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Sunday, September 2, 2012

What's Happenin'?

Dear friends,

Stitching news will follow but first...  

Matt moved to WMU a week ago on Sunday.  He and his pack of grade school friends are all sharing a 6 bedroom apartment.  I just hope they remember why they're there.  Here's a shot of the hooligans, I mean young men.

Matt is the 2nd from the left.  These are all great kids and they're great friends to one another and have known each other since kindergarten.  This was taken as Rob and I were ready to depart and the boys had all worked hard all day in 95 degree heat.  They were anxious for us to leave so they could get down to the serious work of arranging their apartment partying.  

Last night, Rob and I went to a Tiger's game.  It was a perfect night for a ball game, 76 degrees, a cool breeze blowing in and not a cloud in the sky.
Except the game was B.O.R.I.N.G. until.....

Rob caught a foul ball off Miguel Cabrera in the top of the 8th inning (I think)!  He caught it bare handed and while he was reaching to catch the ball, I ran and ducked for cover.  I am a big chicken.  Besides, had I not ducked, he probably would have knocked me out of the way to get the ball.  His hand was a little sore for the rest of the inning but amazingly, the game was suddenly much more exciting.  I was surprised by how many people came by to congratulate him (most of them were seriously drunk).

 The night ended with an awesome fireworks display!

Today, Rob and I went to a festival called Arts, Beats and Eats.  
I'm sure I don't have to explain what that was all about.
Anyway, this was Rob's highlight:

Please click to view the video of Rob in action!
Sorry, don't know why the pic from the video isn't showing up....

If you answered a trivia question correctly, you got to get in this money box thingy.
Did I tell you that Rob is an absolute font of useless trivia!   Catch as much cash as you can in 30 seconds without trapping it against your body, scooping it up off the floor (d'uh) or trapping it against the glass and you keep the cash.  It was set up to help raise raise money for Beaumont Children's hospital.  
Rob did pretty well... came away with $69, I think.

While he was in the box he couldn't tell there was a $20 bill stuck against his chin most of the time.  When he got out, he donated 1/2 of it back to the Children's Hospital and I spent the rest.
What'd I buy?  A pair of vintage boots at a retro clothing store.  They are labeled Maud Frizon, made in Italy.  Maud was actually from Paris, I believe and I was thrilled to find them in my size!  Her stuff was quite expensive back in the day and she was very well known in the fashion world.  I love boots.  I have quite a few pair but can always find room for another.  Plus, and this is exciting, they ALMOST fit tight around my skinny calves!
Without bulky socks on, normally my legs look like toothpicks coming out of a boot top.  These fit like boots are supposed to, I think.  Plus, they're beautifully soft leather and well made.  A bit of saddle wax or polish and they'll be good to go!

And, I got this great Michigan t-shirt highlighting some of the great musicians (or not, depending on your perspective) that have come from our beautiful state.  Don't know what it says about Michigan artists when Alice Cooper is the first name listed.  

Stitching - did you think I'd NEVER get to it? 

I have not completed a lot on Susan Rambo but here is my little bit of progress:

 Part of the reason this is taking so long is the colors (and the fact that I worked on a stitcher's heart last week).  I've stitched then switched the colors which means lot of frogging has been going on.  I stitched the dark part of the squirrel once, hated it, frogged it, re-stitched it then stitched the tail, ears etc and hate it, so now I've got to frog that, too.  The original looks like a ghost squirrel and I'm okay with that, but the colors it was charted for I didn't like.  They didn't look like the original in my opinion, so I'm working on it.  That'll probably be my work this evening.  


When we moved Matt last Sunday, I started the Stitcher's Heart by LHN and I finish-finished it yesterday.  I have to tell you guys... I am beyond thrilled with how it came out.  You know I'm afraid to finish things, but this came together pretty well, I think.  I pretty much followed the directions.
Go figure!

Here's my backing fabric:

Feeling confident, I finished another little project too but I'll save that for another day.

I am going to have two other BIG projects going at the same time as Susan Rambo.
Susan Singleton from The Scarlet Letter:
I am going to be stitching her along with Deb and Sandra.  This is a huge project (by my standards) and we're going to break it up into a two year project, starting at the upper left corner.  Only problem is, my fabric has not yet arrived.  So, as soon as it does, I'll be ready to go with my floss, pattern and little floss tag I made.

My other new project is this:

photo borrowed from the Atelier-perdu Blog

The L'Atelier Perdu Stitch Me Club .....
The Patches of Life Sampler

As soon as I saw PATTY'S PROGRESS, I had to order the charts and quickly got part one and two.
Isn't Patty's progress beautiful?  The fabric for this one is on the same order as that for Susan Singleton.
I hope they get here soon!  I don't know how I'll handle 3 big WIPs at once but I'm going to give it a go.  

Usually, multiple projects make me crazy because as most of you know, I'm a one project at a time kind of gal.  

So we'll see what happens.  

Okay friends!  That's it for today, believe it or not.  I have some great estate sale finds to show you one of these days but I think I've babbled on long enough!

I hope you have a happy Labor Day and that you don't have to spend it laboring!

Be well,




Catherine said...

You are always such a busy girl!! Good luck to your son and his friends!
Great boots ~ you always manage to find the coolest things.
Love your stitches and your heart finish is just lovely. That squirrel scares me though.....

pj said...

Wow, Terri you are going to be busy with those BIG projects! I know you are a fast stitcher and will do your best on all 3. Good for you to branch out to more than one project at a time...

I love your LHN heart finish! That backing fabric is perfect.

Hope you share your estate sale treasures soon. pam in iowa

Deb said...

Great picture of the boys Terri. I was trying to see if I recognized any of them, but I guess they've grown too much! How cool that Rob caught that ball, and it doesn't surprise me that the congratulators were all a little drunk. Great boots and can't wait to see the finds that you picked up.

Susan looks wonderful and so does the heart. I hope the directions were easy because I've been dreading finishing mine. And Susanna - I haven't started it yet - too many things going on, but I can't wait. It should be fun!!

Barb said...

What a fun post, the boys, your husband(so funny), the cool boots, and then some lovely needlework!! It looks like you have some very ambitious projects in mind.

Cari said...

Oh my have been very busy and looks like you've had so much fun. Congratulations on your son heading out to college. His friends look like they're a lot of fun. Love the boots you snagged. Good job, they look great on you!

Your stitching, of course, is beautiful. I love Susan Rambo but I'm surprised about the colors. I would have thought she was brighter. Don't drive yourself crazy...

Hugs dear friend. I'm looking forward to enjoying all of your new starts.

Andrea said...

Your posts are always such a treat, I love it when you pop up in my reader :)
Congrats on getting Matt off. Looks like a happy bunch, it's great that he's with longtime friends.
You cracked me up about your Rob being full of so much trivia. I've always said the same exact same about Jeff. In fact, he posted this video on my FB a few weeks ago, and I said "wow, your mind is really frightenind and amazing, all at the same time" cause I NEVER would've remembered it if he hadn't shown it to me, lol!
Hey, you look wonderful in those boots! Or at least your legs do, great find! You always find the best stuff!
Love your stitching and love that squirrel....I think he looks perfect, but I know what it's like to not be happy, you gotta keep changin' it til you find what pleases your eye. Hopefully you'll hit on it soon so you won't have to kee[ frogging!
Good luck on having three BAPs at one time! I've sometimes had two, one for the sun room (day project) and one for the living room, which is the night project. I bet you can handle it with ease, you're very productive with your time.
Love you girl, have a great week!

Julie M said...

You are one ambitious woman Terri! That's a lot of big projects.

Love the picture of the "boys" and how neat is it that they have been friends for so long. I hope they continue to remain friends now that they are living together.

Great boots and they look like a perfect fit for you.

I really need to stitch that LHN heart and put it in the shop. Such a cute project but I don't think we've sold even one of the charts.

Gabi said...

Gosh, your new projects are SO tempting. Love love love both. Same to Susan of course. Looking forward how your rabbit will look. I'm sure you will do a fantastic job with your own conversion.
Love also your boots.
Your son and friends look like they have fallen in a honey pot of some sorts. Wishing him and his friends all the best in the new part of their life :)

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

well, I gotta tell ya Terri, those there boots look a tad safer than those pretty little red cpwm's and a tad warmer too. Bet cha couldn't carry Ice Tea in them! sorry. Glad to see you got the hooligans moved in and with any luck they will remember why they are there. Hmmmm. maybe they should pay the bill, bet that would be a good reminder????
Cheers to a wonderful September and all the come in the Autumnal season.

marly said...

Cute guys, cute boots! Love the heart's backing fabric and you did a great job. Susan is looking great regardless of squirrel color!

Laurie in Iowa said...

You have lots going on... loved the photo of your son and his friends. I think they'll have a great year at college.
Love all of your stitching projects. You always pick wonderful things to stitch. I have a feeling I'll be adding Susanna's sampler to my stash when I see your progress photos. Great sampler.

Giovanna said...

Yaaay, some lovely stitching there - congrats on the perfect little heart, and good luck changing the colours in SR. Your new projects are lovely too.

cucki said...

i love your LHn heart finish so much..
good luck to your son and his friends.
lots of love for you cucki xx

Debby said...

Lovely photo's ( as always)! Love to read about your adventures.

Greetings from Debby

Margaret said...

So much to talk about!! First off, I knew you'd be changing colors on Susan Rambo. lol! Didn't I say so? :D I know your colors will be so much prettier than what's charted. If I had an eye for color, I would have been switching too. I'm now drooling over Susan Singleton. I love her! Agh!

Glad your DS is settled at college with his friends! We are saying goodbye to my DS soon. :( Loved watching that video of your DH catching the money. lol! So much fun! And catching that baseball -- wow! lol about all the seriously drunk people congratulating him. :D

I know there was more to comment on, but I can't remember. Nice boots!

Chris said...

Fabulous update Terri! I can't believe that those guys are still together since kindergarten. How great, I hope he has a great school year.
Rob is a wildman. Catching fly balls and the money machine :) I love the fact that so many people congratulated him.
Sarah is looking wonderful. I need to move her up, but since you very conveniently add a link to the patches sampler, I bought that last night. I love the bee skep. I had seen part 2 stitched on one of the blogs and have been wanting this.
Well Have a great week and I am looking forward to your further adventures!
Great boots too.

Krista said...

Hi Terri, looks like you had such a fun time this weekend. I just love fireworks, love your pic. Congrats to your hubby on catching that ball... I am like you, I run for cover! LOL
Your Susan Rambo looks beautiful, I have that one on my list, I just love the flower border, such great colors. I also ordered up the L'Atelier Perdu club too after seeing the first part, it is very sweet. Enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

Super post, Terri! Best wishes being sent Matt's way! You and Rob have had some super adventures! Love your finished heart!

Enjoy the rest of the Labor Day holiday!


Anna van Schurman said...

I'm usually against ripping out, but I think you're right about that squirrel! Also love your (soon to be) new starts. (And welcome to the dark side of multiple projects!)

Mary said...

Terri, busy, busy, busy - as usual!
Loved seeing all the pics of the fun things you're up to.

The stitching progress and new stuff looks great!

Wanda said...

Wow! All three are so beautiful! I have just ordered the Patches of Life sampler...gorgeous boots, beautiful finish on the LHN heart, hope Matt is doing well and great catch for Rob! Love your updates, Wanda

Marsha said...

Those boots! So cool.

Love Susan Rambo.

SUSAN SINGLETON! I got Susan S. earlier this summer as a special treat for myself. She's so beautiful. Bright happy colors. May I tag along?

Sherry :o) said...

Love the boots...and wow, three projects at once. I do that all the time, but I know you don't. Your finish (the heart) is adorable - bring to show&share next weekend. And while you are packing your tote bag for the meeting - can you bring the french stitch along - I am definately interested and really would like to gaze at your's for a minute.

Your stitch along will be fun - bright colors!

How about those Tigers - the game last night is why I am catching up and posting today instead of last night.

Susan looks like you are making some progress - hopefully that pesky squirrel will just get done!

Patty C. said...

I hope you are enjoying your Patches Of Life Sampler - I still haven't received part two - I will be so excited when it gets here -

Until then I will have to just enjoy your progress :)

Keeper of the Crowes said...

Such a fun blog post, Terri!!! Love the boots and your current projects. You've got my stitching group buzzing about The Patches of Life sampler. I'm crazy about the Susan Singleton piece!!!
Your son, Matt's group of friends look like such a great group! I know he's going to have a wonderful experience.

samplerlover said...

Hi Terri, wow, you find some amazing things in your travels. Good luck to your Son and his friends starting College.
Love your heart finish. It is really lovely. I know what you mean about the squirrel. Susan Rambo is such a beautiful sampler. I really like this sampler, but haven't had a chance to do anymore on mine. Not used to having so many projects on the go at the same time. I currently have 5 not including Susan Singleton. Hope to post tomorrow about her. To much happening at the moment - Sandra.

Joy said...

I had to drop my son off a couple of weeks ago also...feels weird leaving them to grow into their next phase of life. Sigh... Great find on the boots!! I love the new projects and the colors on the current one. I saw that Stitch Me Club and am leaning toward getting it...Yikes! LOL Oh, the backing fabby on the LHN heart is just to perfect and you did great on the finish...go girl!

teresa said...

Thanks Terri ~ now I ordered the Stitch Me Club too! LOL

Katrina said...

What a fun post!!!! Best wishes to your son and his friends!!!!!

Love, love, love all your projects!!! I had never seen the SL sampler of the L'Atelier project, you are a bad influence ;-). And cute finishes.

Loraine said...

What a great couple of posts! So sorry I haven't commented on you last post...I've been gone this whole month! I hope you had a wonderful birthday! I love the sweet gifts, and the book from Julie is amazing. She is a thoughtful friend! That is a great idea.
Glad to see your son is settled at college. That is a big step, and I pray all will be well with him. Hopefully you will have more time for stitching and enjoying your evenings.
Love the Stitcher's Heart, and your sampler in progress! I also love the French SAL set that you ordered...I almost broke down and got it, after seeing yours, but I'm going to try and have some restraint, as stitching seems to be a wishful thought for me right now!
Have a lot of fun on your Scarlett Letter SAL too. That looks like a big one! I look forward to seeing your progress.
Congrats to Rob! He has been really lucky this week! It was fun to watch him try and catch that money. :0 I love the boots that you bought...of course you look fabulous in everything!
Have a wonderful week. Hugs to you dear friend.

Bertie said...

Lovely post Terri! Great to see the boys enjoying themselves, they look like trouble LOL.
Loved the stitching and the heart is fabulous! Have seen a few examples of the stitch me club and like it a lot:)

BrendaS said...

LOVE your LHN finish! Great new projects coming up -- can't wait to see how your progress. Remember something is better than nothing and stitching isn't a race!

Enjoy the process:)

Laura said...

Hi Terri!I love soooo much your LHN heart...simply GREAT! I MUST put it in my wish list!
As you, me too are a one project at a time, but there are so much beautiful thing all around that is impossible to resist!
Pathces of life is a great projet, very funny to stitch....looking for your progres.
Kisses from Italy


Jeanne said...

Love your LHN heart! Congrats to your DH on catching Miggy's baseball! We were at the game on Sunday, but not one foul ball came even close to our seats. They did win, though! My youngest son, lives in K'zoo and is a graduate of WMU. Hope you son has a great year.

Bonnie Brown said...

Hope your Hooligan... i mean son has a great time! ;)

Jonette said...

Love the boots! As usual your stitching is beautiful!

Karoline said...

Your boots are lovely & Susan is looking great.

Love your heart finish.

Sharon said...

Best wishes to your son for a fab year. Love those boots! Congrats on the LHN heart finish-looks great. I look forward to seeing your work on your samplers-especially Susan Singleton!

Siobhán said...

How fun! Best of luck to your son! My son is anxious to move to college and share a house with his buddies. I hope your son has great success!

Love your finish and your WIPs! I just love that Susan Rambo! I keep wanting to stitch it but my mojo is so weak that I'm afraid to get another thing started. I'll enjoy watching your progress on the Singleton sampler--that's such a pretty sampler!

valerie said...

How exciting that Rob caught that foul ball. I'd be like you. Running for cover! I can't catch anything to save my life and I'm all about saving my glasses...and my face. :) Love the new boots! Susan Rambo is coming along. Good luck managing the BAPs. I am having such a time making progress on my two. I've been stitching border for months! But then, I am barely stitching. lol

Jeanne said...

Fun post Terri. We were watching the Sox lose that game to Detroit cause we're Sox fans :). I always duck if I see a ball coming, my luck I'd get it in the face!

Your son looks like he's off to a fine start of partying..oh yeah..make that school LOL. 6 guys in one apt - oh boy!

I've picked up that lHN heart packet about 3 times now at the LNS and then put it back telling myself I shouldn't spend the money...darn it I'm just going to have to get it! I've been thinking about the L'Atelier Perdu sampler as well having seen it on a few blogs. So much to do!

Your boots are wonderful....never in my life have I had wonderful thin legs like you - be happy!

Brigitte said...

Wow, you really have three big projects on the go. Very unusual for you, isn't it? But they are all so beautiful, and two of them being a SAL will make it easy to follow.
Susan is coming along great. Curious to see the squirrel in the colours you've finally chosen.
So you have an empty nest now, too. All the best to your son, and to you, but I'm sure you know how to fill your time, lol.

Evelyne said...

The heart looks very beautiful!
I'm invited to join the SAL for The Susan Singleton by Gaby. I'm still waiting for my supplies and looking forward to start this sampler with the group.It's good that we stitch it together it over the two years.

Have an lovely week-end, Evelyne

flamingo said...

I just love Stitchers Heart by LHN have one my self:)