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Friday, May 20, 2011

Ann Sandles & Rock & Roll

I am plugging away on Ann Sandles.  This is such a beautiful sampler and I have to tell you - Brenda did such a great job with the chart.  The cover is printed on heavy weight photo paper and the chart is also printed on heavy paper with color coded symbols.  
I love it.  
I hate when a designer charges a ton for a chart and then prints it all on really lightweight, cheap paper.  

I think I'm going to hold my giveaway till I'm done with this sampler and then give away the chart as part of the prize package.  

The colors in this sampler are so pretty, it's a joy to work on 
~ when you're not frogging borders, that is! ~
click to enlarge, if you'd like.

I wasn't working on Ann last night 'cause Rob and I went to see a DETROIT LEGEND:
Bob Seger!  He put on a great show - not much talk - lots of great songs.  He looked pretty good - getting older but he still rocked the house.  Not the best dancer either, but he sure can do a mean fist pump.

Ty took this pic of Rob and me before we left for the show - this is what 50+ year old rockers look like.... okay, Rob's only 48 but you know what I mean.

We have finally gotten some decent weather 'round here and everything is looking so pretty.  I went for a run today and the scent of the crabapple blossoms was so sweet - they have such a wonderful fragrance.  

Maybe nobody noticed how stinky and sweaty I was for the fragrance of the flowers.  
You think?

This is the flowering crab in my back yard.  I love it when the flowers start dropping off because it looks like snow in June.  Hmmm... that reminds me of a time I left a club when I lived in Southern Illinois, had a little too much to drink, came out of the club with my gal pals and thought it was snowing.  
It was June and the snow was the Cotton Easter floating thru the air.  
I remember saying something like "It's snowing, itty, bitty snowflakes."
I digress......
This is my Miss Kim Lilac - ooh, these have the best fragrance, too.
Don't ya love my kitchy gnome?  The one sleeping under the bush is a little faded so I had to get a new one this year.  The blue bottle on the spike is to catch evil spirits.  I have a few of them spread throughout the yard.

My rose bush is also looking very healthy this year.  
I hope the healthy growth is indicative of the healthy and beautiful blooms it will have.  Time will tell.  

I hope your spring is going well (unless you're from the land down under - in which case I hope your Fall is lovely), that you are stitching and enjoying all the sweet fragrances of the season.



Annie said...

Your sampler is looking great and so are you! You still look like a teeny-bopper!

Margaret said...

Ann is gorgeous!!! I so want to stitch her! Great going on the concert too. You make a handsome couple!

Melissa said...

First of off, Terri, you look fabulous! You look really fit. I'm totally jealous but I have something to work towards! You two rock!

Now, back to stitching. Ann looks great. I just got my chart in the mail today and you're right, the charting is well done.

Enjoy your weekend in your lovely garden!

Nancy said...

Ann is coming along beautifully! Glad you got to go to the concert! You and your hubby look great!

Cathy Lloyd said...

Ann is just fabulous! And the 2 of you before the concert...WOW! What a cute couple you make, you older woman you! Hey! You guys are having way better weather than Miss Kim has yet to blossom... Your needles are flying! Enjoy your weekend!

Robin in Virginia said...

Ann looks fabulous as do the "old" rocker couple! Your crabapple tree is gorgeous!

Enjoy your weekend!

Shari said...

the sampler is gorgeous!!! Oh my!!!
Glad you got to go out last night & enjoy a!!
The picture looks are tiny!
Love all your are just a hair behind us....ours are about done now...:<(

Anonymous said...

I am loving Ann Sandles! Beautiful colors! 50 something rockers??? You look like a teenager!

Kathy A. said...

Anne Sandles is beautiful. I love the colors.
Oh I would love to see Bob Seger! I'll just bet he rocked the house.

Glenna said...

What a great stitchy and rocker post! I have been smelling honeysuckle on my walks lately, but you know what bugs me? Passing people's homes who are drying their laundry with those heavily scented laundry sheets. I wish they'd all stop! You look very chic! And so does Ann Sandles, which I just bought.

Beth said...

It's going to be a lovely sampler for sure! Glad you had fun at the concert! How can you not love Crab Apples? Hope you continue with good Spring weather.

Andrea said...

Well, Ann is almost as gorgeous as you are!! I ordered this one and can't wait for it to arrive :)
You're always such an inspiration!
Look how skinny you are just too pretty!
Love all of your flowering and garden things.
My thumb is black!


Christine said...

Great progress on Ann. Glad you had a good time at the concert.

I love lilacs, yours is so pretty

Cristina said...

Ann Sandles is looking gorgeous - lovely colours!
Don't tell anyone you are 50's rockers, as you look like 20's.

Mouse said...

ooo your sampler is looking gorgeous .. and what a lovely picture of you and DH :)and I know what you mean about the snow falling I was putting some washing out the other day and my pear tree was shedding its blooms and it foxed me for a bit and I hadn't had a drink love mouse xxxx

Siobhán said...

Ann looks fantastic!! It sounds like a fun concert--I love Bob Seger!

Cari said...

You are too darn cute!! Ann is beautiful...I love Brenda's designs. And, yes, I appreciate the time she takes to put her designs on good paper.

You and your hubby make a handsome couple!! I love hearing your stories! Have a great week and enjoy your wonderful's beautiful!! Hugs dear friend....

Katrina said...

Ann Sandles is just beautiful!!!!! Love it. Fun pics of you and your dh and your garden :-).

Karen said...

Ooooh, your Ann is so pretty! I love the colors in her.

The concert sounds like a blast. Great pic of you and your sweetie!

Pumpkin said...

Ann is looking wonderful Terri! Great progress.

What a lovely picture of you and your DH! You are so tiny!!!! LOL!

Love the pictures of your plants and trees.

Charlene ♥ NC said...

Ann continues to entice me, and should arrive today... Nice that you've surrounded your home with beautiful flowers and scents! Didn't know about the bottles capturing spirits - hum... must they be blue? Rock on in Peace ;-)

Catherine said...

What a beautiful sampler! Love the colors and I so agree with you about the quality of paper for the price they charge for charts.

What a great picture of the rockers!! You look fabulous!

Love the pics of your flowers - glad I'm not the only one who has garden gnomes!

Julie M said...

Wow Terri! I didn't look that good when I was 30! You are smoking hot g/f! Your hubby ain't bad either!
Did Bob sing Turn the Page? That's my favorite!

Love Ann. She is beautiful!

Gorgeous blooms in the yard. My lilacs are just starting to bloom. I know this not because I have seen them but because my eyes are glued shut in the morning and that is the only time that happens! I'll have to walk around to the side of the house and check them out.

Hazel said...

Ann is absolutely lovely. I really am loving this. x

Loraine said...

Your Ann is looking wonderful! I love this sampler, and I have to agree about WTN&T charts. Love working with those too!
You looked smokin' hot Terri! You don't look 50 that's for sure! I started running with a friend last week. I thought of you the whole time. My goal is to look like you when I'm 50. Keep it up!:)
Glad you had a fun time at the concert. Spring? I wish I knew what that was. Is that ever going to come our way? Too much rain here.
Hugs to you dear friend. Glad to see you are well.

pj said...

Ann is so pretty and love the colors...your needles sure do fly! You look great the hair color and glad you enjoy rock n roll!!!! Good way to stay young. pj in iowa

Sally said...

You and your DH look fantastic! I wish I looked as good as you do. I need to lose some weight for a start off!

Ann is looking absolutely gorgeous. The colours are so beautiful.

Tins and Treasures said...

Good Morning, Terri,
Your stitching is beautiful. Are you keeping a log of your hours?

You look fabulous. I'm glad you had a great time.

Happy Saturday ~Natalie

Bertie said...

Lovely sampler Terri, and agree with you, the quality of the charts are fabulous.
Well you certainly look much! younger than Rob!!! LOL

Have a great weekend.

Isa said...

¡Hello Terri, Ann is looking great but you look really gorgeous, pretty and fit... you are an inspiration to look fabulous at any age!!!

Mylene said...

WIP is coming along great!
Beautiful picture of you two and you look gorgeous, wow!!
Love your flower pictures.

lynda said...

That sampler is going to be so pretty! I love the colors too.
So glad you enjoyed Bob's so funny when Jeff and I go to shows...everyone in the audience is grey and/or balding, wearing cool clothes...but we all still rock!

Myra said...

I had to biggify Ann so I could get the full effect. Oh my - I love the colors and she is going to be so pretty when finished. Bob Seger...ahhhh, brings back memories. :o) I'll bet that was a fun show. Lovely pics around your yard - mother nature in the springtime is awesome, isn't she?

BrendaS said...

Ann looks beautiful. I just got the chart last week and can't wait to start it!

LOVE Bob Seger. Brings back so many wonderful memories of summers in Michigan.

Glad you had a good time!

Lana said...

I love the sampler!! It is coming along beautifully!! I love the colors!! Thank you for sharing all beautiful photos of the flowers! Looks like spring def. has made an appearance where you're at!!

Rita said...

Your sampler is coming along beautifully. I love the colors.

I love seeing all the spring blooms; your bushes are beautiful.

You guys look pretty good too; I'm glad you enjoyed the concert.

Alice said...

What a fun post! Now I have Bob Seeger songs playing in my head. You also answered the question "how does your garden grow?' The answer is gorgeously! Ann Sandles is so pretty!

Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

Your sampler is looking beautiful.

Your garden is gorgeous - love the crabapple tree!

It sounds like you had a nice time at the concert!

Gabi said...

Ann is looking fantastic. So are you. What a lovely picture of you.
I just ordered the first chart of

mdgtjulie said...

Ann is looking good, and so are you and DH, all ready for the concert. I'm glad you had a good time. All your flowers (and flowering trees) look great.

Nicole said...

Ann is looking beautiful Terri!! Love the picture of you and your dh!! :)

Deb said...

Wow, I can finally get into blogs. I better be quick before the wireless goes down again.

Ann looks wonderful. Such pretty colors. I think I have to make this one up next on the A&E hit list. I can't believe how much you have done on her already.

Hope you had a good time at the concert. I remember seeing him years and years ago at the Birmingham Palladium when I was in high school. His hair was a lot darker then! :o)

Hope you had a great weekend. Got your call, but was on my own trek up north in search of goodies. Hope you found some good things. I didn't find much though. We'll have to get together soon for an antiquing run.

Bonnie said...

Love Ann Sandles too. Beautiful photo of you two. When you get to be 60+, you hide from the camera. It's just too shocking. You guys are way behind us in gardening weather. We're past the spring blooms and now the lillies are coming on strong. Hope late spring will hold on just a little longer!

cross stitch said...

love your sampler, you are right beautiful colours.

Giovanna said...

Lovely sampler! And great stitching :-)

Unknown said...

fantastic work !

Sue said...

I LOVE Ann Sandalls, another one to add to my wish list :)

Lynn said...

You and your husband make such a cute couple! My sister lives in Livonia and went to The Palace on the 17th to see Bob Seger. She said it was an amazing show. Unfortunately he didn't come my way. Hope you enjoyed the show.

I was right, I really love Ann Sandles. It's really coming along nicely. Can't wait to see more!

woolwoman said...

I missed saying how beautiful your two framed finishes are - just lovely! your Ann is coming along beautifully. Fun to see flowering trees that we don't have here. I still enjoy a good rock concert myself ! Hope you have a great holiday weekend - Melody

Sharon said...

Ann Sandles looks wonderful!

Kathy Ellen said...

I absolutely love "Anne Sandles" and am a big fan of Brenda's too. She does wonderful designs and her instructions are great!

Now, if you didn't say that you and Bob were "50's" something, from observing your beautiful photos, I would have said that you are only in your late 20's or 30's! Hope that you enjoyed the concert!

Have a lovely weekend amidst the flowering beauty of your garden!

Lennu said...

What wonderful photos - of you, your stitching and garden!

Karoline said...

Ann is looking gorgeous and your garden looks lovely

Sherry said...

Ann looks wonderful! I can't wait to see more of her!

How fun to go see RS! Your garden is lovely!

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

Have a good week end my friend

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