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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Everything Old is New Again

Well, except for me..... I'm still old!  
But that's okay since I seem to like old things, anyway!  

This is not old however, this is new:

pics are clickable
"With the Needle"
by Lila's Studio
Stitched on 36 count LL, white (not sure of the actual color name)
I didn't think the DMC called for threads really
reflected the colors of the sampler so I made some changes.  I'll email them to you if you want it now, otherwise I'll post it when I'm done.  I am still tweaking a few of the colors.

 The big family home is starting to take shape!

The sea and the farm are beautiful and bountiful!
I'm really enjoying working on this beautiful sampler.  It's cheery, it's bright and it's a bit of a change from the reproduction samplers I've been stitching.
It looks kind of retro (are the 1980's retro?) to me and I love it!

Here is something old, do you see it?

There!  In the middle in the gold (so unlike me) frame!

It's the Priscilla Garner Sampler, dated 1838.
It was my Christmas gift from my mom and dad and I am so thrilled to have it.
Want to see it up close?

The colors look kind of dull here but take a closer look:

There is some fabric loss and I will have it reframed in museum glass and a more appropriate frame but she's in pretty good condition for an old girl.

I love the angels and the birds and the hearts and the flowers!

I love the eye of this deer and the long nosed dogs with the curly tails and white collars.

I love the satin stitched butterflies.

I love the bumble bees and the heart and of course her name and date!

I love the verse:
 Isn't she beautiful?!  
She hails from Richmond, Virginia but now lives in Michigan!
I am so excited to own a piece of stitching from a young girl so long ago.
It was the best gift EVER!  Thanks Mom and Dad!
(my dad would tell you, it was mostly Mom ;-)

Want to see some more old treasures I've found on my hunts?
This is a dry sink , for a doll I guess.  I found it at an auction house and thought it would be perfect to hold some of my favorite pin keeps.
It's on the chest just below the sampler wall.
You may have noticed the chair and doll to the right, below the sampler wall.
The chair is one of my favorite things because my mom caned it for me!  
I know, right?  
She's amazingly talented!  She did such a great job and the only person allowed to sit in it is Delilah.
Delilah is one of Annie's dolls.  
She was also a gift from  my mom!  Yeah, I know.  My mom's the best and most of my best treasures were gifts from her.  I'm lucky enough to have two more of Annie's dolls (yep, gifts from my mom) I'll show you another time.
Isn't she beautiful?
I think Delilah looks very elegant sitting there!

Since I showed you one sampler wall, I might as well show you the other:
This is in my family room (the other is in the living room).
This is a pretty big wall so I have lots of room to add to it.
I also have samplers scattered throughout the house in all kinds of places!

Okay, one last old thing to show you:

I found this at the Michigan Antique Trail last year.
It's a small sewing box, in red velvet with a little anchor on the top left and a hinge that still works.
Want to peak inside? 

As you can see, it's tiny and pretty and red and old and love worn.  
In other words, it's perfect!

Okay, one more thing and then, I mean it, that's it!
This is the tomato bird I won at the KSSG auction last month.  Since it's called a tomato bird (see its hat?), I thought I'd pose her with a few of my tomato pin cushions.  Love her!  The little basket, dangling from her mouth is a thimble.  
Isn't it adorable!? 

So, that's it.  That's all I've got.
I hope it was enough.
I hope you'll come back and visit again.
Welcome to my new visitors and followers, I'm so glad you've come and stayed a while.

Have a wonderful week!  I'm supposed to run in the Monument Avenue, 10k in Richmond weekend after next but if my blown out knee doesn't get better, I won't even be walking it!  That's another story best saved for never!

Thank you for all your lovely comments, they are what makes blogging worthwhile!



Ellen said...

Oh my goodness, Terri! What a wonderful posting! I love the sampler you're working on. I need to check it out.

I also love your other goodies. especially the antique sampler your parents gave you! WOW!! That a wonderful gift. Your parents must know you well. (LOL) It is such a pretty sampler, and the verse is wonderful!

Prims By The Water said...

Hope you had a great Easter Terri! Did I say I am green with envy for having such a gorgeous early sampler..well I am. What an awesome Christmas gift!! Your newest WIP is nice too. New Haven antique show this weekend..maybe we might see you? Janice

Jonette said...

Hello, I have missed you. Your stitching is beautiful. Love the antique sampler. Such a nice gift. What is the name of the large sampler with the red houses on your family room sampler wall? It is really pretty. I finished Mary Gibson!!!

Barb said...

Thank you for sharing so many wonderful things with us!

Anna van Schurman said...

Your wall is fantastic and that antique sampler is to die for! Your mom (and dad) is awesome! I have a couple of Annie's dolls--one's a gift from my mom. She's pretty good. ;)

Margaret said...

Oh dear about your knee. Ouch! That's why I can't run. I love to jump rope, but I can't. Sigh. Love your stitching! I will look forward to your conversion when you post it on your blog. Love the pics of your sampler walls, and all the lovely old things! Wow, your mom knows how to cane chairs? Wow! And Priscilla -- gorgeous! Love Annie's dolls too! Thanks for sharing everything!

Faye said...

Wow!!!! Each picture is better than the one before!!!!! I lie seeing all the samplers hanging.... And the bird with the thimble dangling.... Too much!!!!! Love this post GF!

marly said...

Great post! Lots of interesting and wonderful pics. Your antique sampler is a real treasure. And that box! What a find.

Anonymous said...

Love your latest WIP! Terrific pictures you shared throughout your post! I am sorry to hear about your knee.

Take care! Thinking of you!

Robin in Virginia

Laurie in Iowa said...

Your parents gifted you with a beautiful sampler. Loved seeing your sampler wall and the sampler you're working on now.

Deborah said...

Terri, what a wonderful post! I just love all of your old things. The sampler is stunning and the little sewing box is a treasure.

Anna Zont said...

Yor process With the Needle is so interesting! Beautiful sampler

Giovanna said...

Lovely stuff in every single picture - really enjoyed your post. That's a wonderful sampler you're stitching, and the gift from your parents is equally wonderful. I hope your knee gets better soon.

Marilyn said...

The Sampler is beautiful!
You have some great treasures there.

Annette-California said...

Oh Terri! I loved seeing and reading everything you posted. Your Priscilla sampler is amazing. I am impressed how great its condition is - Beautiful! Oh your mom and dad did REAL GOOD:) And that red velvet box melted my heart - Wow! I like your sampler your stitching. At first I thought it was a new Carriage house design -lol. I do pray your knee heals quickly. love Annette

Chris said...

OOOHHH Fabulous update! Your Mom did a great job. That is a wonderful sampler.
You have collected some wonderful treasures lately too.
And I love your current stitching project. Your conversions are always perfect.

cucki said...

Aww such sweet stitching and treasures...
Big hugs for you x

Annie said...

Your 'retro' sampler is looking so good. Your colors are so vibrant! Hard to believe the 80's are retro, but time marches on!

What a treasure from your parents. They sure know their daughter's tastes! Did you have to give them a hint or are they just that savvy?

Lovely display of samplers and thanks for sharing your latest finds. As a fellow 'Annie B', I just love those primitive dolls!

Jane said...

Love your current WIP, I don't know what your colour changes were but they look perfect, well done you!
I'm having so much trouble with just the colour white on my HAED that I could do with you popping over to England to sort it out for me!!!
Lovely treasures from your parents and old things are best especially when you know the history and sentiment behind them.
Hope the knee improves and if it does good luck with your 10k.
Have a good week xxx

Vickie said...

What a great post!! I am in awe of your Christmas present. I had to reread that. I mean, WOW!!! How did your mom find that beauty?

Rita said...

What wonderful eye candy!! I love all the samplers.

Good luck with your knee. Hope you get to run the 10K.

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

Gorgeous little red velvet sewing box - the sampler you are working on is pretty - and love your wall of samplers.

Carol said...

Oh, what a treasure from your parents, Terri--they surely know what makes you smile :) I loved seeing all of your samplers, too--makes me wish I wasn't quite so obsessed with stitching smalls!

Sure hope your knee gets better--don't push it, though, that may make things worse than ever...

Haven't ever seen that new piece you are working on--it looks like it would be such fun! Enjoy :)

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Oh Terri, I want to come play at your house. I love all your "old" goodies. A girl after my own heart. You've got the best mom. I wonder if she'd adopt me too. LOL! Great new WIP too. See you soon!

Cari said...

Oh my gosh Terri...wonderful post of some of your treasures...your Mom being the best one !! Love the sampler your parents got for you. It is simply fabulous !!! Hugs dear friend....

deshacrafts said...

I would love to know the colors you used in your With the Needle sampler. I tried to use your e-mail link but couldn't get it to work. I ordered the chart after I read your post.

Love the old sampler. What a wonderful gift.

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

Bonjour mon amie, j'écris en Français maintenant que je sais que vous pouvez le traduire , votre broderie est merveilleuse les couleurs sont vives et très belles ! Votre murs avec toutes broderie est juste merveilleux ! J'aime aussi beaucoup le sampler .... et cette merveilleuse poupée aussi ! Qu'il fait doux chez vous ! J'ai bien noté que vous aviez une chambre pour moi ..... un jour je viendrai voir vos merveilles et aussi vous tenir dans mes bras, je vous embrasse bisous ....

LiahonaGirl said...

Love the sampler walls. Love the new stitching project -- such gorgeous stitching. Love the new acquisitions -- especially the tomato bird pin cushion. I haven't picked up any cross stitching for about a year since I've been engrossed in quilting and working full time again. Sigh. Take care. Nancy

Kathy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kathy said...

Hi Terri,
Just became another of your followers as I love reading your posts. You seem to have a great sense of humor and I always enjoy reading them. This one being no acception.
Your "With They Needle" is so pretty and you have made great progess on it since your last post.
Also, I enjoyed seeing all your new "Pretties", both acquired and gifts you've received, especially the antique sampler from your parents. What a special gift!!
Thanks for sharing everything with us and I sure hope your knee gets better and real soon at that!

Kaisievic said...

Hi Terri, I have just adde "With the needle" to my wishlist - so gorgeous and yes, I think that the 80s can now be considered retro. Love all of your samplers and your treasures, thank you so much for sharing them with us. The red bird is especially sweet. Your mum sounds amazing and you are so lucky to have such a great mum.

hugs, Kaye

valerie said...

What a great post! I love the sampler you are working on now. Vert retro and cheery...a different take on what most people think of when you say "sampler". Your folks gave you some wonderful goodies! That old Sampler is lovely and so is the doll and rocking chair. Sounds like your mom is amazing! Totally crafty and great gift shopper! I hope your knee feels better. Take it easy...stop trying to be Wonder Woman all the time! ;-)

Mary said...

Lovely work, Terri! Thanks for sharing it.

Loraine said...

What a fabulous post Terri! So glad to hear from you.
First off, your current sampler is wonderful. Your color changes are perfect, as always.
Can't wait to see you finish this one up.
Second, wow, can your mom be my mom? (JK) She is so mufti-talented. I love the beautiful sampler your parents gave your for Christmas. Lovely, lovely. You are a lucky girl.
I love the dry sink, the tomato's all fabulous! Thanks for sharing. I hope you have a great rest of the week.

Katrina said...

Wow you've been busy, so much fun eye candy!!!!!! Love the sampler your parents gave you and I've been admiring the WIP, it's so pretty. Fun sampler wall too!!!!!

pj said...

Love your new sampler treasure! Yes, you do have great parents and a mom who knows what you love!!! Thanks for sharing your new stitch too...looks great! Love those scissors!!!

I love to read your blog and hope you continue to share your needlework walls! pam in iowa

Marsha said...

Your treasures are awesome. My Mom canes chairs also! She hasn't done one in quite a while but I have 2 or 3 that she has done. Love them. I adore the tomato bird with all the tomatoes, especially the one with a million pins in it. Priscilla is so well kept she almost looks new. Can't wait to see your completed stitch - great colors.

Manuela said...

Your Sampler looks very nice.

Greetings from Germany, Manuela.

Cinzia said...

Hi there, my name is Cinzia and as of today I am following your incredibly nice blog!
I love your works, and most of all I love the way you do your posts.

Charlene ♥ NC said...

I always love your color choices! And your special finds. Love your tomato bird, too. Special! Your Christmas present is really awesome! Gotta love a Mom and Dad, for sure. The chair and Delilah was what I guessed to spot something old. I guess the gold frame threw me. All your sampler walls are pretty great, too! Loved hearing from you.

Sally said...

Wow your latest stitch is beautiful! Love your colour choices.

I simpy LOVE the old sampler your parents bought you for Christmas. What an amazing gift!

Marie said...

What a great Mom (and Dad) you have.

I loved viewing all the wonderful pieces...beautiful.

Anne said...

What a droooool worthy post Terri! I looove your sampler walls and your little red pincushions! Nice progress on your little WTN design! But the best thing in your post is the sampler your parents bought you!! That sampler is amazing!!! I love the angels, the motifs, the little deer and that darling doggie! You need to reproduce it!


Ranae said...

Fantastic post! Terri
Love your sampler plus the old one, love the motifs, thanks for sharing
Nice velvet box find and awesome tomato bird win
Happy spring!!

Sue said...

What a great post! I love the sampler you're working's so bright and pretty. Your antique sampler is so gorgeous, too. What a fantastic gift to receive. Also, I loved seeing the photos of your samplers on your walls. Divine! :)

Unknown said...

Your post is full of wonderful items to look at and some wonderful treasures to own.

Hope your knee gets better soon - take care.

barbara said...

Oh my goodness, Terri - such beautiful stitching and such wonderful projects! That tiny red tool case just blows me away, though - what a treasure!!

woolwoman said...

wonderful post Terri - so many gorgeous things and your antique sampler is just beautiful! Love your dolly sitting on the special chair. The tomato sewing bird is too cute. The WIP from Lila's Studio is really neat. Loved seeing all your treasures . Take care mel

Catherine said...

I don't even know where to start with all that I love about your post!! So, let's just say that I love it all and you are a very lucky girl!!

Fiona said...

Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog. I loved seeing your sampler walls and all your new old treasures are beautiful.

Karoline said...

Your antique sampler is gorgeous, what a great gift.

You got some lively finds and your mum is very talented to be able to recane the chair.

The wip from Lila's studio is looking lovely

~Narita said...

So awesome to see your posts!

Do try and bring your sunshine here to share with all of us.

Who couldn't love a girl who has chocolates for breakfast?!

p.s. I love your lil sampler and the colors are gorgeous and vivid.

Anonymous said...


Just found your blog.

Your sampler is beautiful.
A lovely sampler from your parents too.
You have a beautiful blog.

Bertie said...

My goodness I don't know why I missed your post, so many wonderful samplers you have! Your antique is gorgeous too and all the pieces you have acquired, love it all!
Have a fabulous week:))

Bhooma said...

I checked you blog after a long time and was thrilled to read the posts. I too want to stitch With the Needle from Lila's House. That has bene on my wish list for sometime and may by I should just order the chart and get on with it !!

I love your "chair" as well as the sewing box. Red is my favorite color and I am partial to anything red :)