will have to go. I guess my other favorite find was the little stool. It went right into my kitchen and I won't change a thing about it. Finding fun things while out on a beautiful day with a good friend makes me HAPPY!

If you've read Deb's blog she mentioned a little dog.... after we finished at the high school we headed back over to the barn I had been at in the morning. After a bit of poking around, we got in our cars and started down a very bumpy, dusty road and t, there was a little dog walking down the street. A girl in another car had pulled over and was trying to get him so I stopped to help (I was following Deb in my car). The girl that had stopped said that he was just walking around and she was trying to pick him up to see whom he belonged to. Well, he came right to me. I scooped him up, looked at his tag and had her call the
number on the tag. It had been disconnected! Now what? We were on a dirt road, the dog was caked with mud on his feet and he stunk to high heaven. There was no one around so I took him in my car. Deb was looking in her rear view mirror thinking "What in the heck is going on." I finally caught up to her and lifted the dog into the air so she could
see him. I called Rob and told him I was bringing another dog home - oh, yeah! He was thrilled (not). I gave him the number on the tag and asked him to call just to be sure and sure enough - the number was disconnected. The next stop Deb and I made was at a quilt store. I hated to take this pitiful, stinky dog into the shop but I couldn't leave him in the car, either. And, even though I own two little doggies, I don't carry the dog stuff with me. We (Deb and I) tried to get him to sit in a big paper bag but he was having none of that. The scrambling and scratching and jumping around that ensued was not pretty
- I was afraid the poor little guy was going to hurt himself. So, what else could I do but tuck him under my arm, waltz into the quilt store and ask if I could bring the dog in with me. We explained to them what happened and one of the women in the store held him while we shopped. By the way, this was a very sweet, pretty, older yorkie. He had bad teeth (of those that were left and you'll never believe it but his name is "Chompers"!) and he had a pretty, but graying, face. I don't know why I didn't ask Deb to snap a picture of us..... After a few minutes another woman walked in and just took right to him. Turns out, she had just put her own yorkie to sleep the day previous. "You should take him" I told her. She said that she didn't know but she continued to hold him and to shed a tear or two. Little Chompers actually fell asleep on her shoulder. I finally told her that perhaps God had placed us in her path that day and she agreed and took him home. She said she would take him to the vet to see if he had a chip and if they could identify the owner and if not, she'd give him a good home. All's well that ends well and saving a sweet, little dog makes me HAPPY!

Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments on my last post and I promise, this weekend, I will do some major catching up on blog reading and posting. I've been so busy at work this week, and gotten home so late that, I just haven't had the energy to do too much. You all are so sweet and your comments and emails and friendship really make me a happy girl. Boy! Folks that aren't blogging just don't know what they're missing, do they?

Hey MAGGIE ~ thanks for the layout help!

What makes you Happy?



Margaret said...

What a great post! Wow wow! So much to oooh and ahhh over! lol! And boy, am I envious of you going to the SB retreat! I wish I were going. I figure I'll try to go once both kids are in college/graduated. In other words, when I have an empty nest. lol!

Kate said...

You have had a busy week. Love your finds. Glad the dog found a home as well. If you really don't want the last super pic, you could send it to me. I would love to have it.

Nancy said...

What a fantastic week you have had! Manuela sent you a lovely package of goodies! What a sweet friend you have. An SB retreat? You get to meet Barb and Alma? I am pea green! Sounds like you had a great time with Deb, and I love all your finds.

What makes me happy? So much really. Mostly the little things that make every day special. Today it would have to be the beautiful spring weather, stitching, chocolate, and most of all the giggle fest I had with my 9-month old granddaughter this morning!

Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

What a great post! A stitching retreat sounds just delightful and what a wonderful opportunity to meet other blogging friends - maybe one day.

Love all your wonderful finds - that orange oil can is great! Poor little pup, I am so glad that he found a home.

I've been stalking the mailman waiting for my barnett and jaffe to arrive.

I'm off to check out the Needlework Show Online.

Enjoy your weekend, Terri!

Sherry said...

Wow, you have been busy and in a fun way! I love all your goodies from your pal in Italy! How fun that you will be going to the SB retreat. That is so sweet about the dog. I wish Deb had gotten a picture. The Last Supper picture is identical to the one my grandma had - even the frame!

Annie said...

Sounds like one great week. A beautiful gift package, fabulous retreat to look forward to, and all that antiquey fun. Hope your weekend is just as good!

Marion said...

You have such fun "outings"!! What a thrill that you are going on the SB retreat!!!
And I love the dog story!!
Also, your finds!! My grandmother had a sewing basket like that!!

Take care

Holly Hills Primitives said...

WOW! You've been a busy girl, but it all sounds fun. So glad you found a home for that little dog, sounds like it was just meant to be! Just wanted to let you know that Holly's Ladies Nite Out is going to be May 7th from 5-9. Hope you can make it! Dawn

marylin & poussy said...

Hello I too wait for your address? To make you surprises I send to you full of big kisses your layout is very beautiful
Best regards

KarenV said...

Awwww! I'm so glad you found the little dog and that the lady at the store would be happy to take him. I think things like that are definitely meant to be.

Mary said...

Wow, you have had a good week what with preents, bargains and being a good samaritan to the poor wee dog. As for the retreat, well that's just fabulous - ENJOY!

Jane said...

Love reading about your bargain hunting adventures. You seem to discover all sorts of things on your travels.

How terrific that you're going to the SB retreat! I'm sure you'll enjoy it so much. It will be wonderful meeting up with your blogging friends too.

Anonymous said...

You will have a ball at the SB retreat Terri. Too bad I'm not going this year but I went last time & did a class with the Blackbird gals & it was fun! Enjoy yourself. :)

Siobhán said...

Nice finds! I like your package from Manuela, too. I'm sooo glad that the dog found a new home--I hate that people discard their dogs like that.

Have a good weekend!

Maggie said...

Great post Terri! Love all the treasures you picked up, and what a great idea with the watering can!

Great news about meeting up with blogging friends on your retreat, how wonderful will that be!! I've never come across any retreat breaks (stitchy related) in the UK, the closest we come is the big craft shows.

How sweet of all your gifts are! lucky you, enjoy them!

So glad it was a happy ending for the little dog you found.

Loveing how the blog is looking BTW, glad to help :-)

Have a fantastic weekend

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

There's lots of good stuff packed into this post, but most of all I must comment on your kindness to the dog...that story nearly made me cry. Things happen for a reason...

Your stuff that you purchased is super!!! I don't thing I could pick one thing, but that watering can is awesome. In the new Country Sampler Magazine they have a yard display using a watering can just like that but painted red. Made me want to go dumpster diving to find one ;o)

Jennifer said...

Wow Terri, you are so lucky to be going to the SB retreat . When we went to California a few yrs ago we stopped briefly in Salt Lake city . I really regret not heading to Ogden too but we were on a schedule . Maybe someday when.... Loved your treats from Italy . Tralala has some lovely designs. What makes me happy is seeing my children happy and enjoying their lives. Happy stitching!

Loraine said...

Wow, so much to comment on! First of all, woohoo, I'm stoked about you getting into the SB retreat! Jolene will make lots of plans for when you come! We are going to have a fabulous time together. September seems like a long way off yet. Hopefully time will fly fast!
What a wonderful package from Manuela. So nice of her. Like someone else I know. (smiles!)
The day out with Deb sounds like fun. Poor little doggie! I'm so glad you found a home for him. How could someone do that? A very interesting story, which I don't think was a coincidence either! You found some wonderful treasures. I can't wait to see where they all go. You painted your sewing room? I want to see pictures! I love the red and white, (my favorite colors!) I bet watermelon is great too.
Have a wonderful weekend. Many hugs to you!

LiahonaGirl said...

I'm soooo jealous that you got into the SB retreat! I was hoping to attend (especially since Park City is less than an hour drive away), but unfortunately it conflicts with my employer's big customer conference in San Francisco, and for me attendance at the conference isn't optional. (I always have to give presentations, meet with industry analysts and press, and woo our customers.)

If you need suggestions of things to do in SLC before you head up to Park City, let me know.

You also had such a great outing with Deb. It was great reading about it on both of your blogs.

Mylene said...

What a fun day with Deb and the litle dog, good to hear he has a new home.

Great goodies received from Manuela. Have a nice weekend.

Deb said...

It was a great day, wasn't it? The company and weather could have not been better!!! Good finds and for such a good price too. You know, if you don't like the orange can, you can always paint it - you're good with that stuff - I'm too lazy.

We'll have to plain another day out soon. I'll get my mapping skills ready!!! We'll go in a northward direction this time. I was back out yesterday and discovered a couple places.

I'm glad that Chompers found the new home but I'm still puzzled as to why someone would name that little dog Chompers!!! LOL

And love the blog layout - I'll have to pick your brain on what you did - every time I go into mine, I play with it and then put it back again!! Last week I thought I destroyed it! LOL

Pumpkin said...

How fantastic! What a nice surprise to receive :o)

That's awesome Terri! I would be just as excited and only wish I could go to something like that myself. Just to meet other Bloggers is exciting in itself but then to meet your favorite designers? A stitcher's paradise ;o)

Great pictures.

Great finds too! Am I missing something because I don't see the stool?

What a sweet story! I hope all ends well :o)

Roberta said...

OK so what do I comment on - your post has so much in it. I love the fun and things you bought on your day with Deb, but I am just thrilled with the story of Chompers. How wonderful and fateful that the day fell into such good endings.

You are a terrific writer - love to read about your adventures and days.

Have a great weekend -- Roberta

Catherine said...

So much info on this post!!! Your gifts from Manuela are beautiful! Enjoy...

I would love to be able to go to a retreat and meet some of my blogging buddies - it should be fun hearing all about that when you come back!

Good deed done helping that little pup!

Andrea said...

Oh Terri, your posts are always so wonderful! Like the big long letters from old friends we used to get back in the day when people still wrote letters! You'd look in the mailbox and see that familiar handwriting and pull out the thick envelope and read every written word with glee! And then reread it just to make sure you didn't miss anything! That's how I feel when I see your posts!
So many fun things to read about!
I'm so happy about you getting in to the SB retreat and that you'll be meeting up with bloggin' buddies while there! I so wish I could go sometime, I really love SB so much! Sigh....maybe some day!
All of your treasures are just wonderful, I love everything!
What a wonderful surprise from Manuela!
You really touched my heart by helping that little Yorkie...I'm so happy he found some good and decent people to rescue him!
Anyway, such a great week, I hope you have another one next week!
Big hugs!

Isabelle said...

My God, Terry, your post is just marvellous and sounds like you had a great week.
How I am jealous : a SB retreat : really it is a dream for us :-))
Wishing you a nice and sunny week-end,

Carol said...

Awww...I love the little Yorkie story, Terri! So glad there was a happy ending for all...

Your latest finds are great, but I'm particularly drawn to the old basket. It reminds me so much of my dear grandmother's sewing basket which my mother still owns.

I know you'll have a grand time at the SB retreat--what fun :)

Giovanna said...

What a great time you've had, so glad for you. Great gifts from Manuela!

Sherry :o) said...


What a week you've had and what nice stuff - both the presents and the finds with Deb...

Thanks for telling me about the cutest blog on the block - I agree with Deb, I thought I wiped out my blog but then got it figured out...I guess it's fun to play with, as long as I do it when I'm not tired and don't get too frustrated...

Have a great week! Sherry

Jaimie said...

I just found your blog and had some fun looking through it. What a lovely gift. And the Shepherd's Bush retreat sounds like heaven! That is one of my favorite designers! I'll be back to visit!

staci said...

Well, where to start??? The gift you received is really wonderful and thoughtful. And you picked up some terrific treasures. Sounds like you had a busy and fun-filled time!!!

Stephanie Hughes said...

You certainly have a great post here. I love everything about it. I am enjoying all the energy and the pics. I have never used smile box to put pics on my blog but I love it. Your pics made my day. My son would love your photography. Steph

grace said...

Wow! What a delightful post!
LOVE the package you received from Manuela. How sweet is she!
I'm so happy you found the Yorkie a loving owner!
And your finds are fabulous! What a great eye! :)

valerie said...

Wow, so much great stuff!! That's a wonderful gift package from Manuela! And lots of great stuff from the Antique fair!

I'll be going to the SB retreat. Maybe we'll meet while there!

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Wow Terri, I've just caught myself spending almost an hour here as I kept reading your wonderful posts.

I love all of your finds and repurposed items.

The story about Chompers was so sweet. I'm sure he's happy at his new home. You are his angel!!!!

I've so enjoyed my visit and I'm looking forward to returning soon...Have a wonderful week Terri~

Vinniey said...

Oh poor little dog, glad to hear you found a new home for him. :) Great gifts from Manuela! SB retreat? I wish I could be there, too bad I'm so far from the other side of earth. Always enjoyed reading all your great treasure finds, I love the green metal box. I definitely will buy some goodies from you if this is a selling blog. (LOL) What make me happy? If I could spend whole day with my kids at home and stitch for whole day, get someone to cook and do the house cleaning jobs for us. (LOL)

Melissa said...

Well, isn't it wonderful when you have all these great things happen in a week? It's like Magic!

I don't know which part I would say is the best, but the fun-est part has to be the SB retreat you 4 gals are going to!

Glad you were able to find a good home for the lost doggie!

Katrina said...

What a nice gift and sounds like a fun day with Deb!!! Lots of great finds and good company :-).

I am going to the Shepherd's Bush retreat too!!!!!

Bertie said...

Lovely goodies you got Terri, enjoy.

The dog story made me laugh (could just imagine him in your car) and then cry, so glad you found him a home. That's what I hate about people who just throw the dog out, shame on them.

Peonies & Magnolias said...

What a great post and a busy time you had. So glad you found a new home for the poor dog.


Karin said...

Hi Terri!

I will be at the SB Retreat too! Katrina and I are in Track A with Barb & Alma. It will be our 4th class with them but always so much fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Love reading about your adventures and seeing your finds! Glad the dog found a home!

Congrats on getting into the SB retreat with Julie! Know you will have a blast!

Enjoy your week, Terri!


decorator to the stars said...


Kellie said...

That dog story/experience is so sweet!!! I am so glad that little dog had so many people that wanted him, and he ended up in a good home.

Love all your finds!!! I never have that kind of luck, but I so enjoy seeing the treasures other people discover.

Lucky girl getting to go to the Shepherd's Bush retreat. I hope you will tell us all about it when the time comes. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Terrie! I loved reading your post! I too have been busy with everyday life and not alot of time for anything nice to read what's going on with you! Lot's of fun for sure!(: