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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Snowy, Quiet and Pretty~

When the snow is falling, the whole world seems quiet, calm, peaceful and pretty.  
It's the quietness that I really love.  
It's beautiful.  It's  restful.  It's cozy.  
It's a welcome respite from the otherwise busy, confusing, hectic life that is mine.  
At least for a time.

Before all the aggravation/havoc trouble that snow creates, there is the calm.  
That's what I enjoy and I hope that you're able to enjoy it, too.
That and a cuppa hot chocolate with Bailey's.  Yummm!!!
The reality of the trouble snow causes is a whole other litany that I'll save for another day.  
For now... beauty, calm, a fire, hot cocoa and Van Morrison on the playlist.  
Ahhhh, yes....

Before we got too far past Christmas I just had to show you this fabulous punchneedle Santa that BFF Sheila made for me:

Isn't it wonderful?  I'm sure you'll recognize it as a Brenda Gervais design from With Thy Needle & Thread.  You can visit Branda's blog by clicking on her name and a link to her shop is in the sidebar.  The funny story about this is that Sheila called me one day and said "May I come over and borrow your sewing machine?"   Then she told me she was coming over to work on my Christmas present!  Luckily for her I was getting my hair cut that morning so I couldn't spy on her.  Sheila says she's not a crafter but I'd say she is!  Isn't he wonderful?  I couldn't be more tickled to add such a darling Santa to my collection.  I haven't been able to put him away just yet.  He's keeping me company in my craft room.

My other little finish I showed you previously but I decided to finish it as a little sewing box (at least temporarily).  I added a postcard from 1903 (postmarked) to the bottom of the box and then made a little scissor fob to go inside.  Elizabeth Talledo is going to make some other smalls to go with this design so I thought a box might be a cute place to keep them all (visit her blog by clicking on her name).  The fob I found at Hobby Lobby and it sort of reminded me of a hornbook.  I used the initials in the pattern to make it and am pleased with how it turned out.
You may find the pattern in the Just CrossStitch Jan/Feb 2014 issue.  There is going to be a year long series of hornbooks so better get on board!

This is my start on Snooty Parrots.  I am almost done with the January "assignment" and then I'll put it away until February.  I would love to keep on working but I also want to continue to stay with the group so I'll stop for now!  Please check us out on Facebook if you'd like to join in the fun!   Sampler World, Snooty Parrots SAL, 2014.

Isn't that needlebook sweet?  My friend Christina made it for me!  It's stitched over one and I am so enjoying using it while I stitch this fabulous sampler.
I am truly blessed with wonderful friends!

We are getting snow today.  It has been falling all day.  Nothing terribly heavy yet but we'll see what transpires the rest of the day/night.  

The snow is fun for Gracie.

Not so fun for Rob.

Thank you for all your comments on my last post!  
I appreciate them and they are the reason blogging is worthwhile.

Be well, be happy and thanks for stopping by my cold corner of the world!

Love & Peace,


Nana said...

I think the same about snow... it makes the world just wonderful. I also love embroidery but too bad, I am not really good in it.


Myra said...

Oh that hornbook piece looks great as a box. I love the little fob too. Yes, your Santa gift is wonderful. Enjoy your quiet, snowy Sunday. :o)

Sherry :o) said...

IT is pretty, I agree. I actually love snow! And cold! The only part I don't like, driving in it...because of the other drivers, mostly. I don't feel so bad for my husband and the snowblowing - he loves to play with the snowblower and has helped with several neighbors...

The weather certainly called for the Christmas hambone to be thawed and made into a nice pot of pea soup - bought some nice dark bread at the bakery.

Snuggeling in for Downton Abbey and stitching!

I love your box - so pretty. The colors are fabulous! See you next week?! Bring the box to show off, if you're coming to KSSG.

Vickie said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty! Gracie looks like she is having a lot of fun. =)
It is very frigid here on our side of the Lake too. ;)

Joanie said...

My Snooty Parrots is on deck for this evening. I shouldn't add another to the WIP pile but hey...why not live with abandon? HAHA.

Love the hornbook. I picked that issue up this weekend and there's a couple designs I liked.

Your punch needle is precious! What a great gift from a great friend.

And I hate snow.

Lucy May said...

Wonderful kind of day to stitch!

Robin in Virginia said...

Love how you finished your hornbook piece, Terri! It looks like it was meant to be. What a cute Santa you received from your friend.

Enjoy your snow and when you are finished with it, please send it my way!

Robin in Virginia

Carole said...

Your Santa is absolutely adorable! I vote for leaving him out all year to remind you he'll be back before you know it...and a reminder of what a sweet friend your friend is (not that you need a reminder)......your hornbook et al is

Miss Pants said...

What a great start on Snooty Parrots. Looks like a fun SAL. Stay warm!

Three Sheep Studio said...

The santa punchneedle is fabulous !
What a great friend.
Love the finish on the red alphabet.;)

Prims By The Water said...

It's so nice to have friends who give you presents that you just love! Santa is lovely. I want to stitch up that sampler but cannot find the magazine yet. It looks awesome on top of your box. We have an ice jam in the river and the Coast Guard has been cutting the freighters through. Not good as this should be happening with the March thaw. Everyone is worried now about flooding when it does warm up. I agree with you about the very pretty falling down, but not when you have to drive in it. Stay warm, Janice

Tina said...

Love your Santa!
Your box is pretty too and as for Snooty,love how it's coming on.
We'll and as for the snow you can keep it,England comes to a standstill with just one inch lol x

Anna van Schurman said...

I'm going to have to pick up some hot chocolate (and quite possibly Bailey's too) before the Arctic cold blows in! Looooooooooooooooooooove your punchneedle Santa. And you are right and she's wrong--she's crafty!

Margaret said...

Love how the hornbook came out! So pretty! Love your Snooty Parrots so far too! I really need to kit that up. What threads are you using? Love that Santa Sheila made for you too!

Cari said...

Love your sweet Santa….he's way too cute. I love to punch needle and don't remember seeing him. I'm going to pop on over to Brenda's site. Of course I love all the stitching YOU do!! I've started on my Snooty but not enough to show off. Soon enough !! Stay warm my dear friend. It's warm here today in Florida but I hear the cold is on it's way to us too!

P.J. said...

I like the way you finished your little box. The punch needle star Santa is adorable! I can see why you want to keep him out a little longer. Very sweet gift. You are just stitching along on your SAL, I look forward to seeing everyone's progress. I will watch from the wings for now. :) super cute needle book!

I love it when it snows, for all the reasons you listed. I still get giddy like a little kid when I see the snowflakes start to fall. Stay cozy.

Annie said...

Super cute little punch needle piece. I'm sure you will treasure that one. Love the hornbook finish as a boxtop. Gives me a possible idea for something I'm stitching now. And constant parrot temptation!

Hope you stay warm and safe in this record setting winter!

Jackie's Stitches said...

Your box finish is gorgeous!

I can't believe you're done (almost) with Snooty Parrot! It looks good!

We're going to have a couple of really cold days in the next 2 days. Since I'm in Florida, nothing like what you have to deal with.

Penny said...

I agree with your thoughts about snow - especially when I don't have to go out in it. :) Love that Santa! And your sewing box is so pretty! You've made a nice start on Snooty Parrots too! Oh, and I want Gracie - she is so darned cute! :)

Barb said...

You have so many great things in your post today including the pictures of Rob and Gracie!

Melissa said...

That's a lot of snow! Your little dog is so cute!

The gift from your BFF is really cute and I like how you did the finishing on yours.

aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

Love the box Terri!! I have been working on my snooty parrots today... I need to look for the JCS Jan/feb issue.

Chris said...

That Santa is fabulous! Great start on SP. This is such a pretty sampler.
I love the quiet of snow. It is wonderful if you don't have to drive anywhere.
Have a great week!

Brigitte said...

This will be the first winter that I can agree with you on the beauty and qietness of freshly fallen snow - my first winter as a retired person, so I needn't go out into the snow if I don't want to, lol. But it's easily said at the moment because we are having spring-like temperatures and all the snow from November has long melted.

Terri, your little box is so sweet, I just love it. A wonderful creative finishing idea. I'm looking forward to seeing what Elizabeth Talledo adds to this series.

Shirlee said...

I love what you wrote about the snow : ) I love it for those very reasons. It always makes me smile. Fat, fluffy flakes of Prozac, I say : ) Your gift from your friend is fabulous ... she's quite talented! I really like your stitches as well : )

marly said...

I like peace. I hate snow. And I love that Santa! She did a perfect finishing job.

barbara said...

Baileys! That's what I'm missing!! ;)

LOVELY stitching and finishing. I particularly like the box top. :)

Charlene ♥ NC said...

Love your little Santa, and am a firm believer that you can enjoy his company for the entire year if you wish! I'm going home to pull that Jan/Feb issue to see if I need to resubscribe. Your finish is excellent - and I prefer the darker ric-rack. That little mustard jar is so sweet! It reminds me of an old set of yellow glass ?ashtrays? I have with handles. Stay warm!!

woolwoman said...

the Santa punch needle is adorable Terri. Love your little box finish too. I better get that needle moving on Snooty - so many people are already finished with the January assignment. Stay warm my friend - Mel

Unknown said...

I love to look at the snow, but so glad it only comes to Virginia occassionally :-) So excited about our Snooty Parrot SAl, still waiting on my pattern to arrive!

Andrea said...

Your Santa is just wonderful! Congratulations on your finishes.

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Sonda said...

That Santa is adorable! What a nice gift! I like your box and fob.

Doreen Frost said...

I feel the VERY same way about SNOW ~ OH how I LOVE it :)

Beautiful finishes. Wishing you a cozy and joy filled day. doreen

Giovanna said...

Keep safe in the snow - stitching, music and a hot drink are the perfect combination :-) Lovely finishes, and great start on the parrots. Have a good weekend.

Catherine said...

Your thoughts on snow are spot on! Love all of your goodies and projects!

Karoline said...

I'm with you on the snow, it's great as long as I don't have to go anywhere.

Lovely finishing on the hornbook piece and a great start on Snooty Parrots

Sally said...

I love snow and love what you wrote about it. Unfortunately I haven't seen a single flake as yet this winter :(

Love your hornbook box finish. Looking forward to getting my JCS through as I'd love to stitch that.

Marie said...

What a great friend to make you that punch needle Santa, she did a great job.

I took a class with Elizabeth, she is wonderful. Lovely box finish.

Yet another blogger participating in the Snooty Parrots SAL...makes me want to join in! I look forward to your porgress.

Loraine said...

Oh what a wonderful post! I am sorry to just be finally commenting. I have trouble with comments on my phone for some reason, so hence my delay! Computer sitting does not happen much anymore.
I love your little punchneedle star. That is adorable!
Snooty Parrots is coming along as well, and is such a pretty sampler. I really wanted to join you on the SAL. I just didn't get my supplies together in time. Life! Perhaps later in the year I will start it.
Have a great day! Hugs to you dear friend!

Kellie said...

Great Santa and I love Snooty Parrots. I have requested to join the FB group a couple of times. Do you know if they are no longer accepting participants?

Evi said...

hot chocolate and Bailey's sounds really good right now, since it feels like Siberia here. Bless your heart for loving the snow.
I am thoroughly sick of it!!!!
Loved the little Santa and all the wonderful needlework.
Thank you for stopping by my blog.
Warm greetings,

RG said...

Best stitching I have seen ever.

KrissKross said...

I love your blog and seem to want to stitch everything you post! LOL At this rate, I will be a very busy person for the rest of my life! I am going to attempt the Adam and Eve sampler you did in 2012 with your color changes. It is lovely! Thanks for sharing your creativity with the cyber-world!