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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Treasures Found

I don't always find treasures
But when I do, YAHOO!

One of my favorite places to hit estate sales is in Grosse Pointe, MI.
There are old money folks, or the swells as some might call them,
and there are the nouveau riche and there are the waves (somewhere between the swells and the not so swells) all living in this beautiful community.  
Sometimes we go to the estate sales  just to see the homes.
You know nothing is going to be a bargain, or even affordable 
but it's worth going to see an estate you'd otherwise never get to see.  
At least, I'd never get to see it since that's not typically the crowd I socialize with.

Perhaps you would get to see them.
I shouldn't have lumped us all together.

Anyway, this is a home that was built in 1927 for the founder of Pewabic pottery, Mary Chase Perry Stratton, by her architect husband.  It is located at 938 Three Mile Road in Grosse Pointe.  
The estate sale was ridiculous but Sheila and I went just to see the house.  
There was tile everywhere - even on the ceilings.  
Here are a few pics….

Pewabic address tiles, a Pewabic porch light with the address,
a secret garden gate just to the left of the main house.

The radiator grate cover and a view to the front entry area from just inside the front door.
A Pewabic tiled ceiling and tiled stairs.

The outdoor details were just as beautiful.

This house was huge inside and had a very deep backyard.  A lot of the house was blocked off so we couldn't see the entire thing but it was a fun tour.

I was much luckier at another sale, at a more modest home in Grosse Pointe!
The woman that lived in this house was a lover of books, baskets and Shaker boxes.
I bought a couple of boxes the first day and Sheila and I were third in line on Saturday morning to take advantage of the 1/2 off sale!

Get ready…

There are lots of pictures.

A lovely, hanging candle stand with the glass globe and candle holder (and mostly burnt candle).

Shaker boxes, Shaker napkin rings and Shaker candle lids with heavy glass.

Look at the teeny, tiny divided Shaker box.  It's holding a dime.
How about the tiny one with the lighthouse on it?
And the black one that says Chocolate on it!  Swoon…..

How sweet is this little strainer?

How about these cute baskets?
Love the tin pin box.

I thought the napkin rings might make pretty pin balls.
The square box is just calling out to have something pretty put on its top.
The pin box speaks for itself!

This looks like a puzzle purchased in a museum but I thought

the cute puzzle pieces might make fun thread winders or floss tags.
What do you think?

I've already started rearranging my samplers so that my mom and dad can put things 
in their spaces that will be meaningful to them.  
As you can see, I didn't waste any time getting my new treasures on the wall and on the mantle!

I found this sweet carpenters trunk in the basement.  It's had some new hardware put on it
but for the price, I couldn't leave it.

How about these sweet tins?  There are about 8-10 in each stack.
Pin cushions, maybe?
Clutter?  For sure!

At another estate sale, also in GP, I found four of these pretty Hancock chairs for $25 a piece.  
They look great with the four I found last year and look pretty around my table, 
alternating the two, slightly different styles.
Seems like there may have been a few other things but for now, I can't remember what
they might be so I will close for this week.

I am off to Florida on Wednesday to spend about a week with my folks.
I'll try to give my dad a break and will help organize things for the big move.
Wish us all luck.

We had a very busy weekend…
A Donate for Life fund raiser on Friday which was a lot of fun and quite elegant.
Last night we went to Ann Arbor (A2) for a Chieftan's concert and a 
wonderful dinner prior to the show.
Have you ever heard the Chieftan's?
Fantastic traditional Irish musicians, they've been together 
(at least the part of the group that still remain) since
either 1962 or '63.
Great show!!!

Last weekend was The Who.
Tonight is the final show of DOWNTON ABBEY.
So sad to see this series end….

Thank you so very much for all the comments on my last post!
Each and every one makes me glad I hopped back into blogging.
Without you, it wouldn't be much fun!
Thank you!

Be well,


Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Score for you! Great finds

Glenna said...

What great finds. *Whining*: I never find aaaaanything but crap at estate sales, auctions, flea markets, etc. This may just motivate me to try again.

deb said...

You saw the Chieftans? You like Irish music? Ah, no wonder I enjoy visiting your blog. ;)

Great finds at the estate sales!

Robin in Virginia said...

What fabulous finds especially the lot of Shaker items, Terri! Have a safe trip to Florida! Thinking of you!

marly said...

Wow girl. You hit the Shaker jackpot! Nice chairs too. Have a safe trip to and from your parents.

Patti said...

Wow! What incredible estate sales! I'm so jealous! I adore shaker and hyperventilated at the photos :)
Blessings. Patti

Anna Zont said...

WOW! It is very interesting!
Thank you very much!

Maggie said...

What a great treasure trove you found! - Love your sampler wall :-)

Julian Fellows has a new 3 part drama, Dr Throne, it started last night but i didn't get to watch it as Mark was already into watching something else at 9pm. I will get it on catch-up tonight. I loved Downton but felt it had run it's course towards the end.

Have a safe trip to Florida.

Marilyn said...

What a great house, and great Shaker treasures.
Glad you got to bring some home. :)
Love those baskets!
Have a safe trip.

Christel said...

De beaux trésors... Plein de nostalgie... Je ne trouve pas grand chose sur les marchés aux puces mais cela me redonne de l'espoir lorsque je vois tout ce que avez trouvé.

Annie said...

Just a ton of fascinating treasures! Love those boxes and tins especially, but all your finds are special and unusual. I would never have thought about making floss tags out of the puzzle.

Shed my share of tears while watching the Downton finale. A satisfying ending to a great series.

Travel safe and hope things go well in FL.

Vickie said...

WoW! Good for you. What an awesome, awesome home that one is!!!
I hope you accomplish much down in Florida.

Ranae said...

Awesome stuff, Great finds, thanks for sharing

Angela said...

Treasures indeed!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Oh Teri, you always have the best adventures and find the best treasures! Didn't you just love last night's Downton?! I'm so sad it's over but what a great way to wrap it up. I'm going to miss those folks. Good luck on Wednesday!

Prims By The Water said...

You scored big time for sure! Have fun in Florida! Janice

Anonymous said...

Terri, love all your fantastic finds, but, my very favorites are the chairs and the puzzle. I think the puzzle pieces will make adorable thread winders, and what a neat and clever idea for the use of them. Enjoy your trip to Florida and hope the weather is pretty while you're there.


Wanda said...

Oh Terri, what great treasures! I'm excited for you. It is such a high to find a deal(s)! I love your idea for threadwinders/floss tags and your sampler wall makes me drool. Enjoy your week in Florida. Thinking of you as you help prepare your folks for their move to your place.

Margaret said...

OK, this was quite the treat for the eyes! So many beautiful things to drool over! I love what you brought home. Sigh. Hope your trip to Florida goes well and the big move goes well too. I'll be thinking of you all.

Barb said...

I would say you hit the jack-pot. What a collection of marvelous things!!!! Plus they all look wonderful in your home. I hope all goes well for you in Florida. I'm sure your parents both appreciate your visit.

laceystitcher said...

I love all of the goodies that you were fortunate to buy; I especially love the four chairs - they are beautiful. What fun! Good luck with all your preparations to get your parents moved. I would imagine that all of you will be glad when you are through doing that; it is a lot of work to move. Have a good week.

Desiree Ehleiter said...

Wow, those were great finds! I love your idea of going to the estate sales even if you don't think you'll be able to afford anything, but you'll be able to see the house. Have to think about that. I have to admit sometimes we stop into an open house just to see the house. We are happy in our home and have no intention of moving, but if we drive past a house that looks interesting... I've actually gotten some decorating ideas this way :-)

Good luck with your parents' move.

Brigitte said...

All these Shaker accessories that you found at the second estate sale are just gorgeous. Wonderful finds.

Marie said...

Wow, you certainly fell upon some amazing treasures. Those shaker boxes are gorgeous! I always keep an eye out for them but they are often way to expensive. How does one sell such gorgeous chairs for a $25.00 each? AND why do I not find this stuff at local sales? :-)

I hope that everything goes well for you with your parent's move. That is a lot of work!

Angela said...

Lovely treasures!

Eileen said...

Those baskets are by Eric Taylor - Someone either took a class of his at Association of Michigan Basketmakers convention or purchased them from him. I know there are a few gals who live in GP who do attend the convention. Did you get any of the baskets? I have a few of his baskets. What treasures you found!

Eileen said...
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