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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Colonial Gatherings & Sovine Palphryeman & Snow (not necessarily in that order)

Dear friends

     I should delete my previous post about how peaceful and beautiful and calming the snow is when it's falling.  

Blah blah blahbitty blah!  

That love affair is over.  
I was only kidding myself. 

Snow is deceptive.  It says to you, I'm soft and gentle and I'll make everything beautiful and sparkly (just the way I like things).  
And sure, it does all that for a little while but after that initial, gently falling snow, 
It's keeps piling on and then it turns brown and gritty and nasty and your feet are cold and fingers are numb. 
I'm not even sure I like the stuff even a little bit, anymore.   
Oh, I know... come next year and the first snowfall, I'll love it again.  
I'll feel all cozy and sentimental about it.  It'll snow, I'll blaze a fire and drink hot chocolate (with Bailey's of course) and think about children laughing and playing and sledding and building snow angels.  
I'll love it all over again.  
But for this moment and this season,
I hate it.  I'm sick of it.  I want it to STOP!
I know, we're all sick of looking at, talking about and thinking about this stuff but 
I couldn't help myself.
Moving on...

 It has been eons since I've had a significant finish and although this pattern may seem like child's play to many, it was anything but for me.  
I made quite a few changes to Miss Palphreyman.
Some, like making her dress red were planned. others were not.
The biggest unplanned change was to add a row and a half to the bottom of the tree trunk on the right.  I started stitching the tree before I had the grass, dogs or house in and I started from the base and worked up but I started a row and a half too high!  Grrrrr.
I wasn't about to frog all that so the only thing I could make work was to add a row and a half of compensating stitches to the bottom.
Why in the world I didn't stitch the first row of grass all the way across is beyond me.  
That's my signature at the very bottom which will not be visible when it's framed.

 Sovine's dress, once with a big, brown band, is now all red.
The pattern narrative said they thought her dress had been all red originally and that maybe she had used a different dye lot of thread for the section that had faded to a warm brown. 

I used about 4 different shades of green for the grass because I ran out of my initial color.  I just filled in here and there with one of the greens I had on hand.  I think it turned out fine.

 There once was a bird where Gracie now stands (black dog), Sophie is white.
The biggest change I made was to the verse.  
The one Sovine chose to stitch was a bit too morbid for my taste.  
It originally read:

If I inquire of those around
Wear (that's how Sovine spelled it) my dear father may be found
I am answered thus he's in the ground
 a lifeless lump of clay.

Believe me, I sort of hated to do it but I just couldn't imagine walking past this sampler one day, many, many years from now and think of my dad.
So, I edited dear Sovine's poem to something a little more genteel and easier on my vivid imagination.

If I inquire of those around
Wear my dear father may be found
I am answered thus he's in heaven above
Looking down on me with love.

My favorite part of this sampler is how the roses turned out.
Using an overdyed thread gives them more dimension and they don't look so flat.  

Sadly this chart is no longer in print but you can find her on ebay once in a while.

I've posted my conversion at the bottom of this post, if interested.  

My other recent finish is  the Colonial Candle Pocket from the Colonial Gatherings Club.  I joined the club from Dyeing to Stitch because two of my favorite designers were doing the offerings.  Paulette from Plum Street Samplers and Tanya from The Scarlett House.  I have been reluctant to join these clubs in the past because I'm not a very confident sewer/finisher.  I am impatient, I get distracted easily and well, I feel like I'm all thumbs, much of the time.  I definitely did not inherit my mom's wonderful talent.  But, I decided these smaller offerings might be just what I needed to practice. This is the first offering from the club and I'm delighted to say I'm thrilled with how it turned out. 
The pattern did not call for a lining but I even managed to do that.  
What do ya'll think?  

                              Well worn, vintage buttons and tiny toile lining

 This bicentennial thimble will be among the treasures tucked inside this colonial pocket.  

My Year long stitch-a-long is coming along nicely.  I adore this pattern (Snooty Parrots by Barbara Ana) and it is very hard to put it down once you start working on it.  But, I want it to last the year through so I'm showing some restraint and stopping when I'm done with the months "assignment".

The only change I've made to this so far is to add a cross stitch to the top of the berries under the alphabet so they wouldn't look like their heads had been lopped off. 
The colors are soft and pretty but get quite a bit more vibrant as we move down the sampler.  I just love those feminine pinks, soft greens and velvety reds.   
If the design alone hadn't gotten me, the color palette would have.

And finally, here's a little estate sale treasure:
If found this sweet pincushion amongst a pile of scrap fabrics.  I still need to try and clean the red pincushion but don't want to pull out all the pins.  It looks like it was well used and loved over the years.

The little tape measure on the side is still in perfect, working order.

That's it for now, friends.   I thank you so much for all your comments.  You're all so generous with your time, talents and notes and I so appreciate it.  Even if I don't get back to you, please know that I am grateful for every note left.  In fact, just today I realized I had about 5 or so messages that I hadn't responded to and I will try and get back to you all today!  In the meantime, be well.

Love & Peace,

Sovine Palphreyman Thread conversion:
Stitched on 35 count WDW Straw
Called for fibers:            Used Fibers:
NPI 986                          NPI 187
NPI 992                          WDW Baby Breath
NPI 563                          CC Blacksmith Blue
NPI 144                           WDW Red Pear
NPI149                            WDW Cayenne
NPI 565                          NPI 926
NPI 665                          No Change
NPI 646                          NPI 298
NPI 971                           No Change
NPI 402                         NPI 403
NPI 142                          Soie Cristale #2006
NPI 515                           WDW Monkey Grass
NPI 512                          NPI grey green
NPI 302                          GAST Picnic Basket
The tree leaves I stitched in CC Poblano Pepper
deer fill in = DMC 842
Deer antlers = DMC 841
Dog collars = Soie Cristale #2206
End of changes.


Giovanna said...

What beautiful finishes, congratulations. I'm enchanted by how you handled the grass in the sampler - very effective and creative. And yes, snow is definitely evil :-)

Margaret said...

Oh my gosh, that little pincushion/tape measure is adorable! Love your Sovine finish -- gorgeous! Love Snooty Parrots and your Colonial Pocket finish too! As for the snow -- I totally agree. Big time.

Barb said...

The Sovine sampler is just beautiful and I do love the way you finished the Colonial Pocket. It looks great. I can't believe the horrid weather much of this country has been having. We are pretty much spared here in the Pacific NW. For all of you, I hope spring is early this yer.

llknbillburg said...

All so lovely! I am stitching the SAL too and my change was the berries in the outer border. Someone else had shown them stitched in Diamond Rhodes stitch and I ripped all of mine out and did them over like that! Laura

Prims By The Water said...

I always enjoy drooling over your fantastic work..and today is no different. Snow..what snow? LOL I pretend now it is gone. Janice

Annie said...

Your sampler finish is so beautiful. Those old-timey girls sure knew how to tell it like it is, but I like your wording much better.

The parrots are coming along nicely
too. You did a great job on that pocket.. I don't think you need to worry about finishing skills!

That sewing machine is just too adorable. What a treasure!

You are using your indoor time wisely with all that snow!

Robin in Virginia said...

Congratulations on your finishes, Terri! I would be happy to take the snow off your hands. Please send it my way!

Stay warm!

Robin in Virginia

Chris said...

Ooh Terri! Sophie is gorgeous. The changes that you have made are great! You always do such wonderful conversions, that is a real talent.
Sweet pincushion find. Your PSs Colonial Gathering finish!! I need to get mine stitched.
Spring will just be more magical this year after this fierce winter.
Have a great weekend!!

Three Sheep Studio said...

What beautiful work you do Terri !
I love what you wrote about your love of snow...all so true ;)

Three Sheep Studio said...

What beautiful work you do Terri !
I love what you wrote about your love of snow...all so true ;)

Shirlee said...

What an enjoyable post! I do not share your views on snow at the moment though : ) Your projects are all looking great. I love how you changed the poem. You did a great job finishing the candle pocket! I really appreciate you posting your thread conversion list. I am not planning to stitch that project but so many times someone posts a finish & you want your finish to look just like theirs, & you ask "what threads did you substitute?" & they say "I don't know ... I didn't write it down." Kudos to you : )

Vickie said...

Oh my Sovine is gorgeous! I like your verse so much better! The roses and grass are great.
I hear ya on the snow. It is going to be here for a loooooooooong time yet.

dixiesamplar said...

Everything looks so lovely! And Snooty Parrots is coming along so those colors.

Marsha said...

I'm almost sick of the snow but, I don't live in MI either. I love all the changes you made on Sovine. No one would ever know. Snooty Parrots is great and you did a great job on the pouch. I especially like the tiny toille print. I've never seen it before.

Melissa said...

Terri, congratulations on the Sovine sampler. I've never seen it before but maybe I hadn't noticed it because of the brown dress but now I see it because of the red dress! Nice change!

That pincushion is just darling and the Colonial pocket is perfect!

Keep warm.

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Way to go girlfriend! Looks wonderful. I'm with you, I could use some nicer weather. I'm so over this winter already. Have a splendid weekend! Hugs

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Your sweet sampler is beautifully done! I like your verse better! :)
And I love, love your colonial bag. You did a perfect, beautiful job!
Yeah, I'm a little over snow I look out over 8+ inches and more on the way.....

woolwoman said...

Great post Terri ! Solvine is soooo beautiful - Love the changes you made to the verse. You are so adventurous with changing colors. I still remember your beautiful Elizath Savilles. Love your little vintage pocket - so cute, glad you decided to participate and stretch your boundaries. Wish I could have but I opted for the FOLD by SB and you just can't do everything (or can you???) We've had a pretty cold winter down here in the deep south - of course nothing like all the snow and ice you have up north. Your Snooty progress is so pretty, I'm not even done with January yet but I am still working on it which is promising - with warm and wooley-thoughts for you - have a great weekend - Mel

Karen said...

Beautiful finishes! Great job on the pocket finishing... you have more nerve than me.

happy stitching....

Jackie's Stitches said...

I'm sure that is the prettiest large expanse of grass I've ever seen! I know you didn't have enough of the original thread but I can't imagine it being more perfect!

The pincushion is just wonderful. I can see why you don't want to remove the pins.

Andrea said...

Love your finishes. Your Colonial Pocket is just beautiful. A treasured find too in the small sewing machine pincushion/tape measure. So sweet.

Linda said...

Hi Terrie
Huh! I wondered if you were serious when I read the previous post about snow!! I have nothing to say, since I don't have to deal with it. So, just hope the groundhog was wrong.
Your club project is lovely. I like it very much. the sampler is gorgeous.

Sherry said...

Love your finishes. I think I like your verse much better. It doesn't make me cringe. The grass is lovely! We had a little snow a few weeks ago but now they are calling for a Winter storm for us this week. Ugh. I thought we had missed it all.

Carol said...

A lovely, lovely finish, Terri--and what perfect changes. I, too, can't imagine reading that verse as it was originally written, day after day. I like yours so much better...

I'm with you on the snow--how much more can we take. It's snowing all day here again and our temps aren't getting above freezing all week :( We better end up with super summer weather to make up for all of this!!

Petites xxx et Cie said...

Beautiful post! Lovely finishes...

Sarah Beth said...

Love your finishes. The bag is especially cute. Was it hard to make? Also I love your pinchusion
Really cute

valerie said...

Congrats on your Sovine finish! She is spectacular! Great start on the Parrots sampler and great job on your pocket finish! Love that sweet sewing machine pincushion...that was an incredible find. I hope you warm up soon. All I read about is snow and ice.

Charlene ♥ NC said...

Nice to see a post from you and see your lovely finishes and WIPs. I've been tempted by the Dying to Stitch club, too. Hope spring comes quickly to your area. We've had snow and ice two weeks ago and again today and tomorrow! Stitching days for me... Be well and stay warm!

Simply Victoria said...

Perfect rewording for your sampler!

Loraine said...

Hi Sweet Teri. What a fabulous finish! I love how great that red dress is! Your conversion is perfect.
Also you did an amazing job on your pocket finish! I love the lining, that is a great addition.
I hope you will be warming up soon. It's been nice here. We have snow and rain, but it's warmer than normal. I've been able to get out and run a few times this week, and I miss it so.
I love the Snooty Parrot too. I am going to kick myself for not joining you! It's fun to see your progress.
Have a wonderful day and hugs to you!

Karoline said...

Congratulations, Sovine and the colonial pocket are gorgeous. Great progress on your Parrot's, it's looking lovely.

Your new pincushion is just too cute

Brigitte said...

Lol, for me it doesn't matter if the snow is white or brown or grey, I just don't like it, not even for a single day, lol. But I can understand you that you love the picture of fresh falling snow on the ground and trees and roofs. It has something magic.

Wow, you finsihed two wonderful projects. And the colour changes you made on Sovine look gorgeous. I really love the grass you used different greens for. And your new project is just as beautiful. Enjoy it.

Mylene said...

Such lovely finishes, Terri. and your WIP's is coming along beautifully!

Wanda said...

I just couldn't help but laugh at your 'snow' section! For those of us who get snow and cold, it's more than enough already!
Miss Palphreyman is stunning! I love the verse that you substituted. Your finish on your colonial pocket is beautiful.
I was so tickled by your sewing machine pin custion/tape measure - what a little treasure!
I was so thrilled that you were able to blog again Terri. Your posts are fabulous and your blog is outstanding but mostly I am so happy for you that your life has settled a bit.
Happy Stitching! Wanda

Sharon said...

Gorgeous finishes Terri! You always make the best changes in your stitching.