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Monday, July 2, 2012

I'm Late, I'm Late....

Dear friends,

     I am so sorry for being late for my SAL update post.  My folks came into town on Sunday evening and well, after finishing the sampler first thing in the morning, I had to dash around like a mad woman cleaning the house.  I like them to think it always looks the way it does when they come visit!  I know they don't really think that but at least the house gets prettied up for a short time, anyway.

     Here's my grand finish!  I loved stitching this along with Marilyn and Faye.  The over one was the most difficult part of course but even that wasn't too bad.  I will post my color conversion after the glory shots.

Name: Adam and Eve Reproduction Sampler
Source:  Cross Stitch and Needlework Magazine, May 2009 issue
Fabric:  Lakeside Linen, Magnolia, 36 count
One thread over two

This was kind of a weird sampler.  The Adam and Eve had blue hair (think they were supposed to be REALLY old???) so I ended up changing their hair to brown.  Some of the faces (Caleb and Joshua) were charted for green, I think.  I had to change that, too.  I didn't want them to look like I felt last week.  The parrot's eyes were the light green which wasn't showing up with one stitch so I did them in black.  I added my initials to the piece since there was no name associated with this sampler and in the lower left corner, in the light green, I added "worked 2012".
No idea what to work on next but I'll decide that after my parents return home.

Okay, so here's my conversion.  The original was stitched in Olde Willow Silks and since I couldn't find a chart of those, I had to go off what I saw in the magazine.  I'm going to give you the symbols and the colors I used (with the exceptions noted above).

C = DMC 3354
E = Crescent Colors - Cherry Tomato
F = GAST Lambswool where called for and for the faces where the green was called for.
H = Gast Shutter Green
K = GAST Cinnamon
P = GAST Mountain Mist
S = GAST Green Apple
T = Crescent Colors Green Onion (except for the over one, there I used GAST Harvest Basket so it would show up.

You will need at least two of the greens and the dark pink if working on 36 count 
(I used one thread).

Thank you all so much for the sweet notes regarding my fall and dehydration.  It was not fun but I am all recovered.  Truth be told, I'm still quite bruised (thanks, blood thinners!) but I feel fine.  I did open my scraped knee up again right after the initial fall which was really pretty gross and looked like a horror movie (I'll spare you the picture) but that too has finally healed.  Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts!

Are you on Pinterest?  If not, check it out.  I saw a light chandelier someone had made out of Christmas lights and a hula hoop.  I can't remember where they hung it but I thought it would make a great light for under our patio umbrella.

Here's my version of the chandelier with my Dad sitting at the table:

I put the lights on with electrical tape every few inches and then wrapped the entire thing in black tape to cover the hula hoop and the cords.  Next, I took some wire and hung a loop of wire from each of the spokes of the umbrella.  Cut the black chain in six equal lengths and opened the loop up just a bit and attached it to the wire loop.  I also put wire loops on the hula hoop and attached the chain to the hoop using the same process.  Ran the cord down the umbrella pole and plugged it in.  It looks so pretty at night and really cast a nice amount of light on the table.  The only thing I'd do differently is use a strand of lights in a dark green cord so it didn't show quite so much but even with the white string of lights, it looks really pretty at night.  A fun and easy project - just took some time.  Putting the chains onto a loop of wire will allow me to take the lights down if I need to lower the umbrella. 

What do you think?  

Finally, I have one last thing to show you.  My mom is an amazingly talented sewer and I usually have a project or two or three for her when she comes to visit 'cause I can barely sew a straight line.  
This is her first project:

How cute is that?  

I'll be taking it to the antique markets and flea markets and anywhere else I can take it.  She added a water bottle pocket (that's the orange cap sticking out) and another pocket for my camera or other small object.  

Check it out:
A sweet little pocket from an old pair of jeans.  Is this not the cutest cart!?

I love it and can't wait to use it this weekend.

Thanks, Mom!!!

Wait'll you see what I have lined up for her next project....

That's it for now.  Again, thank you so much for your sweet notes and your concern and appreciation for my embarrassing moment!  

Have a great week and thank you so very much for stopping by!

Be well,




Prims By The Water said...

Terri, love your latest sampler and the colors you hair? Your mom is a very talented that shopping cart and that pocket is so fun! Glad you are getting better. Happy Independence Day! Stay cool, Janice

natalysneedle said...

Lovely Sampler and I would have had to switch the colors up as well

Jonette said...

The sampler is beautiful! Thanks for the conversion. That will be a great help when my copy of the magazine arrives. Glad you are better and hope you have a great time with your parents! Happy Stitching!

Patti said...

I'm green with envy over your sampler, light and shopping cart! Absolutely wondeful!
Blessings, Patti
P.s. glad to hear that you are recuperating....

Deborah said...

Glad that you are feeling better. Your finish is stunning. The cart your mom make is wonderful!

Melissa said...

Oh, your mom is so clever! That is a very nice stitching she did for the cart!

Congrats on the A+E finish! That seemed to have gone really fast or maybe it's just time in general!

Barb said...

Your A&E finish is so pretty!! I love both the light idea and the cart your Mom stitched. She's a talented lady too!

Annette-California said...

Terri, your sampler looks beautiful and well absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations on finishing. Thank you listing and explaining the thread conversion. Your hanging lights for outside look very pretty and inviting to sit and enjoy the outdoor evenings. Glad to hear your better, enjoy your mom and dad:)
love Annette

Faye said...

Yippeeee!!! You are done with the sampler!!! It is stunning!!! I hope to be done in two weeks....I am enjoying it do, but have put off the over one..

Love the chandelier also!!! Creative!!!! And, mom outdid herself with her awesome sewing project... She's a keeper!!!

Take care and can't wait to see what's next....

Christine said...

The sampler is amazing! LOL at the idea of Eve with a blue rinse.
Great patio chandelier too, Pinterest is the best place for inspiration

Chris said...

Hey Terri!
So glad that you have recovered.
Your finish is beautiful. This is a lovely sampler. I am looking forward to seeing what you stitch next.
The chandelier looks great.
Have a fab 4th and a wonderful time with your parents.

Giovanna said...

Congrats on finishing A&E - absolutely stunning! Well done to your mum on the cart (it's gorgeous!) and to you on the beautiful light composition. Look forward to seeing your next project :-)

P.J. said...

Fantastic finish! Good call on those color changes, blue hair and green faces, hmmm.... Love your umbrella chandelier, how simple but chic. Happy Indepence Day, hope you have a pleasant visit with your parents.

Jackie's Stitches said...

Congratulations on your finish! It's beautiful and I love the changes you made. I don't think I could stitch the faces green either.

Wonderful light! So many creative ideas on Pinterest. I've pinned like crazy, used a few, and need to get busy with more!

Cari said...

You are so very, very talented. I love your lights!! How much fun is that? Perfect for your patio.

Your sampler is lovely. Congratulations on a lovely piece.

Have a simply fabulous 4th !! Hugs

Cathy B said...

Glad you are doing better Terri, was worried about you after that last post.

Your sampler is beautiful (of course!). Can't wait to see what you decide to work on next. You have the best taste in samplers.

Your mom made a stylish looking cart for you too!

Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

I love the cart your mom lined for you - how cute is that?

The umbrella lights are awesome!

Your Adam & Eve Sampler is just beautiful!

Enjoy your 4th of July, Terri!

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

Absolument merveilleux ma douce amie ! de gros bisous bisous de FRANCE

Margaret said...

Such a beautiful finish!! Thank you so much for the conversion too -- who can find OWS threads anymore! Love that chandelier you made! It's great. And wow -- your mom really is a talented sewer! Love the pocket on your shopping cart. So nice!!

Katrina said...

What a fun post!!!!! Love, love, love your A&E, gorgeous :-). And you may not sew but that chandelier is just too cute. What a fun idea and sweet little shopping cart. My grandmother lived in England and I remember her using one of those when she walked to the shops :-).

Cathy Lloyd said...

Terri, you are just a sweetheart! Glad you are feeling better... Your A&E is sooo pretty....the colors are stunning, just stunning! I love your "bag lady cart!" And how cute is that levi pocket? Can I come shopping with you? Okay Wonder Woman...enjoy your week and stay safe! Hugs, my dear friend!

BrendaS said...

Beautiful finish Terri. Thanks for sharing your conversion too:)

Have a Happy 4th! Stay cool.

merumo said...

Your blue hair A&E is looking fabulous!! Congrats! I always enjoy seeing your colors as you sure have great eyes for them.

Julie said...

Congrats on your new finish.
Glad your feeling better,you did go through it.
Love your lights,great idea.No good for here at the mo,not stopped raining.:)
That cart looks great for all the goodies you find.Good idea with the bottle holder.No stopping you now.;)

Manuela said...

Hello Terri,

the Sampler is very beautiful.

Greetings Manuela

Loraine said...

What a beautiful finish. I love the colors that you chose, and can't wait to see it all framed up! BTW, you take such fabulous pictures of your finishes too.
Your mom is a creative woman! Love the cart she made for you. Don't you love mom's that sew?
I also love your light chandelier. What a cleaver idea. You are so talented.
Can't wait to see what you work on next. Glad you are recovering from your awful week. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Keeper of the Crowes said...

Your mom is an amazing stitcher. How cute is that cart!!! You will be the envy of all the other market shoppers!!! The chandelier is too much! So cool!!! Finally, your Adam and Eve is wonderful! Love your explanation of the changes that you made.

Rita said...

Adam and Eve is gorgeous!!

Thanks for the colors you used.

Great job on the lights. Your Dad looks like he's enjoying sitting there.

Your mom did a fantastic job on the cart too.

Hope you're back to normal soon...your normal, anyway. ;-)

Deb said...

Great finish Terri. I like all the colors that you picked. That lighting looks great. Pinterest does have some wonderful ideas. And love what your mom made for you - I know that it will come in handy for your shopping adventures.

Carol said...

YAY!! What a stunning finish, Terri--and all of your color changes worked out so beautifully.

Your mom's little cart is so cute--creativity obviously runs in the family... I'm sure you'll have a grand time filling it up with all sorts of found treasures :)

Jannie said...

Terri - so sorry about that fall. Been out of town - just catching up. Hope there're no after effects from that awful experience. Take a baseball bat with you to work for the workout and beat the crap out of that instructor! How stupid that instructor is. You just don't do that - to anyone! Drink pedialite and smartwater. Guess pedialite also comes in packets to add to water. Smartwater has electrolytes in it. Just learned this today - having charlie horses like crazy lately. The stitch is beautiful. Great, great job on that. Enjoy your parents.

Petites xxx et Cie said...

Glad you are getting better.
Your sampler is just perfect, I love it too much!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous A&E finish! Love the liner for your cart! Enjoy your visit with your Mom and Dad!

Thinking of you!

Robin in Virginia

marly said...

The Adam and Eve sampler is terrific! Beautiful finish! I love the light hoop and will try this over my swings. I would love a cart like that but would probably leave it somewhere! Excellent sewer is right!!

samplerlover said...

Oh Terri, your sampler looks lovely, now that it is finished. Love your Mum's cart. What a talented lady. Glad that you are getting better.

Karen said...

What a beautiful finish! I am enjoying watching everyone's progress... thanks for sharing!

Happy stitching on your next project!

Sherry :o) said...

Cool cart - that is awesome...

Your sampler is beautiful. If you are coming to KSSG - bring it so I can oggle over it personally.

Glad you are doing better!

Patty C. said...

I like your colors for the sampler & what a darling cart - Enjoy it !!

Gabi said...

What a gorgeous sampler. You did a fantastic job also with the conversion .
Love also your new shopping car and of course the lights.

Lois said...

Your conversion works beautifully! What a nice finish. Glad you're feeling better. The lights are great and I love the shopping cart. Now I'm looking forward to seeing what you've decided to work on next.

Mouse said...

ohhh well done on your finish :) and agree with your changes hehehe .. glad to hear you are feeling better ... if you want to come round and tidy my house you are more than welcome ;0
love that trolly too ... perfect for all those goodies you keep finding :)
love mouse xxxxx

Nicole said...

Happy 4th, Terri!! Congrats on the A&E finish! It turned out beautiful!

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

Hello to you !!!!!

ca va ma douce amie ????? bisous bisous

Charlene ♥ NC said...

Your A&E is beautiful! Cute chandelier, too. Love the cart liner - and YES the pocket is adorable! Looking forward to all the treasures you fill it with.

Lynn said...

I think this is the prettiest Adam & Eve piece I've seen yet! I think you colour conversions were very much warranted. I mean, blue hair! Reminds me of the rinse my Grandma used to put in hers!
Your chandelier is amazing and your mom's cart is just too cute!

woolwoman said...

FALL ? what FALL? terri - OMGosh - GF - I am so sorry to hear it - I went back but I did not see anything about a fall in a previous post. Hope you are doing OK now - the cart your mom made is just soooo cute ! she is so creative - must be where you get yours from (wink) - Love the sampler finish - take care of yourself and enjoy the weekend - Mel

Melody said...

Your sampler finish is beautiful. Congratulations. Also, your umbrella light is so cute. What a great idea.

Also, good idea from your Mom. That turned into a cute cart.

Sharon said...

Your finish is beautiful! I am glad you weren't seriously hurt from your fall and I have to commend you for not quitting during your torture because I am sure I would have!

Karoline said...

Your sampler is gorgeous, congratulations.

Both your chandelier & your Mum's cart are lovely.

Anonymous said...

Your sampler finish is beautiful.
Love your Mum's finish too.

Your chandelier is fab!

Brigitte said...

I know exactly what you mean about the cleaning part, lol.
Congratulations on that wonderful finish. It's a great piece and I was following the progress also on Marylin's and Faye's blogs. Great stitching!
Good to know that you have completely healed from your fall and dehydration. Sounded somewhat scary. I hope that your heat wave will soon come to an end.

valerie said...

Gorgeous finish on your A&E's fantastic! I am glad you are feeling better. I took a doozy of a fall 3 weeks ago. 2 bruised knees, bruised shim, bruised bum, bruised wrist and even a bruised shoulder and chest. I was a mess. I was just happy I didn't fall on my face and break my glasses. Ugh! But I'm better too! =)

Joy said...

Hon, I didn't know you fell! I am soo glad that you are feeling better. Congrats on your finish!! I absolutely love that pattern. Tell mom I said "go girl!" She is talented and I can't wait to see the secret project.

Anne said...

Green hair?!? Blue hair?? Were they the world's first punks?! So funny! Love the sampler though. I like your colour conversions! I also like how you give your mom some tasks to do. That little shopping cart is pretty cute and functional! The lights on the hula hoop is a fabulous idea!