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Friday, May 10, 2013

Need your Help!

If you have only one spare minute today, won't you please use it to vote for this little gal to win a handicapped accessable van?  She lives in a nearby community and votes determine the winner.  She is a beautiful girl and her family could really use our help.  I know there are so many deserving people out there but if we can help one, shouldn't we?  The video is a short 4 minutes long - watch it with a hanky handy and then, go vote!  You may go to  this link to vote for Breanna. 
Voting ends tomorrow so it's essential we vote today.


Voting Link - you can opt out of getting emails, just uncheck that box.  You have to check the first one that says you agree to the terms of the contest.  Just in case you missed it above, here it is again.

Thank you for your help for this little angel!


Angie Burrett said...

Happy to vote and fingers crossed they get the vehicle they need.

Vickie said...

Oh wow! Get a hanky is right! I voted.

Robin in Virginia said...

Just voted!

Have a good weekend, Terri!


Birdie said...

I too voted. Fingers crossed that she wins.

lynda said...

Just voted..thanks for sharing this.

Bertie said...

The vote worked from the UK! Good Luck;))

Annette-California said...

I voted. Have a great weekend Terri. love Annette

basketsnprims said...

I was happy to vote for this sweet angel. I so hope they get the help they need. thanks for posting this.

marly said...

With pleasure! Please let us know the outcome.

Cath said...

I have voted. Could you let us know if she wins please .X

Shirlee said...

She has my vote! I pray that her family will have the van!

cucki said...

I voted just now..she and her family is in my prayers..
Love x

Barb said...

I gave her my vote!!

CathieJ said...

Glad to vote. A dear friend also has a disabled daughter and she and her pet won a contest when all her facebook friends voted.

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

je le fais de suite !

Anonymous said...


I just found your blog.

Your stitching is beautiful!
I hope the sweet little girl won the votes.
Happy weekend (: