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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Today's the Day

It was 18 years ago today that I woke up at 3AM and told Rob that I thought I was in labor. Granted, he was sound asleep but his reply, which may not surprise you was, "Can we sleep a couple more hours? What??? No - get up!" So, after a few harried moments, because we really weren't ready because this blessed event wasn't supposed to happen for 3 more weeks, we were off to the hospital. My doctor came into the room around 8:30 AM and I'll never forget Rob's expression 'cause my doctor had a long leather coat on with his hair pulled back in a long ponytail. Not exactly what Rob was expecting - I loved him, though! He said, "I'll be back late this evening - you've got a long day ahead of you." An hour and a half later, the nurses were scrambling to get him back to the hospital because this kid wanted out NOW! Matthew was born at 11AM on this day, 18 years ago. He was the most beautiful baby and it was the most wonderful Mother's Day imaginable. Matthew was in a hurry to get out that day and he's been in a hurry ever since! He is one on-the-go kid and he has kept us busy! This child of mine has brought me so much joy, laughter, and fun - along with the worry and frustration of a growing teenager but I wouldn't trade a moment. Matt is a wonderful, caring and generous kid and I love him so!

This is Matt:

This is Matt with his date, Katie, last night for Prom:

GNO was last night in Holly and Deb, Julie and I all met there. We did some shopping - no major damage but here are a few of the goodies I got:
Crossroads Candles were on sale and they are the best smelling candles and they burn completely - love 'em!

I found this cute little crow at Dawn's shop and just love him:

Also got this tissue box at Dawns shop - I'm going to paint over the wording (sorry, Dawn) but I love it - it will hang on the wall in the bathroom.

Got this brass shoe shine thingy at a silent auction for $14. No idea what I'll do with it but I thought it was interesting:

Got this little box at Dawn's shope as well - isn't it cute?

And finally, this quilt - I got this for $28! Can you believe it? I love it, it's really soft, pretty old although how old, I have no idea and it's in relatively good shape. For $28 I couldn't pass it up:

That's about it for today - started stitching on the Primitive Needle's ABC Hornbook and much to my horror, realized I had stitched the entire first line of the poem in the wrong color. AGH! I wasn't crazy about the color and Lisa must not have loved it either 'cause the one she intended is much better. So.... a froggin' I will go!
Have a great rest of the day. We'll be partying for Matt's b-day tonight.



Melissa said...

Well, a double celebration - Happy Birthday Matt and Happy Mother's Day Terri! Your story of his birth sounds familiar - doctor thought baby would be awhile but baby just wanted out! Same with mine! And how time has flown. Enjoy your celebrations!

Jan said...

Matthew is certainly a most handsome boy!! Congrats and happy birthday to him!

I love all of your new goodies...sorry to hear about the start on ABC Hornbook though, but know it will be a beauty when done!

Happy Mother's Day, dear Terri!

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Happy Birthday to Matt! What a wonderful Mother's Day present. It was so good to see all of you last night, hope you had fun. You'll have to come when it's not quite so busy and we can have some time to visit. Thanks for coming though, Dawn

Tanya said...

Happy Birthday to Matt! Matt & his date make a very attractive couple.

I like your new purchases. The quilt for $28, what a deal.

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Tammy said...

Well happy b-day to your boy! What a handsome guy he is! Mine is about to turn 13, and I'm boggling at that, much less 18!!! YIKES! Sweet purchases you got--love the pics!

Cyn said...

Hi Terri,

Loved the story about your son Matt. DD was born 18 years ago this June so we'll be celebrating her 18th birthday soon! Seems like it happened yesterday!

And yes, I can relate about deliveries. DD was born in 6 hours and was 17 days early. DS was born in 2 1/2 hours and was 5 days early. LOL!

Windy Meadow

Glenna said...

Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday, Matt! What a darling he looks like, and very handsome. Too funny about leather-coat-and-ponytail Dr.--hah!

BronnyB said...

Happy Birthday Matt.
Just found your blog Terri! You sound like you live your life to the full and have a hoot-full of fun along the way. Thank's for introducing me into your part of the world

Diane (di) said...

What a handsome guy. Happy Birthday Matt and Happy Mothers Day to you Terri! You found some beautiful things in Holly and I really like that quilt (and for $28)!!?!? Love it.

Siobhán said...

Happy birthday to Matt! What a good looking guy--and his prom date--wow! I wish him many more happy birthdays and a year filled with growth, health & fun!

Love all your new goodies! Especially the crow--that is too cute.

I messed up on the first line of the ABC Hornbook, too; lined it up under the wrong motif at the top & went to town stitching, till I realized that Lisa must have been crazy to have left such a big space. It never occurs to me that *I* am the one who messed up when I first discover these things!! LOL Now that it's sorted it'll be smooth sailing and a whole lot of fun to stitch.

Have some birthday cake for me!

Cari said...

Happy Mother's Day Terri!! Your son Matt is very good looking! Good Job Mom!!

Loved your GNO buys. Have a great day!!

Kim said...

Great deal on the quilt! And what a fine young man Matt is! Wow! His date's dress is fabulous......gone, apparently, are the days of Gunny Sack dresses!!! LOL Happy mother's day!

Love to Stitch said...

Wow, you find the greatest things!! Your son and his date look very nice for Prom- boy has the styles changed!! Happy Mothers Day!

MyLifesAStitch said...

What a wonderful mother's day gift! He's a handsome young man... here's to many more years of wonderful celebrations with your son! LOVE the quilt! Happy mother's day!!

doris said...

Such an exciting birthday! Cograts to Matt on 18 trips around the sun. What a nice-looking couple he and Katie make.

Anonymous said...

Many belated happy returns to your handsome boy!

woolwoman said...

funny thing Terri - when I have a big goof up like that - I just turn the canvas around and start over LOL - I am soooo lazy about picking out stitches - I figure more than likely I can cut that part off then the design is finished - plus I don't want to keep reminding myself how stupid I was as I pick out those incorrect stitches -

your baby boy is a cutie - wow his date looks like a hollywood star! These kids grow up so fast don't they. Mel

Deb said...

Wow, Terri - where does the time go? Matt looks wonderful and I'm sure that he had a great time at his prom! It's hard to believe that he's actually graduating though. Give him a belated Happy Birthday from us! Friday was fun although wish I had been feeling more myself otherwise I may have done more $$ damage. But I think you did enough for me too! It was fun anyway. Can't wait to see pics of the Hornbook.

Von said...

Eighteen years go by in a hurry, don't they?! :D Happy birthday to both Matt and you!

Matt is a handsome guy and has very good taste in girls. Just get them all dolled up and it hits home just how grown up they are.

Michele said...

Happy Belated birthday to Matthew. My oldest son Chris was born on Mother's Day too, although a few years before your son, 1982 .. and funny I was 2 weeks early!

Hope you had a great Mother's Day :)