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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Susan Rambo Sampler progress

Dear friends!

   Well, here we are getting ready to start another week.  It has been a glorious day here and I've enjoyed the wonderful weather we've had all weekend.  

I've also enjoyed these:  

Tomatoes right from the garden.  It's not really a garden - it's 3 tomato plants and some basil planted along the side of the house but hey, it produces these delicious delights so I'm a happy "gardener"! 
The crop has been so good this year and I've enjoyed sharing them with my neighbors.  I have eaten more than my fair share this summer!

Unfortunately, summer is coming to an end as evidenced by the fading colors:
 and the golden hues of fall.

Even the hibiscus is starting to look a little tired around the edges.
Kind of like me.

Luckily, there will be lots of projects to keep me busy 
over the Fall and Winter months.

This one:

Miss Susan Rambo.  

She's coming along slowly but surely.
Can you tell I re-stitched the squirrel's tail?  He's a little more grey than before. 
I like him - but then, who doesn't like a fella with a bit of gray?

I will be starting my other two projects in the next week, I think.  I'd like to make some more progress on Susan before moving to those two (see previous post about the two I'm referring to).  The idea of three, rather large projects going at once is foreign to me, and makes me feel kind of anxious - like I'll never get any of them done.   So, I'd kind of like to finish this one (or at least make some significant headway) prior to really getting going on the other two.
The problem is... those flowers in the border are taking me a long time to stitch.
I've stitched, frogged and re-stitched several of them and that is really slowing my progress.  Not to mention all the other mistakes I've made which have caused more frogging and more time lost.   I may take her to work and try to put some stitches in during lunch - maybe that would help.

Oh well...

In the meantime, I have another little finished project to show you.
Count Your Blessings
by Shakespeare's Peddler
It is sitting on the backing fabric and trim I used.
When I finished it, I thought it needed a little extra umph
so I added buttons all the way around.  I have to admit,
I'm kind of tickled with how it turned out.
This was stitched from a traveling pattern which I stitched right away but didn't finish until recently.

Of course I have a couple of vintage finds to show you:
This sweet, little pillow I found at an antique market:

 I love it!  It had a couple of stains on it but a good soaking and it is as good as new.

 I found these mending samplers at an estate sale a couple of weeks ago.
The folks holding the sale said the woman that lived there was in her 90's and was from Germany.  I recognized them as German mending samplers when I first spotted them but nice to have some verification.
I think I'll make a small pillow out of the smaller piece and I'm not sure what, if anything, I'll do with the larger.  
I got both of them for $6.  I wonder how old she was when she did them?

Finally, I have to show you this great project bag that my friend Carolyn sent me.
As you can see by the magazine laying under it, it is a great size and it's so 
expertly made.  Isn't that fabric on top cute!?  The mesh is vinyl, I think.
I love project bags and if you'd like one of your very own, contact Carolyn.
She's such a sweet gal and does really beautiful work.
Thank you so very much, sweet friend!

 Finally, camera shy Sophie and Gracie and I 
would like to wish you all a great week ahead. 
Thank you for stopping by and leaving me a little note, when you have time.
I appreciate them all a great deal.

Be well,


Margaret said...

Wow, your tomatoes look so good! So much better than store bought. Susan looks wonderful! Yeah that squirrel was the wrong color for sure as written. Purple? So weird. Love your pillow finish -- the buttons are so cool and lovely looking! Nice finds too! Those German mending samplers are so neat!

marly said...

My tomato plants have been dead for a while and I miss them. You always seem to find really great items and these are no exception. That button trim is sweet and Susan is sassy with her flowers. Nice post.

Carolyn said...

Awww tomatoes. My all time favorite thing in the world is a tomato samich. LOVE them. Ours didn't do too well this year, but looks like you had great success! Miss Susan is coming right along beautifully. You have the best taste in samplers (and you are quite the enabler, I might add!).

The button trim is PERFECT! I would never have thought to do that, but it truly "makes" the finish, doesn't it? Love it! And your estate finds are awesome. I have some beautiful old linens that were my great grandmother's. They are stained, though. What is the best thing to soak them in? I've been afraid to do it because they are so old and delicate.

I'm glad you like your project bag! I enjoyed sewing it for you. :)
Have a great week, my friend!

Gabi said...

Your tomatoes look great. Makes me wish we had Summer here. Cold Spring it is instead.
Susan looks great. Love the color change on your squirrel (did I really call it last time a rabbit???)
Your little pin cushion is adorable. So are the lovely finds.
Good that Sophie and Gracie beat their camera shyness and let you take a pic. They are cute :)

Catherine said...

Nothing beats fresh tomatoes! Your stitches look great ~ the squirrel doesn't look as scary now. Love the touch of the buttons around your finished piece ~ so clever!
As always, you find the best things!!

Anonymous said...

Super progress on Susan Rambo, Terri! And your tomato looks very tasty! Congratulations on finishing Count Your Blessings! It looks great with the buttons!

Have a fabulous upcoming week!


Lucy May said...

Wonderful colors in the Susan Rambo!

Please consider taking your word verification off your comment section. I tried three different times before I got one I could read!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Love all the buttons you added to the Count Your Blessing finish. Susan R. looks wonderful

Cari said...

Sweet Terri...I so love reading your blog!! You are just the BEST !! Those tomatoes look so YUMMY, right along with your beautiful china and the cutest salt and pecker (oops pepper) shakers !!

Susan is coming along nicely. I also love your vintage finds. The mending samplers are simply fab.

Have a great week!! Hugs

Jeanne said...

We've been enjoying tomatoes here, also. Yours look yummy. Your little x stitch ornament is adorable! I love the added buttons. What a cute project bag!

Cathy Lloyd said...

Susan is coming along beautifully! Love those darning samplers! Lucky you! Enjoy your week!

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

oh I love the beautiful pictures and lovely dogs ! bisous de FRANCE

Grit said...

Wonderful stitching project.
And absolutly nice whit work.
Liebe Grüße Grit

cucki said...

The tomatoes are looking so yummyyy
Lovely stitching and I love how you finish the count your blessings.
Such a sweet bag..and lovely dogs xxxx

Nicola said...

I cannot recall seeing Susan Rambo before. She is so beautiful.

There is nothing quite like eating the produce from your own garden.

Wishing you a good week ahead.

Giovanna said...

I like the squirrel in his new colours - nice going on the sampler. Great finds too, love those samplers.

Anna Zont said...

Susan Rambo is so nice! It's colors are wonderful!
And idea with buttons ia GREAT!!!I love it!

Chris said...

Hello Terri, Sophie & Gracie!
I think Susan is really pretty.
I am looking forward to seeing your other starts.
You are lucky to have such productive tomatoes. It has been a struggle here the last few years to have some tomatoes, either the heat or wilt.
Lovely new finds.
HAve a great week!

Annette-California said...

Your tomatoes look soooo good. Susan's colors are gorgeous! I sure understand about frogging...too well I'm afraid. Glad to see you kept going. Such lovely linen finds. the button finish is PERFECT! Great idea. You have a lovely week.
love Annette

Helen said...

Beautiful sampler find, I'm jealous. Please frame them, it would be a shame to see them used as pillows - they are SO SPECIAL.
Helen in MI

Denise said...

I got some tomatoes from my neighbors and we made BLT's. Oh so good. Your stitching is beautiful.
Happy Stitching

Krista said...

Those tomatoes look so ripe and delicious! I love your Susan Rambo, it is coming along so pretty.
Sophie and Gracie are so sweet! :)

Joy said...

My tomato plants are about done for the season. It was very nice have fresh ones all summer. I did mine in pots and set them on the patio. Susan is coming along...give her some extra love! LOL Great finds with the German pieces!

Julie M said...

Love your vintage finds Terri, especially the mending samplers. I don't think I would have recognized them as such.

I'm not a tomato fan so I'll have take your word for it that they were delicious but I am glad you've been able to enjoy them all summer. Things didn't grow much around here due to the drought.

Susan might be taking a while to do but she'll be worth it in the end. And thanks for the enabling you did on the one design from your previous post. I got my charts last week. I'm adding it to the list of everything else I need to stitch before I die!

Have a great week!

Vickie said...

Oh!♥Sophie and Gracie!♥
That pillow is fantastic. You have inspired me to look at our Good Will and Salvation Army. I have scored a few things, but you. YOU are the master! =)

Loraine said...

What a wonderful post. Susan is looking fabulous! I love the colors in this sampler, and your little squirrel looks perfect now.
Your pillow finish is wonderful too! I love the idea of adding buttons to trim...Shepherds Bush sells some trim that is similar, but it's 18.00 a yard. (Yes, I did break down and buy some, and it's still sitting in my stash. LOL) You've inspired me to look at less expensive trims and embellish them!
I understand your hesitancy to start too many large samplers at once. I have several going right now, and I'm always conflicted about what to work on. It almost makes one overwhelmed, knowing that they are all big, and you want all of them done! Good luck there, I have no advice for you, other than a project not started will never be finished. Got to go through pain one way or another.
Love the thrifty finds, the pillow is beautiful, and the marking samplers are a neat find.
Have a wonderful week! So happy to see what you have been doing. I hope your wonderful weather continues. Fall is definitely in the air. :(
Hugs to you!

BrendaS said...

Terri -- LOVE the colors on Susan Rambo -- just beautiful.

Great little pincushion finish with the buttons. Clever idea!

Great finds at the estate sale too:))

Barb said...

What wonderful finds. The pillows are lovely and the mending samplers a great deal for only $6. Susan Rambo is in my stash but each of those flowers looks like a project!I do like the colors you are using. Are you changing from the suggested colors?

Julie said...

Nothing tastes better then home grown.
Great finds and great stitching.

lynda said...

I love the way you finished Count Your Blessings! Those little buttons are such a cute addition! (might have to steal that one....:))

Mylene said...

Great job on 'Count your Blessings', Lovely!
Cute picture of Sophie & Gracie.
& hmmm those tomatoes looks yummmy!!

merumo said...

Susan is coming along very nicely. Love your vintage finds, especially the German mending samplers! I have a couple of them and always want to stitch one like them...

Deb said...

Susan is really coming along - I love the colors so much in this sampler and I think that your squirrel looks perfect now.

Love your pillow finish and the button trim is really a great idea. Love those finds too - do you think that you could frame them?

Hope you get started on the SAL this week. I've done a little bit, but it's kind of juggling act.

Katrina said...

Your tomatoes look yummy!!!!! I love them.

Susan is gorgeous and the button trim is perfect. Sweet picture of your puppies too :-).

Keeper of the Crowes said...

where to begin, Terri. You've shared so many wonderful things with us. The German Samplers are lovely and I like your idea for finishing. Susan is beautiful and you Count Your Blessings is just so sweet. Love the backing fabric!!! Finally, who doesn't love an extra large project bag!!! Fantastic!

woolwoman said...

Susan Rambo is certainly a gorgeous sampler Terri - you are making great progress. Love your finds and your little pillow finish - too cute with the button edge trim. enjoy the fresh fall days ahead - melody

Carol said...

Wonderful progress on Susan, Terri, and I like the new mature-looking squirrel :)

Love the way you finished the darling pillow with the lace and buttons--how adorable!!

It's going to be tough saying goodbye to all the fresh fruits and vegetables of the summer, isn't it... Enjoy those tomatoes while you can!

valerie said...

Great colors and progress in Susan Rambo! And your smalls finish looks wonderful. Definitely a message we all need help remembering. Love the project pouch from Carolyn! :)

Lois said...

What nice progress on Susan and Count your Blessings is a sweet finish. Some great finds lately and what a nice project bag!

Sally said...

Beautiful photos and beautiful stitching :) Love how you finished Count Your Blessings.

Nana said...

What a lovely blog you have, what wonderful needlework you make and the rest I love too.


Anne said...

Beautiful photos of summer fading Terri! I love the fern picture and the hydrangea's. Those tomatoes look delish! I bought some at a farmer's market and they tasted amazing!! Susan Rambo is stunning and I love that wee little grey squirrel!! (I have a thing for squirrels!!) Fabulous finds yet again! Great finish on the traveling pattern! So unique.

Sherry :o) said...

Nice progress on Susan. I agree the flowers would be time consuming, but they make the sampler!

Glad to see your button finish in person - it is truly beautiful.

Looking forward to seeing your progress on all three your projects.

Karoline said...

Susan Rambo is looking gorgeous and great finishing on Count your Blessings.

Brigitte said...

What a unique way to finish this little pillow. It's wonderful to see the many creative ways how stitchers finish their stitched pieces. And I do love Miss Susan more and more, she lokks fantastic in allher reds and pinks. A sampler right after my taste.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your sampler is looking lovely, and whata creative finish!

Lynn said...

Susan Rambo looks fabulous! You always pick the most interesting designs to stitch. I love watching your progress.
I love your use of the buttons on your recent SP finish. What a neat idea!

Béa said...

It's always a pleasure to visit your beautifull blog!
Your tomatoes seem to be delicious!
Lovely your dogs...

Pam Tanner said...

I love checking out your projects that you are working on. Also enjoy your use of photography on your blog. Your pictures are so pretty. I am still at the point and click stage, and am happy as a lark if you can tell what's in the picture. I do have to tell you that, I am a Michigander too.

Pam Tanner said...

I so do enjoy looking at your blogs. Your pictures are terrific!I am a Michigander myself. Even though I no longer live there, it will always be home to me.

Jackie said...

Hello Terri,
I came by your blog a few weeks ago (seems that way anyway) and much to my disappointment and irritation with blogger, I was unable to leave a comment for whatever reason blogger had in store. So I am back and hopefully all is rectified.
Your plate of tomatoes and garden looks delicious and healthy respectively. I could use some of those tomatoes. They don't quite grow all that well here in the desert.
I really like the color way in the Susan Rambo Sampler. It is going to be a beautiful piece. I love what you did with Count your blessings, with the addition of the buttons. Is that a tatted trim? It's gorgeous.
…and what can I say about Faye's project bag. She does excellent work and the bag is really cute.
TFS and come by and visit when you get a chance.

pollux said...

Hello Terri,

I 'm very proud to be in your 's favorite list of blogs ...
thank you very very much ...
excuse my englih ...He's bad ...
big bisouxxx from France

Anonymous said...


Just found you!

Susan Rambo is looking beautiful and your finish is lovely!
Those tomatoes look delicious!
Gorgeous vintage finds too.
Happy stitching!

Alicia said...